Advice on internet security

This article tells about what are the measures that have to be taken to safe guard your computer while using internet. How internet is used and its purpose of use made by wide range of people and also some important information is given on internet security.

Internet Usages

In modern era internet is used so often by children's who use internet for home work, students who use internet for projects, home users for getting information's, Office uses. There is so much advantage why we use internet in general like to check emails, e-ticketing, pay bills, banking, status checking, and blogging. Internet is pool of information. While using internet we must understand what happens to computer while using internet is it safe? Let us learn some of the basic steps which can be followed to avoid any internet misusage by hackers.

Safe steps to consider for internet securities are :

1) Don't give personal information's on social networking web sites as hackers are very keen and would make use.

2) Always clean your computer by virus scan because there are many sorts of viruses which affect working of computer.

3) Don't read mails from unknown people they can be spams.

4) When you go to cyber and use computer always log out from the websites you log into.

5) Don't give tick marks as option for 'store my password on this computer?'

6) Make sure passwords are not used as usernames for any of the business accounts; be careful while using credit/visa cards number online because you will be accessing account to make payment.

7) While using internet outside be careful not to store personal information's when you have network connection. Were you can access other s computer from your computer.

8) Security setting for internet connections can be changed according to your usage. You can set security to high if you want to.

9) When you leave your computer for sometime disconnect your internet as well.

10) While online shopping makes sure that the website is trust worthy.

11) Don't open email attachments if you don't know who have sent you.

12) Don't click on free screen savers.

13) While downloading be careful know about the website you download from.

14) Turn off your Bluetooth option.

15) Don't respond to emails which ask your personal details for sending you money because you have won a luck draw held by them.


Always scan for virus, have firewall so that there will be limitation on networks, don't provide personal details, when children's are using computer keep an eye check history and see what they are doing, be very careful while using internet outside from your place, while downloading, checking emails and don't store important account passwords in the hard drives.

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