What Are The Safeguards Against Anger?

Anger eats away the peace and harmony from life and the life of a person can get destroyed due to this. We all get angry. Somebody has anger on their noses. Everybody is the victim of this disease. Somebody vent anger out, some digest it. Read this article to sidestep anger.

No matter flies doesn't sit on noses but anger does. There are anger management systems opened in foreign. Anger hides somewhere in everybody. Anger simmers in due to some reason while it finds expression on some other reason.

The ill consequences of anger are many. The entire environ of home front turns topsy turvy when somebody in home is in anger. Vent your anger on friends only to receive it back in return. Show your anger in office to suffer mental choppiness, causing destruction of your career. To sum up, anger is that element which destroys the peace and harmony in life.

The ill consequences of anger

  • Anger is the root cause of several diseases.
  • Frustration, neglect, contempt, slight home in into mind. Such people slowly become disinterested to life coming into grips of depression.
  • Due to mental unresponsiveness, person do not take care of himself or his health which result into his becoming victim of different kinds of diseases.
  • Angry persons are generally lean and thin. He burns up his blood in anger and becomes prey to high blood pressure.
  • A particular type of hormone is secreted in our body while in anger. Such type of hormones creates havocs with the system our body leading to heart attacks too.
  • Due to adverse circumstances obtaining in office, the working atmosphere get inflamed. Mistakes might get committed unknowingly and heavy price has to be paid in return.
  • Owing to resentments of associates in office, the number of enemies multiplies.
  • Fissures develop in relations due to anger shredding the long lived association to smithereens.

Due to these ill consequences, everybody wishes to get riddance of anger. As for that matter, in the modern society of today, anger is considered to be uncivilised.

The nomenclature of anger

First of all, see to it what anger exactly is? Psychologists opine, "In everyone's mind is dormant aggressiveness in more or less measures. In some, this aggressiveness reaches to the peak and cools down only the revenge is taken. Therefore it could be said, anger is the live form of expression of this aggressiveness lying unseen in our mind.

Some people have also the gut of drinking anger which widely acclaimed and appreciated in society. But nevertheless, it is highly appreciable to compress the anger inside not letting vent out but this too has a far reaching opposite repercussions. These invite to build homes in mind to all sorts of negative thoughts- frustration, disappointments, sulkiness, sadness etc. Therefore, suppressing anger is not the solution to the malaise.

Symptoms of anger

The question is what exactly are the symptoms of anger or rage? Experts are of the opinion, that followings are the traits of anger which would be evident in persons nurturing anger inside them:-
  • Mudslinging, condemnation and blame hurling on others up to causing harms to others.
  • Not talking eye to eye.
  • Committing to promises never to fulfil them.
  • Hurling false allegations on others.
  • Unnecessarily causing anger to others and getting delighted after doing so.
  • Finding faults in others.
  • Living careless, being artificial and of virulent nature.
  • Unnecessarily causing harms to others.
  • Showing off status at the slightest of opportunities.
  • Threatening, lifting something and throwing it- breaking it.
  • Blaming own faults on to the heads of others
  • Proving himself innocent after muddling over a thing.

When all the above symptoms are evident in a person, he can safely be assumed a victim of the disease of anger.

Controlling anger

  • In order to control anger, the tradition of counting from centuries is coming. Counting from 1 to 20 subside anger.
  • After shrieking and yelling in anger, it is essential for you to take rest peacefully. Rest doesn't means lying in bed but lighting the heart. Forget the cause of anger and take deep breathes, and try thinking afresh on the issue.
  • Even then if one feels as if the anger is not showing any signs of subsistence, watch movies and listen to music.
  • Clean your house, wash bed sheets and clothes by forcefully thrashing it.
  • Try to give consolations to your hearts 'All is well'.
  • Talks solve everything.
  • Challenge yourself to remain quiet and calm.

Why are you committing delays? Try to follow the above said tips. You will find your life blissful and in perfect harmony. Success will kiss your feet!

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Author: Umesh19 Jan 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Avoiding anger is the art of self control. If one can somehow avoid the situation fueling the anger it can be an excellent escape route to better moods. The article has nicely brought out the complexities of anger and remedies to avoid it.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan03 Aug 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

No doubt anger destroy peace and harmony of our lives. An angry person never can be happy. In today's life, most of the person is seen very short-tempered. So this article is very useful for the present generation. The author explained this article in a very systematic way so as to by reading this every age group would be benefitted. What is the cause of angry? How to get rid of the anger situation? How to have self-control over angry? The author has explained the answer to above all question very nicely. We should follow the above tips for getting rid of anger.

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