What are the health benefits of red fruits and vegetables?

Vegetables and fruits of red colour have immense health benefits. This article is to explain to you how red fruits and vegetables are powered with strong natural energy proving to be the nature’s nectar for your body system.

If we look minutely on matters connected to the nature around us, we find that many smallest facts are hiding bigger mysteries within its belly. For instance in point is the fact that many fruits and vegetations are such that its usable parts totally resemble with the parts of our body. This is a matter of serious mystery. Not only this, the greater mystery is the fact that these usable body parts of fruits and plants resembling with the human parts of body are particularly not only beneficial for strengthening those parts of the human body but are also used to treat the diseases of those particularly resembling organs with satisfactory cures.

An instance in point is the almond which resembles with the structure of eyes and which is used to enhance the eyesight. Walnut, which matches the structure of our brain strengthens the brain power. Ginseng which is similar in shape to the foreskin of male's prick has the properties of boosting sexual prowess. Lychee (lichi) fruit which compares well with the testicle balls has been found helpful in thwarting diseases relating to balls of testicle. Kaurri which has the shape of vagina is used to treat thrush and yeast infection of this part.

These mysterious facts do not stop here. The colours of numerous fruits and vegetables are hiding such facts inside within themselves. For example, ripened tomato, the colour of which resembles blood is unparallel in increasing the level of blood in human body. The connoisseur of foods can just have the look on their dinning tables to glimpse the marvel of red coloured nutrients:-

The benefits of red Tomato for the human body

Tomato is very useful for health and wellness. Eaten continually, tomato turns the cheeks red because the nourishing element of red colour lykopene is found in it. This element is found in abundance in tomato are also found in plenty in all the products made up of tomato such as, tomato ketchup, tomato sauce etc. Apart from tomato, lykopene element is present in loads in fruits like water melon. Lykopene, apart from pinning down the prostrate cancer also minimises the risks of chest, lung and intestine cancers among women.

Whatever elements are required for the survival of a healthy life are present in tomato juice. Iron is present in it in plenty. The quantity of iron in tomato is present twice compared to the milk and fifth times over and above the eggs.

Calcium is also there in tomato weighing in surplus against all other vegetables and fruits. It is needless to mention here how useful is calcium to bones. Potash, proteins phosphorous, sulphur and chlorine etc are also present in plenty in it. Its acetic taste is due to the presence in it of citric acid which is also found in lemon and orange.

Vitamins- the nutrition providing elements to the body are in attendance in ample quantities. Vitamin ‘C', ‘B' and ‘A' are laced into it excessively. The speciality of vitamins found in tomato is that whereas vitamins found in other fruits and vegetables get destructed on the slightest of warming, the vitamins in tomato do not get destroyed in ordinary heating conditions. All these facts go only to prove that this vegetable is enormously useful for the health and wellness of the human body. It clears bowels, replenishes deficiency of blood as well as is very highly helpful in diseases of beri-beri, gouts and eczema. It is far beneficial to eat red and ripened tomato in its raw state. Its properties deplete on being cooked with other vegetables.

The red strawberry

Stuffed with heady tang, mouth becomes watery to hear the very word of strawberry loaded with red juice. Replete with red ruby colour, the sweet sour strawberry wins our hearts. It is recognised for its sweet smell and specific properties.

According to the information, strawberry belongs to the group of rose. Peach, apple and strawberry belong to the same phylum. These days, it is used in jam, cake, ice-cream, juice, milk shake and sweets etc apart from its common uses. Strawberry is filled up with life saving elements like fibres, manganese and potassium. The fibres of pectin juice are also found in it which is immensely useful in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.

Benefits of Red rajma (kidney bean)

It is vitally important for us to include proteins, anti oxidants and fibres in our diets. Proteins act to repair the broken up cells. The fibres, omega-3 and anti oxidants present in it lower the cholesterol levels apart from keeping various types of complication at abeyance.

