Information about the human digestive system

"Digestion" is an important physiological function performed by our body. Our overall health is depends on this digestion. Human digestive system is one of the important systems in human body. In this article I am giving information about this system.

Human digestive system plays a vital role in human body. We can certainly do lots of things to improve our regular digestive system. Mainly good eating habits are the best way to keep our health in good level.

Major role of digestion is takes place in small intestine. In small intestine food gets broken down into small parts or nutrients which later absorbed by bloodstream. These bloodstreams carries food to all the parts of our body. Hence we get energy to perform daily activities.

Sometimes our body can tolerate wrong combinations of food if we are in strong hunger. But as per experts advice normally we have to avoid such types of wrong food combinations which can create bad effect on human digestive system as well as on our body.

Tips for good digestion

  • Food like milk should not be combined with any other food as milk itself is a complete food. Hence it should be taken alone. Do not combine fruits and milk together. As many of the fruits are contains natural acids which can spoil the milks nutritional value.

  • Eating of liquids along with solid is wrong way of eating. Because liquids tends to rush through the intestine directly taking away all the digestive enzymes which decreases rate of digestion.

  • Take one type of food or very few varieties of food at a time. Because varieties of foods create strain on human digestive system. Our body can handle one type of food at a time. Hence many varieties of food taken at a time results in delayed and imperfect digestion.

  • Eating of milk and curd together can restricts the proper gastric secretions which creates problem in natural digestion.

  • Fruits and vegetables also do not eat together. Also do not eat fruits along with lunch or dinner. Fruits can be eat at least 1 hour prior to any meal.

  • Fats and proteins should not be taken together. Because fats depresses the action of gastric glands and inhibits the release of gastric juices; which are required for digestion of proteins. It lowers the digestive rate of body more than half. But we can eat fats with carbohydrates.

  • Consumption of natural raw foods is always good for health. Because these foods contains large amount of fiber which is helpful in weight reduction. As fiber does not contributes calories doctor normally ask fat patients to follow fiber rich diet.

  • If we feel hungry between two meals, then eating of apple or other foods, carrots, almonds, salads is good for digestive system.

  • Avoid eating junk food during night as junk food takes maximum time to get digest.

  • Many people prefer to drink cold drink with lunch/ dinner. This is another wrong combination of eating as cold drinks are not good for health and does not have any nutritious value.

Below are few food combinations which are acceptable in science because these does not make any bad effect on out digestive system:
  1. - Curd and rice
    - Rice and milk
    - Milk and egg
    - Egg and bread
    - Curd and banana
    - Rice and fish/ eggs/ meat

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