What should we eat to get the five nutrients that keep our body healthy?

We feel our body right only when ii remains fit trim and attractive. But body remains like this only when our body is disease free and getting the regular supplies of nutritional elements. We get nutritional elements from the food we eat for which our diet should be balanced and full if nutrients. What are these nutritional elements and how these could be gotten from diet forms the subject of discussion through this article.

The 5 elements that provide nutrients to our body

The quantum of nutrient elements should be in accordance with the requirements of our body, stage of life and the amount of physical labour put in daily. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins are the five chief minerals which provide nutrition to our body.

The required quantum of the nutritional elements for our body?

60-80 % of carbohydrates are essential for us, because these provide energy to us. The quantum of fat should be 30-20%. Fats aggregate in the body in form of energy and come handy during the emergencies as for instance when the meal is not available or when we skip meals for some reasons. In case of remaining hungry, the conserved fats in body supply energy. The minerals and the vitamins keep our disease resisting capacity active and functional. Proteins form cells which develops the body regularly.

Now the question arises as to what those items are which provide nutrition to our body? Several items are available which are packed with the different types of nutrients for example fruits, vegetables contain vitamins in abundance. The coconut water has the massive quantity of mineral into it.

What should be we eat to get the required nutrients?

We should make fruits and vegetables an integral part of our meals. Besides this, rice and bread should be included into all the three meals of the day. An ideal daily diet should be as follows:-
Breakfast: After tea and coffee, two toasts, one egg, about 100gm of any fruit or one bowl of rice or chapatti are vital to remain present in our daily diet. In place eggs, it would be better to have 200 ml of milk but since the milk is not available in pure state, Doctors advise to take eggs as its alternative.

Here the point to be noted is that people prefer parathas, pickles, the overnight left over vegetables, samosas and pakauri etc which are not good. K foods, these affect vey adversely on the digestive system. Whereas, on the one hand we do not get any nutrient elements from these junk on the other digestive system weakens early in the age leading to numerous physical diseases.

Noon meal

Noon meal plays significant role. It should comprise such nutritional elements which fill our stomach till the evening and alongside provide nutrients to our body. It would suffice here to take on small bowl of rice, two chapaties, ½ bowl each of pulse and vegetables, one plate of salads cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, carrots and fruits etc. At any time, we must not eat foods that fall heavy on our pallets which are dipped and wrapped and soaked in pungent hot chillies and spices.

Evening snacks

Some people take evening snakes such as namkins, bhujias. Pakodas, biscuits etc who take meals late in night. These are not good for health. Taking lassi of curd, fruit juice etc would be ideal. One could make do with upams, wet chewada (flat rice), fried or sprouted gram, dahiwada, sweet sewai, halwa (namakin) etc.

Night time meals

Night time meals should be taken between 8-9 pm. If you are a non vegetarian, 100 gm of mutton or fish, two chapatti, , one small owl of rice, one small bowl of pulse or vegetables would suffice. If you are an alcoholic, the above diet would be ideal for you. If you are vegetarian, rice, pulse, vegetable one vegetable of any kind would suffice. One sweet is allowed after the meals. One glass of milk could be taken after ½ an hour of taking the night meals.

Persons doing much of physical labour need much more energy providing meals. They could increase the quantum as per the requirements of their body.

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