Career in Web developing-programming, website coordination and content development

A career in web developing is one of the most lucrative careers one can opt for after graduation. It holds a lot of promise with many web developers earning a hefty salary. With almost 80 million websites present over the internet and those numbers are ever increasing. This article contains an in depth analysis of a career in web developing,the courses to be taken up to become a good web developer and some of the places in India where we can study web developing.

An introduction to websites

Internet has played a huge role in the way we lead our lives. The present is know as the era of internet. All the information that we need about anything is provided by the websites on the internet. If any person is a tech savvy person and has an abundance of creativity and imagination, then a career in web developing is an really good choice. Here information has to be uploaded into the net in a lucid and comprehensive manner. By designing websites, there is an opportunity to give shape to creative ideas. The information technology sector is one of the best performing sectors of the economy.
A set of interconnected webpages is a website. The pages on the internet which are maintained and prepared by a person or group of persons as a collection of information is called a website. The activity of designing, supporting, building and maintaining websites is known as web developing.

The presence of any person or group of persons or an organization on the world wide web is marked by the website. The webpages in any website,which are nothing but documents, are coded in HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) and these documents are always connected to each other within a website and sometimes even to other websites. A website usually contains information about any particular topic or purpose and usually has a homepage which is basically an introduction to the topic on which the website is based on. A server hosts a website. This server may be of the owner of the site or of the ISP (Internet Service Provider). A website maybe present in the server with many other websites. Or website can exist on an exclusive server or on multiple dedicated servers. A web server must be always present on the internet for a website to be called so. A website browser software can be used to access any website and this browser is known as HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

Types of websites

Numerous websites, each dedicated to different contents, are found on the world wide web. They are classified in the following manner.

  • Archive site: These sites are used to preserve valuable electronic content which are threatened with extinction.

  • Blog site: These sites are used to post online diaries or to log online readings. It may also include discussion forums.

  • Business sites : These sites are used for promoting a business or service.

  • Commerce or e-commerce site: These sites are mainly used for purchasing goods and commodities.

  • Community site: This is a site where persons with similar interests interact through message boards.

  • Development site: These sites provide information related to web design.

  • Political site: A site to voice political opinions.

  • Download site: A site dedicated only for downloading electronic content like software, games and wallpapers.

  • Game site: A site which contains only games which people can play online or download.

  • Information site: A site which contains information on different topics for people who need them.

  • Search engine site: A site which acts like a gateway to other sites and provides general information.

  • Web portal site: A site which provides a starting point or a portal to other information or resources on the internet.

Designing a website

There are two types of websites which can be designed-Static websites and Dynamic websites. There is no periodic change in the contents of a static website and these kind of websites are manually maintained by a professional or a group of professionals using an editing software. On the other hand a dynamic website is one in which the information changes every now and then. When a web server receives a request for a certain page, it is generated by the software automatically in direct response to a page request. We have been seeing an exponential rise in the number of websites on the world wide web due to the boom in the Information Technology sector. It is the job of many trained professionals to design, develop and maintain these websites.

Activities and functions which make up Web development

Web development is comprised of a number of activities and functions. Designing, building, supporting and maintaining of websites are some of them. The work on web development is broadly classified into three areas namely design, programing and graphics. Website coordination and content development skills too are required. Web developers and web masters are primarily involved in the area of programming. The graphic designers take up the task of design and graphics section. Website coordinator work in the management of the web developing team and content developers help in providing content on the site. Basically, in the development of a website, every professional involved in different aspects of web development should work in close coordination with each other.

Distinct aspects of web development

The two main basic aspects of web developing is technical and creative. The creative aspect is one that holds utmost importance and involves visualization and conceptualization. After the creative part is complete comes the technical part. These include converting layouts into HTML and giving effects with the help of AJAX and Java script. Usually a web developer surfs the internet to check out different sites to gather important inputs and along with his own creativity can make a template. Once the owner of the site agrees upon the template, the work on technical part can start.
To run a website smoothly,a lot of programming and development is required. The job of programming is taken up by professional web developers. The hardware which is to be used in the website and the software which helps in the smooth operation of a website is selected by the Web Developer. He also selects the most suitable design, navigation technique which is fit for the website. These are the most important factors which are responsible in determining the familiarity of users with the website and hence ensures their return to the site. Therefore the Web Developers play an important role in determining what kind of business a particular organization will do through its website. The functionally of a website for its user depends on how well a website is programmed. A Web Developer has to use a number of tools while designing a website like Visual Basic Script, JAVA, MS-SQL, ACCESS, etc. With the help of databases and reporting tools can calculate the volume of traffic in the website and also how the surfer spends his time on the net.

After Website is designed

The Webmaster takes up the complete responsibility of the website once it has been designed and built. The content, structure and other important details have to be refined and updated from time to time. This is done by the Webmaster. The Webmaster studies the comments and feedbacks from users and from various other sources and conveniently makes changes to the website. Webmaster has to be aware of the latest software tools which are available and make changes to the website so that it is in par with the changing times. The graphic designer is the one who takes care of the graphical representation of data on the website. He does this by using appropriate designs, graphical presentations and color elements for the website. The graphic designer has to use appropriate software tools in order to give the state of the art look to the website. Website coordinator who is also know as the Project manager looks after the effective functioning of all the aspects of Website Development.


The minimum eligibility criteria is successful completion of 10 + 2 for acquiring two-year or three-year courses in IT skills. Some courses can be opted for directly after completion of matriculation exam. Completion of graduation too is necessary for pursuing a one or two-year long courses in IT skills. Graduation is also the minimum requirement for pursuing specialized courses such as Web Designing and Programming.


The courses required to become a good web developer are in Photoshop, software like Dreamweaver and Flash, CSS (cascading style sheet, for managing content formatting), programming languages like ASP, ASP.NET or PHP and a very good knowledge of HTML. These courses are offered in different institutes all across India.

Where to study

  • Arena Multimedia,Aptech house, A-65, MIDC Marol, Andheri (E), Mumbai-400093, Maharashtra

  • NIIT (National Institute Of Information Technology), NIIT house, 8, Balaji Estate, Sudarshan Munjal Marg, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019

  • CMC Limited, PTI building, 5th floor, 4 Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001

  • Foundation institute for learning media, D-48, kalkaji, New Delhi

  • Aptech Computer Education, Aptech house, A-65, MIDC marol, Andheri (E),Mumbai-400093,Maharashtra
  • Colourchips Animation Training Centre,Plot no.16.road no.5,Jubliee Hills,Hyderabad-500033,Andhra Pradesh

  • International Institute Of Information Technology, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500032, Andhra Pradesh

  • SSI Limited, No.34, Thirumalai road, T nagar, Chennai-600006, Tamil Nadu

  • Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics, 23, Shah Ind.Estate, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053.

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