Fear Of Public Speaking- How To Overcome It

People generally have a fear of public speaking. This fear is a great hindrance in the of the individual and career opportunities and growth. In this article I will discuss the fear of public speaking and remedies to overcome it.

Overcoming the fear of public speaking

Most of us are just scared to be on the stage let alone deliver a long speech on the stage. This fear is so prevalent that the fear of speaking in public is rated higher than fear of death. In other words, one is ready to die but wouldn't like to give a speech on the stage. Well if you belong to the above group then there is no need to panic, help is at your fingertips.
Fear of public speaking arises because of not only a single reason but due to many reasons. First and foremost find out why you are afraid of it. Whenever someone has to deliver a speech, the feet start to shake, voice trembles, sweat begins to run on the forehead and the palm and make a clear impression one is not comfortable at all. So how can one be comfortable while delivering a speech in front of a crowd? Please read on to know the answers.
How to overcome the fear of public speaking

1.Know why you are afraid

Many people have different reasons for it. Some people think that their voice is not good or is rather unpleasant, some think they don't look good or presentable, some are afraid of being laughed at , some are concerned that people might be judging and many such things.
To get rid of the fear try this trick. Forget that there is anyone sitting/ standing. As the popular saying goes, dance like no one's watching. Look directly above the audience and try to avoid making eye contact. Think that you look presentable and have a good personality or voice and believe that everyone will like your speech.
One golden fact about public speaking is that no one pays that much attention to you as much as you think. People will be generally less bothered about your look or other things and if at all they are bothered it will be more about your speech.
So the main thing is to remove that fear that holds you back from public speaking. If you gain more experience then you will eventually loose these fears and one day might laugh at yourself for having such thoughts.

2.Practice the speech

If you are going to deliver a speech/ presentation, practice the speech in front of a mirror several times before the actual show. If you are going to present for the first time in front of a crowd then chances are that you will make many mistakes as you may forget some facts and may get panicked. So it is always safe to rehearse the speech beforehand and try to memorize important points and facts.

3.Be confident

Show in your face that you are confident and are well prepared for the task. If you look confident and are cool with your task then there are less chances of mistakes. Also you will get more points if you look confident.

4.Take deep breaths

If you feel nervous then the best thing to do is to take some deep breaths and tell yourself that everything is going to be alright.


If you smile while giving the speech then your brain will release hormones that will release stress and also give a positive image to your speech.

Also you can record your speech and check how well you fare and where do you need improvements. Public speaking is after all not that difficult at it seems and by more and more experience you can excel in it. So my advice is to take on every public speaking chance that you get and improve your skills.


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