How to be safe while surfing on the world of internet?

You will think how anyone can bother on the internet? Yes, there are botheration of several kinds and enormous in size and shape. For example someone will hack your email, send viruses into your computer, steal your password etc, etc. The unfortunate part of the news is that there have recently been several such cases reported into the media hogging the headlines. This discussion deals with the steps to be taken against such mishaps with ourselves.

The world of internet is such a window, which lends wings to the minds of yours and ours, gives wind to fly the feelings and thoughts with the helps from which, we could get connected with the persons sitting thousands of miles away. The convivial winds wafting from the internet world in such a tied down-shrinking up- bewildered life is a pleasant succour and relief from the monotony.

But stop here! It's not that easier and safe to feel the thrill and tremor of this joy. You can encounter numerous difficulties while searching something on the internet, while talking with somebody, while uploading or downloading a photo or while sending an ordinary email. There are such individuals active in the world of false sites on the internet which we call in general parlance rogues i.e. bad men of the internet world.

It is not easier to identify such bad men. These rogue elements access the internet in false identity i.e. wrong IP (internet protocol) addresses. You are living in a fool's paradise if you think nobody can bother you on the internet. Harassments are of many kinds and incalculable. For example, somebody hacks your email, conveys into your computer the attack of viruses, steals your password etc, etc. The unfortunate matter is that in the recent past, much of such news came to be heard. A group of hackers hijacked the search bar of Google with the help of some software. The users who went to search something on Google were transferred on to some other false sites increasing the traffic on such false websites and the computers using internet were infected with virus. After emerging from this jam, Google has issued warning to some 20 lacks of its users, but all these exercises are like beating around the bush after the snake had vanished. Clearly the internet users have to be on constant vigil and side by side Google will have to put the safeguards in place. The attack on Google is like self suicidal. The general users cannot do a thing about this. But by adopting some precautions, we can save ourselves while working in the cyber world.

The treasure trove i.e. your pass word

Keep the blaze of your password secured and locked under 1001 locks. Anewer study has also warned of the dangers of internet. The Ugav, which is a famous market research firm, has concluded after studies that one in every 5 persons logs in on the emailed or the social community site of his present or former companions without permission. Females outnumber males in doing so. That is compared to 12 % of males, 28 % of females have been found opening the emails and social websites unauthorisedly. It is not proper to shrug this issue aside and sit down treating the habit of peeping around as human weakness. It also transpires through this study that the incidences of stealing of passwords of friends are a very few and far between. 62 % people have themselves shared their password on email and social networking sites. 58 % people inserted such passwords which were similar to the names of their partners or used the passwords of the persons. It is a clear cut case of carelessness and blind faith. We should measure our emotions in the mirror of reality and such problems will automatically stop rearing its ugly heads but what to do with the ugly heads of the terrorists and their nefarious activities?

The new tools of terrorists- # 90 and # 09

The BSNL has warned its consumers through one notice stating that of late, apart from hacking in the world of internet, several hackers are attacking on mobile phones too. It was further informed through the notification that the consumers in no case should dial # 90 or # 09. Dialling these numbers might make consumers victims to the terrorist's attacks. It oftentimes happens that calls come on the mobiles in which the caller claim to be speaking on behalf of the service providers telling that some extra services are being provided and insist on dialling on # 09 or # 90. In case you dial these numbers, you might have to face two consequences- 1- Either a heavy amount from your balance will be deducted or 2-there are the possibilities of some terrorist's organization hacking your SIM card and using the SIM to give results to terrorist activities using the sim. From this apart from financial loss, you shall be in big soup in police custody and legal litigancy. In such a scenario, there is no room for slackness and complacency.

It is not proper to be fully dependent on the internet. The people who thought they would gat all necessary information placed somewhere are fast losing their memory. Internet is gradually becoming as the other memory bank- the outside memory bank putting the original memory of our mind far behind in the race. When something is not used for long it becomes blunted and gathers rusts. But will you listen if I urge to use less of Google uncle? Of course not!

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