Benefits of sweet tasting red cherry

Photochemical and anti oxidants in ample quantities are present in cherry. The melatonin found in it corrects the sleep disorders, ends up the jet- lag and boosts up memory power.

Red Turnips (shaljam) and its health benefits

Turnip is a member of cruciferae family. Its members are carrots and radishes. Turnip roots are generally cooked and eaten. This is also used as salads, pickles and marmalades. Nourishing elements in ample measures are found in this like potassium, phosphorous, calcium and vitamins- all elements having the power of taming down all types of complications in the system of our body. In its all eatable portions of 100 gm are present 69% water, 28.2% carbohydrates and 1.2% proteins, 0.8% fibres. In its every 100 gm are present 20 mg of calcium, , 50 milligram of phosphorous and 0.8 mg of iron.

The turnip vegetable is supposed to be digestive and soft laxative. The glucosinolates present in it make its taste acerbic. All the disorders caused by sputum and related to intestines and constipation are effectively cured by eating turnips. It is helpful in skin disorders as well. Its regular uses purify blood and act as safeguards against pimples-pock marks, acne, ulceration etc, thereby making the face glowing and shinning like moon. It has been ascertained through the recent researches that glicosinolates stem the growth of cancerous cells of big intestine.

Red apples have immense benefits

Along side being juicy and tasty, this is most energy providing and uniquely beneficial fruit for our health. There is pectin named soluble fibre present into it. It therefore, helps the intestines immensely in digestion and absorbing the toxic elements. Apple makes bones stronger. The anti oxidant falavonoides and vitamins present in apple lowers cholesterol level. An apple contains 8 mg of vitamin ‘C' and an ample quantity of vitamin ‘A'. Calories, carbohydrates, sodium, phosphorous and potassium are also present. To sum up, nutrients in full measures are found in apple.

Majority of the people throw away the skin of apple while eating it but in the peels and immediately below it lie vitamin ‘C'. In fact the more the distance from the skin of an apple increases the less becomes the Vitamin 'C' nutrient in it. This is the reason why the persons who eat apple with its skin wholly do not bleed from their mouths. The skin of apple contains 5 times more vitamin ‘A' compared to its pulps. Do not eat apple after peeling off its skin. Don't eat apple without washing it with water either. Its juice is not as beneficial as it is when eaten as a whole.

Health benefits of crimson red water melon

The red juicy fruit water melon contains 80% of water in it. This is a rich source of iron, sulphur, copper, calcium, phosphorous, vitamin 'A' thiamine, riboflavin and ascorbic acid. The inner portion immediately after the green skin covering of the water melon is great anti oxidant and doubly powerful than the beta carotene. It enhances the powers of vitamin ‘A' 10 times over as a result of which the free radicals that cause harms to skin are neutralised and wrinkles don't come up.

Health benefits of Chukandar (beetroot)

Minerals in ample measures are found in beetroot. Among the nutritional elements of beetroot are proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorous, moisture, iron, fats, vitamins ‘A' and ‘B1', ‘B2', ‘C', ‘D', sodium, chlorine, folic acid, sulphur and iodine. Betacyanin and plant pigments are also found in it. According to scientists, betacyanin (the colour which blends colours beetroots), is a very powerful component to kill tumours.

Due to the ample measures of water and fibres in the beetroot, it is highly effective in digestion. This element is highly efficient the in removing the disorders relating to brain and bones from the births. Due to being grown below the surface of ground, the iron present in it is though, in little quantity but of a very high quality. Sucrose are found in it. This should be cooked in low flames to reap the maximum benefits out of it.

I have to suggest one more item of immense health values but not covered by majority of the people which is red chillies. Vitamin 'A', ‘C' and 'B6' are present in abundance in red chillies. It is anti oxidant, makes brain sharper and more active, strengthens tissues, turns skin glowing, and enhances lights in eyes. Red chillies contain elements like fibres, potassium, and manganese. This keeps both the cholesterol and weight under controls.

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