Features and details of Cloud Computing

In this article I shall let you know regarding the overview of cloud computing, types of the cloud computing, how cloud computing works, benefits of the cloud computing, drawbacks of the cloud computing. Cloud computing is the fast growing information technology in the world. Many companies are doing research on the cloud computing.

Overview of the cloud computing

Cloud commuting is the fast growing information technology business in the world. Cloud computing may be next future of the information technology. Now all around the world the big IT companies are investing the billions of dollars in the research of cloud computing. It is expected that next decades may be belong to the cloud computing as the recent demand of the cloud computing in the market. Every country is putting the billions of dollars in the budget of information technology for their country may be when the cloud computing will be work full fledge mode that time these budget can be reduced with the help of cloud computing. Cloud computing provider delivers the application with the help from internet to the clients. The clients have to access the business software and data are stored on the servers from the remote locations.

In cloud computing we are storing all data in the internet and not storing the data in the personal computer, hard drives and not in the server of the companies. We access these data from the internet from anywhere by login from the internet. You do not need to have store data physically. Now many companies are start using the cloud computing service to take the benefit from it. Many compares are using the cloud data service by monthly subscription from the cloud data service providing companies

The Google is offering the free online software and giving the free service to billions of the user across the world. Goggle is providing the online product tools and application like email, word processors, calendars, photo sharing and website creations tools like blog etc at free to the customers is good example of cloud computing.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is technology is the latest technology comes in the world. Cloud computing is the technology which is used with to deliver the hosted services over the internet. In cloud computing central remote servers are maintain the data and applications for their clients. Cloud computing is providing the facility to the consumers and businesses to use information technology applications without installations on the personal computer's. All the computer applications which are required for the business operations for the organizations can be accessed with the help of internet from the cloud computing service provider with monthly paid subscription.

Cloud computing

Any company which embrace the cloud computing service that company access all the computer software applications and services from the cloud computing service provider that company save the their information technology budget. That company does need to buy the software and licenses for their business operation. After embracing the cloud computing the company has to pay the monthly subscription fees to cloud data service provider. Company has no need to maintain the server for their business operations, computer networking etc. Cloud computing is working on the web based platform. In cloud computing you will get the access of the application service though only web.

Platforms of cloud computing

Infrastructure-as-a service(IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service is cloud model in which any company or organization outsources the necessary hardware, storage device, networking related equipment and services, which are used to support the business operations of the any organization. The cloud service provider owners of the equipment. Cloud service provider is responsible for maintain the housing running applications and services for the organizations. In the Infrastructure-as-a service cloud Model Company will pay only for what the service company used for their business. IaaS work as utility bills how much you consumed that which you have to pay.

Platform as a service(Paas)

Platform as a service is a set of software and product development tools hosted on the providers infrastructure. Platform as a service is cloud technique which is hire the hardware, operating systems, storages and network capacity over the internet. PaaS has the many advantages for the developers. With the help of PaaS any operating systems features can be changed and upgraded frequently as per the requirement of the clients.

The PaaS are service delivery model that allows to the clients to rent the server and associated service for running existing applications or developing developers can create the applications on the provider's platform over the internet the force.com and Google applications are the example of the example of the platform as a service.

Software as a service(SaaS)

Software as a services a service in which company business software or service required applications, which are provided by service provider to the cloud service embracing company that services are available to customer over the network or on the internet. Software as a service is related to applications service provider and on demand computing software delivery model. In the software on demand cloud model, the cloud service provider provide the clients network based access to a single copy of the applications. The benefits of the SaaS are easy to administration, automatic updates, the compatibility of the SaaS good because all users have the save version.

Types of the data clouds for the clients

Public clouds

A pubic cloud sells computer service to anyone on the internet. Pubic cloud is a data centre that delivers the hosted services to a limited numbers of the clients. The main purpose of the public clouds to provide the easy service, scalable access to computing resources and IT services for their clients.

Few public clouds which present in the Information technology sector are
Amazon elastic compute cloud (EC2),
IBM's Blue cloud,
Sun cloud,

These are public clouds which are providing the public cloud services to their clients.

