Truth about God and our requests

God, our prayer, request and his wishes are linked together and works as same as our current government system works, the messages of Krishna and Sai on the earth are examples and we can compare everything if we notice and observed in deep.

God and Our Requests

GOD-Generate Operate and then Destroy.
All know according to Hindu mythology Lord Ganesha is entry pass for all the good work as Lord Shiva accredited him. So I started with Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha :Who is Ganesha in this real world, what's his function and how he performs his job. I will tell you by comparing with the real being. First you should know how the real Ganesha name works why no pooja can be done without his name, the little story says Shiva insulted Ganesha and killed him without knowing him then because of Parvati, Shiva gave him a new life with an elephant head and gave a boon against his insult that you will be prayed first in the world before all.
In my words it was like a no-dues form without his signature no man can accept our request or forward it. Ganesha is the master of power and knowledge, he monitors every one whether we are using our power and knowledge in wrong way or right way. No other Deity accepts our requests without his approval.
Example : In colleges if you want your caution money back after been passed out, you have to fill no-dues form then name and post wise signature is required and at last account department confirms all but the first signature is done by our department by HOD because he was monitoring our academics and caution through out the degree course without HOD's signature no further approval for accounts department likewise without Ganesha no further request forward to other Deity.

Shirdi Sai Baba :He was the incarnation of God, his main aim to come on the earth to spread the one message about "FAITH & PATIENCE"(shradha aur saburi) and "Sabka Malik Ek "(One Power - One God). These messages also applies in the real world again by comparison with real being we will evaluate it. God has lots of devotees everyday,every minute, every second any of the devotees sends request about his problem,dream and requirement. Now it depends on God to select according to priority whichever is important.
Example : Last day on news Mr. Pranab Mukherjee was talking about finance issues in India. He said lots mail he read everyday how he can take action on every mail he judges according to priority and separates the mail into two categories :Urgent issue and non issue likewise every request of devotees is prioritized first.
My Observation-Everyday anyhow a new problem occurs about health, wealth, sometimes share prices down, sometimes no electricity in home and favorite serial is being broadcast etc. So we request to god please help do something and our request goes to waiting list because may be he has more important work at that time, saving anyone's life, helping in serious injuries, helping in interview by his real time presence, interception in accident according to devotees request. So I observed that our important or very very important request is accepts in no time, if it is done by true heart and with real problem. The low priority requests takes much time but in the end it accepted. My experience, I applied for passport in may and it takes 2-2.5 months to reach home. But it wasn't even in August on internet their website show rejected due to domicile problem I was easy because there was no need of passport and when I needed like nothing it came to home directly while writing this article and when I check the status on web it shows passport may be dispatched after 18 Sept,if all the documents are in correct order.

All the above data and experience I got from the journey, recently me and my seniors went to Shirdi and I observed all.

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