Speech for Indian Independence Day

This narration reveals a speech on the celebration of Indian Independence Day for 2011, Independence that has been sought after a long struggle by her great souls. This speech portrays the challenges that our nation has been facing at present after 64 years of independence and how to celebrate Independence Day in a more environmentally friendlier manner.

My Fellow Indians,
Today is August 15th, anniversary of our nation's Independence Day and we are entering into the 65th year of our independence. On this memorable occasion, from the bottom of my heart, I take the pleasure to greet you all my fellow Indians at home and abroad. This is the national festival in which we all unite together irrespective of caste, color, gender, language, or religion dedicating ourselves to the integrity and prosperity of our beloved country. At this auspicious moment, we are blessed to salute our esteemed tricolor National Flag with the saffron, white and green replicating the chakra at the center. We all aware of the saffron color symbolizing sacrifice and courage, the white representing truth in our speech and purity in our thoughts, green exhibiting life, faith and valiance and 24 spokes of the chakra revealing noble teachings of Buddha with the chakra indicating eternal motion and progress. This is an event for remembrance of all those great souls for their saga of sacrifices and efforts to procure this freedom, holding our national tricolor flag, winging high and our nation on the road of prosperity.

In the quotes of Mark Twain, well-known American author, "India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!" we are indeed privileged to be Indians.

Towards the midnight on August 14, sixty-four years back, while our country had attained independence, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister at his Independence Day speech put forth a solemner before the nation as, "Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially." I am now querying, "Did we have the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people redeemed substantially?" We did take a long way of 64 years to have an achievement to some extent and the achievement we celebrate today as a day of freedom is just a small step that we had and still a lot to go for more triumphs and accomplishments.

Do we have enough of courage and wisdom to confront the challenges in front of us by clenching the opportunity of freedom that we have been achieved, steered to the road of progression of our nation at least substantially? I am questioning myself on behalf of my fellow citizens. I should say, "Substantially, not yet completely over the past six and a half decades challenged with some claws of economic disparity, negligence of agriculture sector, poverty, corruption, and terrorism."

No doubt there has been an absolute visible prosperity more or less. Growth rate of our national economy has reached almost 8% and above, of late. Impressive development has been registered in the manufacturing industry and services sectors that have been competitively the best bringing in sizable foreign exchange to our national economy. However, we still need to go millions of miles prior succeeding to make our tryst with destiny. Sixty four years ago, we had been challenged with the ravage of poverty, illiteracy, negligence and inequality. Years have passed, but the challenge of shunning impoverishment yet persists. We have yet to wipe out illiteracy and to ensure that every citizen in India is provided equal opportunity in all walks of life. I would like to exhibit my perception in this speech that effective step of eradicating poverty wholly or substantially would be economic stability of a nation by means of creating/increasing employment potential and it is imperative and a big challenge of course for us to boost up our economic growth.

In regard to our next confrontation I have placed in the Independence Day speech, we need to focus on the existence of duality, i.e., on one side, we have progression, our industries and service sectors have been able to succeed across the globe capturing global markets; but on the other hand, we have been forced to be battered with the same globalization while fuel prices touch the peak beyond the limits affecting the common man. This two-fold existence of our nation has to be addressed to assure that no segment of our nation should be left backward with the wheels of prosperity propelling forward rapidly. This societal inequality would be a hindrance to our nation's developmental pace.

While coming to the agriculture sector, agriculture being the principal occupation contributing 52% employment opportunities in India now its share in employment has been reduced to 45.5% as per the recent research. Agricultural produces provide raw materials to agrarian-based industries with its export revenue being 10% of India's total export earnings thus contributing almost 20% to the gross domestic product (GDP). However, our agricultural farmers in most regions are in a state of despair, unable to supplement even their livelihood from their farmlands. This crisis among farmers in certain segments urges them to desperately commit suicide or to migrate to urban areas leaving their farming profession as a whole taking do-or-die determination. To resolve this criterion necessitates second Green Revolution focusing on the requirement to cultivate more nutrition-rich plants like fruits, vegetables and pulses and diversification in fisheries, poultry farming, livestock rearing, and horticulture. A holistic approach implying research and development in agriculture, providing irrigational and agricultural inputs, efficient technology usage to increase productivity, and streamlining governmental agricultural policies is the need of the hours at this time.

Energy independence with environmental challenges and the availability of essential commodities at affordable costs to all sections of the society is another challenge that we, Indian citizen have been facing up especially fuel prices including kerosene and LPG are skyrocketing adversely affecting the poor and middle income groups. To have energy security, this is the high time we need to access technologies for diversified provision of authentic, affordable and ecologically sustainable energy since the end of fossil fuel era has been approaching rapidly and we have numerous young people and natural resources as well. Giving priorities to solar farms, windmill, geothermal, biomass, and ocean with comprehensive renewable energy schemes for energy independence would be ideal than the atomic nuclear plants since these have evacuative effects of human race as a whole on the earth that has been evident from the recent Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan.

