How to take care of Bonsai plants?

This article is all about requirements and supplements needed for a bonsai plant to grow. Bonsai is an art of gardening in which miniature plants are grown in small pots. Though this is a part of Japanese gardening, but nowadays this technique has become very popular in India.

Nourishing the bonsai plants is a difficult task. Different methods are applied for accomplishing this work. If the plants are not taken care of properly, they start withering.

Some of the important aspects that should be taken care of for growing healthy bonsai plants are -

1.Watering the plants –

Don't forget to water your bonsai plants every day. Even you have to sprinkle some water on their leaves and stem. This helps in opening the pores of the stem. Never use any water-pipe for watering the bonsai plants. The water-pipe has very high pressure of water and the bonsai plants cannot withstand this pressure. Water pressure also causes the erosion of the upper fertile layer of soil.

2.Soil –

Bonsai plants should always be grown in such kind of soil in which air can pass through easily. The soil should be full of nutrients. Normally the soil used for bonsai plants can be of two types – organic and inorganic. The plant residues and manure rich soil together forms the organic soil. The soil formed from the lava of volcanoes and calcium is considered as inorganic. A balanced mixture of both soils is used for growing bonsai plants.

3.Nutrition –

As compared to other plants bonsai plants need more nutrition. They are divided into two categories macro and micro. Three nutrients are required in the high quantity, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Nitrogen is required for leaves, Phosphorus for roots and Potassium for flowers.

4.Cutting –

In case of bonsai plants it's a very important aspect. For cutting of bonsai plants always use a sharp scissor or knife, their shape will get degenerated otherwise. After cutting the plants should be watered properly so that the growth may restart at the cutting ends. Many people detach the fertile parts of the plant and attach them to the parts where the growth is slow. Separate tools are used for cutting leaves, flowers and stem.

5.Pots –

With the increasing growth of bonsai plants their pots should be replaced according to their size. Nowadays, many attractive and colorful pots are available in varying sizes. Always choose a pot in which enough space is available on the above after filling 1/3 of the pot with soil.

6.Placement –

Bonsai plants should be kept in a place where the sunlight is available easily. The temperature of the place should be moderate, neither hot nor cold. Both hot and cold conditions affect the moisture of the soil.

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