Community clouds

community cloud may establish where many organizations have the same information technology applications are requirements for their business operations. In community cloud these organizations can share the infrastructure jointly and take the benefit by sharing the cost of the community cloud which are hosted and managed by third party. In community cloud high level of data privacy, data security and strong policies are required for the clients. So these organizations cannot use one another data. The community cloud will good cost reducing benefit to the community clouds organizations.

Hybrid clouds

A hybrid is a cloud computing in which an organization provides and manages some services in house and some service are providing externally on the place of the clients. In hybrid clouding a company may use the public cloud service but those companies that company continue to maintain their in house data storage for their operation. The hybrid cloud may be very cost effective for the clients and public clouding may save the company's personal data from to expose from third parties.

Hybrid cloud is mixture of one private cloud and at least one public cloud. Hybrid cloud is offering service two ways either vendor has private cloud and forms a partnership with a public cloud provider or public cloud provider forms a partnership with a vendor that provides private cloud platforms.

Private cloud

private cloud will provide the infrastructure only one organizations or company, weather that cloud managed by internally or by the third parties. Private cloud provider company will help and manage only one company data and their business operations applications. This cloud is used by that company which is ready to share their business operation data with third parties.

Future Growth of Cloud computing

Mostly cloud based service is free for consumer or delivered via monthly subscription service for doing the business with the customers. According to research firm Garter forecast the Cloud computing will be US$149 billion dollar industry by 2015. Japan is government ministry of economy and trade expect the Japan's Cloud computing market is likely to US$20 billion by 2015. Japan is implementing the cloud computing as the key growth driver in its economy.

India is still not behind in the field of cloud computing, the similar growth is predicted in India as Japan. The India cloud market is projected to grow around US$ 3 billion dollar mark by 2015 and cloud computing will create one lakh job in the field of cloud computing

How cloud computing works

suppose when any company hired a new employee for their organization, that employee need a computer for their working operation in the companies. Company provides the computer to new employee but that new hired employee cannot start his/her work on the computer immediately. The computer which he/she gets needs some software to be installed in his/her computer for work as per the company business model. For installing the new software in that computer required licenses for work operation.

Now with the help cloud computing, there is no need to install the new software's in the computer. Now computer executive of the company has to install only one cloud application alone software in the computer. That cloud application when the employee login through network on it, He/she will get all the required software with license from the cloud application. Now the company has not required buy additional software license for that software. The remote machine which is owned by another company would run all the software which is required to the employee for their need for work operation. This is called cloud computing.

We all persons have used somewhat cloud computing service. We are using the e-mail account from the web based e-mail service like yahoo mail, Google mail and more e-mail service provider company. We have somewhat cloud computing experience from this e-mail service. When we login in the web e-mail account you can see your all e-mail stored in the web site, that email are not saved in your computer. You can see your mail only when you login through internet from anywhere. You have not to stick with your personal computer. You can use cloud computing anywhere from the world with help of internet. So cloud computing will the new future of the information technology.

Best cloud computing services

Google Documents

From the Google documents you can create the for online documents, you edit your documents. Google documents are providing the free service to the internet users. You can access your documents from anywhere with the help from the internet. Multiple users can also access your Google documents at the same time over the internet. They can change add new things in the documents when you give the privilege to them to do so.


In flickr you can store your photos. Flickr is allowing the free user account to upload maximum 300 MB of pictures on this site. Flickr is providing the data security. You can also upload two video monthly on the flickr site. This is best site to share your pictures with your friends. There is inbuilt photo editor in the flickr to edit your pictures as per your requirements. You can create the photo books or you can get the professional prints of your important pictures directly through flickr.


Spotify gives the user to access to millions of the song tracks. In Spotiy you can create the playlist, you can share the playlist with your friends. You access their account on any computer or mobile phone by installing the spotify software in it. There is two options are available in spotify paid service and free service. You can choose the free service from spotify but in free service you have to listen the advertisements some time. If you do not want to listen the advertisement then you have pay the small free for that to listen the non-stop tracks over there.

Window live

Microsoft is proving the lots of services to internet user free. These services are like Hotmail mail, instant messenger software, window live essential's tool including the photo editor and movie maker under the name of Window live banner.

