How Difficult Is It To Curb Domestic Violence?

This is a discussion on the burning issue of the domestic violence hanging fire over the society of the day which we call so boastfully as ultra modern. Merely being aware of the related laws pertaining to deal with domestic violence is not at all going to restrain the scourge. Unless males sets do change, it would be difficult to stem the menace of domestic violence.

Making the women conscious of the rights against the domestic violence heaped upon them would not suffice. In most of the cases, the solution to the problem of the domestic violence lies in hands of males. Telling you the truth, the changed outlook towards domestic violence could prove to be a better alternative for the entire community. This is what we term as is a civilized world.

You too are a party to this rampant domestic violence

What supposedly would you do when somebody in your neighbourhood is beating his wife? Would you go to push the doorbell and ask for the reason of the beating or else would you, listen to the entire development taking place by closing in your ears against the wall? I ask you this being a woman myself that there would probably be a very of us who inspire their males in homes to venture out to lend a helping hand in cases where the wife, daughter or mother are serially being beaten up in their neighbourhoods. As for that, if it is seen, then any child, male, female could be the victims of this all pervasive domestic violence. But the number of males suffering from domestic violence is far less compared to children and females. On an average of every three females, one is the victim of domestic violence in some form or the other.

Domestic violence in India- a veiled up problem

The domestic violence is a hush-hush predicament in our country, where females do not like to rake it up even after they remain restless to broach the subject open. The reason might be anything-fear, honour, dowry etc. This malaise can strike any woman belonging to any strata of our society- be he a well educated high society husband living in a mansion or a tharra -drinking husband of a jhuggi- jhoparpatti. Husbands coming from both the layers of the Indian society satisfy their ego and anger (shortcomings) by beating up their wives. It's not necessary a highly educated husband cannot beat his wife. He does, of course! I am the witness to this! There is a helluva lot of difference between an educated man and a well cultured and sensible man.

Rights of women – not adequate against domestic violence

If it is given thought to from closer quarters, merely spotlighting the rights of women would hardly suffice. The male's mindset has to be changed. And to change this very mindset, this very egotism, 'Break through' one non governmental organization (NGO) striving hard in the direction. The name of their campaign is 'Ring the bell'. You must have seen the advertisement in TV after which, your mind must have stirred up a bit for some moments-coming again back to square one- a naught again. And the violence perpetuate. What is happening with the woman behind the door of the house is helpless. But the person listening to the sounds of violence from outside and ignoring the call of humanity is something to be given a second thought to.

There was a research conducted in Bombay in which, the most of the people were of the opinion, "Why should we interfere in other's matters?" People were hesitative if the beating person concerned shot back after the ringing of the bell that it his personal matter and others have no concerns in it whatsoever, then what? This is a matter within the family in which outsiders have nothing to do. Nobody wants to get embroiled in police verifications or in a sort of inquiry. There are of course 1001 excuses of how not to help while one needs no excuses to help others.

Domestic violence- an example of a most dullard society

The truth is there is need in the outlook to be changed- in the attitude to be changed. For the oppressed female in the house, the door is acting as an obstruction for the relief- the helps to reach inside and help her out. For that, there is the need to ring the bell of her house. The beginning lies here for a healthy society. The only need of the hour is to prepare our mind to help the oppressed lady inside the house. Not the ordinary housewife only, even the youth playing cricket in the lane can help out in this ongoing sordid drama of domestic violence. Females have to muster much gut to help out in such situations but they at least can encourage the males in their homes- husbands, brothers, friends, so that succour reaches to the daughters, wives or mothers being tortured inside houses.

Symptoms of domestic violence

Physical violence: Bashed up signs, broken up teeth, signs of blow and flagellation, quite evident on the open parts of the body will reveal all the symptoms of a domestic violence.
Emotional: Such type of female will always look in constant agitation, irritating, in anger, silent, worried, and sulking.
Social: The oppressed women stops meeting people, ignore the doorbell or the ring of phones, avoid going in social congregations, and argue incessantly.
Financial: Withdrawing much more from accounts than is required, borrowing money on credit from peoples, being detached from the property are the financial symptoms of the violence.
Legal: the legally oppressed female quickly strolls down the courts repeatedly; divorce suit goes on longer, face the child custody problems as well.
Work place: Takes leave from office frequently. , excessively fatigued, their quality of work falls, do not dispose off official works on time, maintain a distance from associates.

After recognising the tell tale signs, the housewife could inspire the males in her house to go help the oppressed by ringing the bell at least so that the perpetrator comes to know, you know all what is going on in the house. This will keep him in somewhat subdued condition.

Go to where else?

Protection officer: These are government officials who register DIR (domestic incident report). These are controlled by courts. Under the section 8, there are specific responsibilities towards the oppressed for example:-
  • To prepare the DIR file for the oppressed lady.
  • If there is an emergency, the go to the house of the lady violated along with the PO police and file the DIR there in the house itself.
  • File the DIR of the lady to the Magistrate court on one working day in a week.
  • Get free legal aid to the lady oppressed from domestic violence.
  • If the need is, make all the necessary and secured arrangements for living and the medical assistance as required by the oppressed.
  • Asssting in getting the required money -facilities permitted/granted from the court earmarked for such oppressed ladies.
  • If the PO refuses doing hid duty, he could be penalised also.

Service provider

Self serice groups/institutes could be approached which have got recognition from the government under section 10. Their duty is:-
  • Help PO write DIR.
  • Medical care, legal security and counselling.
  • Arrangements for stay or any other type of facility.

Police can help the oppressed lady. The police have got the direct power to register the DIR. The police can register criminal complaint under the IPC section-498-'A'. Besides this, the Magistrate also can file DIR straightaway. The action starts within three days of filing the complaints and all the arrangements of the security of the lady in question are done. The final judgement will be delivered within the 60 days of action on the complaint.

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Author: Ankita Sinha28 May 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

very well written really domestic violence is the most critical part of today's society . women suffer sometimes silently and sometimes due to ignorance of knowledge, unawareness and illiteracy. Its very sad that in spite of Domestic violence act,2005 still the rate of domestic violence increasing day by day.Women must be strong to face these problem and get aware of all their rights and bring magic to so called male dominated society.

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