The Value Of Computer Education Today

Computers are being used almost in every field these days. Hence its just natural for us to learn everything we can about these machines. Our day to day works are being controlled by computers designed by us to carry out those tasks. Computers are being used in the fields of education, medicine, transport,military,etc.

As man wished to carry out his tasks more quickly and accurately, the need to invent a machine which could do all his works was foreseen. Hence computers were invented which carried out tasks swiftly and accurately. Abacus was one of the earliest devices which can qualify to be called as a computer. The numbers are represented by the position of the beads on the rack. Even though abacus was invented more than two thousand years ago, its still in use in the Far East and calculation are made at an amazing speed. One of the first mechanical adding machines was invented by Blaise Pascal in 1642. The keyboard and punched cards came into existence only in 1880. These mechanical adding machines for business use and calculators were used in America and Europe in the end of 19th century. Charles Babbage who was a professor in Cambridge University in the 19th century is the father of modern digital computers. He is credited with the invention of computers.

The beginning of a new era

The early 90s was the time when computers were being used in almost every field. A new era was born with the emergence of software industries. The phenomenal growth rate coupled with immense foreign exchange earning potential the man's reliance on computer has increased at exponential rate. The thirst to be perfect in everything led to the development of the modern IT industry.

The use of computers by the government

These days a new trend has emerged in all the government departments around the globe. Computers have transformed not only the way public services are rendered but also improved the relationship between the government and the citizens. The way governments function has been completely revolutionized. These days its known as e-governance. Many tasks like registering a complaint, paying traffic fines, replace lost identity cards, etc are all done online thus escaping the huge endless queues in a government office. Even tax return can be paid over the internet which has increased transparency and reduced drastically the time and errors it used to take to do these tasks. Suppliers can find tenders and purchase things and even sell them online, post their catalogues, submit invoices and pay taxes online. India has welcomed computer education like no other country. Many villages here have internet booths where the market rates of agricultural products can be checked by the farmers. The farmers can also gain knowledge about the latest technologies, harmless chemicals which can be used to improve the agricultural yields.

The use of computers in the Education sector

Computers have also made their presence felt in educational institutions. Many engineering colleges and polytechnics offer computer courses in many branches. In engineering colleges 4 years courses are offered. Many of these colleges offer application oriented courses. Taking up corporate training has helped universities to educate people from different streams. In many states across India all villages have been linked online to district headquarters allowing people to see the progress going on in these villages.

The use of computers in the business world

In today's business world, the technology is one of the important factor which defines growth. Every barrier which existed between nations regarding trade is falling. The internet has reduced our needs and labor and almost everything we need is at our finger tips. Digital money is another factor which has made online payment very convenient. Payments can be made online with the use of smart cards. Hence the need to carry cash is almost unnecessary. But there are many factors which runs the internet economy without which business over internet would be impossible.

The modern world

Computers have replaced account books in almost all nationalized and international banks throughout the world. With the use of computers it is possible to control and supervise close to 50000 branches.

Computers in Transportation

The use of computers in the transportation sector has proved to be very useful. All international airlines have been using it for years now. In the railways computers has been used to reserve seats well in advance. It has also been used to control traffic. The use of computers by the police can hardly be debated. It has helped to detect and even nab criminals who have committed a crime. The medical field also uses computers for a large variety of diagnosis like in ECG, blood analysis and surgeries.

The use of computers in other fields

The working of military, commerce, industry and education has been changed completely due to computerization. It is used for the purpose of data analysis and prediction of results in the statistical department. Communication systems too use computer systems on a huge scale.

The way we learn things have changed a lot since the advent of computers in our lives. Technology has helped us to use newer and newer methods of imparting education. Integration of technology into the learning environment is rampant. Internet has emerged as a cost effective tool to impart education, improve learning methods, providing learning opportunities for students and efficiency of educational institutions.

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Author: Chitra18 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Computer is a commonly used device in every walk of our life these days. We need to master this device to live in this era and in the coming period. Right from purchasing to booking a ticket, everything is done through internet and computers. Even invitations are been send through this system. Gone are the days of letters and phones, now chats, mails and Skype have conquered the world. Hence knowing this system is essential to communicate as well.

At office, typewriters are replaced by computers. So to get a job, we need to know how to operate this device. In schools, things are explained with the help of presentations in computer; hence the teacher too might know this device. At house, we need to depend upon the computer to find the location, telephone number of a restaurant, parlor etc. In short everything is related to computer and if master this device, our life becomes easy.

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