Microsoft is providing the Skydrive a free virtual cloud based hard drive to the internet user. That Skydrive store up to 25GB of password protected data. You can store your documents, photos and videos on the Skydrive.


Dropbox is working like virtual filling cabinet which is storing all of your important data and documents on the web. You can install the dropbox client on your computer or in the mobile phone to get the access of the dropbox. It also provides the facility to the users to share these documents with your friends or family members.

Top five cloud computing operating system

1. Joli operating system

2. Eye operating system

3. Cloudo operating system

4. Ghost operating system

5. Glide operating system

Uses of Cloud computing

Working freedom

With the help from the cloud computing any employee of the companies can work from anywhere from the world with the help of internet. If you have to check the urgent files or data, that employee is in his home or in the company visit to any where then that employee can check all the information from the cloud computing web account from anywhere.
Which is very use full for the company operation.

Cost control of software:

By embracing the cloud computing technology by any companies. They can reduce their information technology budget by using the cloud computing for their organization. When company will use cloud computing then they does not have the need to buy the software and required license. They use all these software buy paying the monthly subscription from the cloud data provider companies.

Hardware cost can save by using cloud computing

By using the cloud computing technology every company can save the cost of their computer network. When the any companies used cloud computing, these companies do not required the network server and computer networking for their organization. The company only required the internet connection for using the cloud computing service.

Easy to shift business office from one place to another place

By embracing the cloud computing technology it very easy to shift the office from one place to another place. Before cloud computing introduction, it's very difficult to shift the business place from one place to other place sue setup all the entire network before shifting the new place. Now this process is very easy.

Work efficiency increases

By using the cloud computing the work efficiency will increase. When you are working on the company's network connection. That connection may get very slow some time, in slow network it is very difficult to work on that network. Some it will take 2-3 days to detect the fault and rectification of that fault. These types of problem may affect the company business. With the help of cloud computing every company can solve all these problems because cloud computing is the web based service and managed by the e-remote companies. If that problem occurs in the cloud computing, the suffering companies put the penalty on the cloud data service proving companies for affecting their business.

Low maintenance

The company which will embrace the cloud computing has the low maintenance cost for their information department. Now all the software and data maintenance has to done by cloud computing service provider company

Limitations of cloud computing

Uses of the cloud data between countries

The major issue arise regarding cloud computing, how the cloud data should be used and flow between different nations and what are the restrictions should be placed upon the uses of the cloud data on different countries. Now the next step should be creations of universal policy regarding the cloud data uses. There is still question mark on it how cloud data will be used by different countries.

Security of the cloud data

There is another big concern about cloud computing is the data security. Some people are not happy to give their important data to other companies. Big co-operate are might be hesitate to take the advantage of the cloud computing because every big corporate compares are not sharing their business data and they are keeping that secret from their competitors. Cloud computing service provider companies have to use strong security measure so that no hacker can hack the important business data. If it happens like this service providing companies looses their all clients. So cloud computing service providing companies has to use advanced technique to protect the client's data for good business purpose.

Privacy of the cloud data

If the clients is login from any location to access the data and applications it may be possible that client's privacy may be compromise. Cloud computing companies have to protect the client privacy by using advanced techniques. There is one technique that is authentication technique like strong user name and passwords and other technique is to employ the strong authorization for the client's means only user can access authorized applications for specific job which he has allotted. He should not have access of the application which are used by in the particular company.
There are still plenty of question regarding the cloud computing how it work out to provide the cloud data information to different clients.

Jobs insecurity for people

there is job insecurity for the information technology network employees from the industries. There is area of research in the computer science is autonomic computing . Autonomic computing system is self managing technique, it means the system will monitor all the faults, problems in the computer and take the appropriate steps to remove that problem or repair that affected computer. This autonomic computing is still on the papers. It could be possible that autonomic commuting will come in the market in next coming years.


Cloud computing is going to be very fast growing business for the IT related companies. There are huge growth are seen in the cloud computing business. There are very good advantage of the cloud computing in the organization if they will embrace the cloud computing format services. Any big organization or company can cut their information technology budget by using the cloud computing for their business organization. Instead of investing the big amount in budget on IT, now companies can pay as per their uses of the required facility from the cloud computing service provider. Now cloud computing is going to change the whole scenario of the information technology.

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