The most vital challenge remains the concern of national security. Mumbai, being threatened once again just a month ago in July with serial bomb blasts has been witnessing frequent inhuman terror attacks injuring and taking innocent lives. Throughout the nation was anguished with this brutal assassination. However, people of Mumbai withstood these incidents with marvelous chivalry and patience. Why does such terror attack occur? Don't we have sufficient strengthened and properly equipped security forces or intelligent agencies? Or is it just due to ignorance? We, citizens of India still preserve our unity and integrity. This is the spirit we have instilled in our mind, but we cannot allow this to happen again in Mumbai or any other region of India. Let us put a full stop there. We collectively need to explore newer footpaths to have a better tomorrow of peaceful and dignified livelihood, free of threats and exploitation.

Corruption being the biggest constraint for rapid economic growth has been pervasive in the recent decades with the development of science and technology. With the recent estimates approximated by the Swiss Banking Association claiming that India has been the topper in the list for black money hugely hoarded in Swiss banks. Various anti-corruption movements teamed up by Team Anna and others have come to limelight.

Will these measures of drafting and passing Lok Pal Bill curb down corruption once for all? Definitely not. With the stringent implementation of the anti-corruption laws and good political governance alone we would be able to eradicate this social evil and it is dependent on efficient governance systems and powers given to those in government and this power should be utilized in a responsible manner. I perceive if our nation needs to be corrupt-free anti-corruption movement has to be initiated from the home and school premises since the parents and the teacher can alone inculcate complete eradication of corruption into the minds of younger generation.

I would like to mention in this Independence Day speech that we, Indian citizens must be lawful and willing to more emphasize on ethical and moral values since increased insensitivity, weakened family systems, and declined social consciousness all lead to persistence of such social evils. Let everyone of us have understanding of our role and responsibility to get through this corruption demon.

Dear citizens,
The Independence Day celebration is an occasion of pride and glory. We can celebrate this great event without challenging environment and wildlife in the following fashion.

  • We can form a team or a group or community for planting tree saplings since trees takes in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen preserving the environment.
  • We also can donate things that we no longer need which might be useful for others instead of disposing them away.
  • By sending e-card to greet our friends and relatives on this special moment, we save paper thus saving trees from destruction which is the easiest and cost saving as well.
  • Observe green day, a day of three R's, i.e., "reduce, re-use, and re-cycle" on Independence Day and it should be a slogan in each one of our life.
  • Restricting balloon release on this day would help in wildlife and ecology conservation as most of us are not aware that balloon releases may lead to littering and harmful to wildlife and environment.
  • Fireworks can also be limited or restrained since these explosives may expel out dust, smoke, heavy metals, carbon monoxide and other toxins into the air.
  • It would be ideal to restrain from buying paper or plastic Flags as plastics will take more than thousands of years to get decomposed.
  • Usage of balloon, plastic and paper flag in or around the premises of Independence Day celebration might be banned completely because these will pollute the environment.

We may be religiously different. Our castes may vary. We may have language barriers. But our nationality is Indian and we are all Indians. While we progress, our nation prospers further. And united together, we can make our beloved India a global leader.

We have great potential to create a great nation collectively and as our national flag flitters proudly as of today on Independence Day, I hereby quote the lines of the great Tamil poet, Bharathi with pride in which he inspires a complete national integration and seems to have learned about nationalization of rivers from long way back.

"Sindhu nadhiyin misai nilavinile
Chera nannaattilam pengaludanae
Sundhara thelunginil paattisaiththu
Thoanigal oatti vilaiyaadi varuvoam"

He hails the beauty of our motherland and our languages saying, "Basking in the moon light on the Sindh River along with Chera kingdom girls (currently Kerala State), let us sing songs in the lovely Telugu language, let us row and play along the river."

"Gangai nadhippuraththu goadhumai pandam
Kaaviri vetrilaikku maarukolluvoam
Singa maraattiyartham kavidhaikondu
Seratthu thandhangal parisalippoam"

"Let us exchange the wheat grown in the banks of Ganges River for betel leaves (Kumbakonam) grown in the banks of River Kaviri. Let us exchange the shayari (poems) of the brave Marathas with the elephant tusks of Salem forests (Tamil Nadu)."

"Singala theevinukkoar paalam amaippoam
Sedhuvai meduruthi veedhi samaippoam
Vangathil oadi varum neerin migaiyaal
Vaiyaththu naadugalil payir seyguvoam"

"Let us construct a bridge to Sri Lanka. Let us build a huge road over the (Sethusamudram) ocean. With surplus water from Bay of Bengal let us do irrigation for the whole nation."

As a concluding part of this speech, let me again extend, my dear fellow citizens to wish you prosperity, happiness, and peace on this grand occasion of Independence Day.

Jai Hind


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