Cyber Crimes And Its Prevention

Cyber crime is one of the fast growing criminal activities which is rampant around the world. In this kind of crime the victim might never know who the attacker is since all is done over the internet. The boom in internet usage by the common man has made cyber crime to increase at an exponential rate. This resource speaks about the various problems leading to cyber crimes and the methods to prevent them.

The world has been taken over by digital technology with unprecedented speed in the last 50 years or so. Almost everything in and around us is controlled by computers. This progress has been like a boon to our society. Since most of the daily use equipments are controlled by computers,most of them have a direct connection to the internet,hence allowing anyone to access them remotely from any location. This might sound very convenient but it has come at a cost with the increase in cyber crimes. It just follows a simple principle that if the owner can access his equipments remotely,why cant anyone hack into this system and control them.

Most of these cyber crimes are committed through the use of internet. Cyber crimes can be of many types namely cyber terrorism,cyber stalking and most recently phising. Cyber terrorism is usually a term used when questionable activities are directed against the government of any country or state through internet or cyber space. These could be attacks on ideology,religion or political establishments associated with the government. These attacks are usually carried out by group of people who want to influence the working of the government. The second kind of cyber crime is cyber stalking. Here a person is followed or pursued online. The privacy of that particular person is invaded and their every move is watched. Women and celebrities are usually the target of cyber stalking. Phising is one of the most common cyber crime these days. Here sensitive information of persons are obtained fraudulently. These may include passwords,credit card details and personal information.

One of the impediments in preventing cyber crimes is that it evolves with times. If someone comes up with a counter move to the attacks,the next attack will be improvised. Everyday a new form of cyber crime emerges. Some of these are web jacking,Salami attack,email spoofing,data diddling,multistaged attacks,cyber squatting,etc. Multistaged attacks as the name suggests consists of attacks which takes place in stages. The first stage of the attack is not meant to harm initially but is used to set a platform for subsequent attacks. Cyber squatting is obtaining the domain name in order to seek payment from the owner of the domain. Data diddling is changing the data just before a computer processes it and then changing it back to the original form after processing is completed. Salami attacks is related to banking and finance and hence the main victims of these attacks are the banking sector and financial institutions. This crime goes almost unnoticed because of its perfection. Web jacking is in a way similar to hijacking but in this case a web page is jacked. If a website is webjacked, the owner loses all control over it. The person who gains control of the site is called a hacker.

One of the specialties of cyber crimes is that the victim does not realized that he or she is a victim. The criminals use different name when they are in the internet. Therefore the criminals do not give any consideration to ethics and morals. The cyber criminals unlike other criminals can achieve perfect anonymity. Therefore to prevent cyber crimes many rules and regulations have been adopted by every country to govern the World Wide Web.

Prevention is the only remedy for cyber crimes. There should be quick response to references given by Interpol which constantly monitors the net for suspicious activities. Information sharing between countries,sharing of forensic technology, cross country training exchange programs,etc are some of the collective steps needed to tackle cyber crime. Also every country that is affected by cyber crime should alert other countries of the magnitude and kind of attrack so that they can prevent such a attack from happening.


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