Impact of communication technology on globalization

Communication and Globalization are interdependent. When Globalization deals with the integration of developing and developed countries, communication technology acts as a yardstick for their combination. We will see in detail how communication technology plays a vital role in bringing up the concept of globalization.

Communication technology is the key factor of globalization, which has a significant impact on the human existence, and it is a major driving force without which globalization would have not been possible. It is an information transmission system. The advancements in communication technology led to a widespread increase in the accessibility of information of ideas, products, and services among different countries irrespective of the geographic location and therefore acts as a crucial factor of global integration.

The concept of globalization deals with the integration of the developed world with the developing world. Communication technology acts as an important factor in the process of combining these two entities into one. Globalization constitutes many dimensions. It envisages the cultural social political and financial circumstances of an economy .Both communication and globalization are interdependent and communication technology plays an important role in the process of e-governance and public administration.

Most of the countries in the world like America and other European countries have already started using communication technology in different fields for sharing information which is the vital factor to develop a world economy. Governments of different nations can exchange information .They can share knowledge on research analysis with one another which strengthen the cooperation between nations.

With the advancements in the field of communication technology an organization or government bodies get access to latest updates from different parts of the world. Some of the technological advancements like web- conferencing, outsourcing etc have enabled the business organizations to interact with one another, which would have not been possible in the absence of an effective communication system. Most of the companies are reducing their total operational cost with the concept of outsourcing. These kinds of developments give the businesses to know each other from a better perspective.

Communication technology plays a crucial role in the education sector by facilitating access to the students in diversified ways. Students can enroll themselves to online courses which are affiliated to foreign universities. Communication technology has also led to the growth in the financial sector by enabling financial institutions like banks to establish their offices in any corner of the world.

There is a wide disparity in the implementation of communication technology between developed and developing nations .Due to the lack of proper infrastructure facilities developing nations are unable to use the resources of communication technology. Communication technology brings in this difference and makes it difficult for weaker sections of the economy are not able to withstand the competition on a global scale.

It has to be understood that globalization does not refer to the improvement of one country. It speaks about the economies of the world as a whole .So these developing and under developed nations should be acquainted with these technological developments to bring everyone together on a common scale to refrain the disparities of communication technology and its impact on globalization.

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