How much of gold is hidden in the Indian temples?

This dissertation dwells at a length upon the massive built up of gold, silver, gems and precious stones languishing unused, lying idle and meaningless in the crypts and cellars of the Indian temples. Every years round, lacks of gold and silver are offered by the devotees but have the devotees ever given thought to this what treatments their offerings are meted out with? This article throws this poser and several other aspects of this murky side of temples in India

Centuries ago, gold was found in abundance. The rajas and the maharajas sat on thrones of gold. They minted gold coins which ran their entire business empire. Gold was the symbol of their prowess and prosperity. They blew so much of blood and fought wars for the sake of this precious yellow metal. This is the reason why the weakness of gold for human has not ebbed. They used to safe -keep their gold under the ground near the premises of temples. This article just tries to gauze the extents to which gold is hidden in the crypts of our temples.

Padmnabhaswami temple

In the recent past, from the underground cellars of Padmnabhswami temple of Kerala, a massive cache of gold was found which also include the treasure troves of items made up with gold such as gold coins, gold tiara and crown, gold pots, gold idols and gold chairs. There is no count of gems studded gold jewellery, diamonds and other precious stones the price of which has been evaluated at around 1 lack 20 thousand crores., The rights of Travancore's royal family is being claimed upon this enormous mine of wealth.

This proves that from centuries, the craze for the yellow metal has not depleted and has for ever remained closed and dear to the hearts of the kings and monarchs. They bought gold silver, diamonds, and gems fro the tax collected from their subjects and increased the beauty and grandeur of their treasury. Still one room is left to be opened.

Tirupati Bala Ji

The stoy of Tirupati Bala Ji is a bit different from the above story. Here whatever gold and silver came were in form of offerings from devotees. . According to one news, in 2009, one leader of Kanartaka offered a gold tiara of 45 crores to the temple of Bala Ji. People witnessed this donation from their eyes. This is why this was flashed as headline. This was what people saw. But what about what people didn't witness as hidden gold and silver of temples and were donated as offerings? What would be the price of the massive treasure?

Every year round, hundreds of kilos of gold and apart from the raining currencies are offered in the temple. There is a separate arrangement in place here for the VIPS for which fees are charged separately. In the year 2010, the gold that came from in lieu of the darshan from the VIPS was estimated to around 21 lacks. In 2010, 1075 kg gold was deposited in the SBI by the temple trust so that it could remain secured and safe.

The Tirupati trust in 2009 had deposited 500 kg gold in Indian Overseas Bank (data as per published in news papers). As per data published in papers, abount 8000 kg of gold that came from offerings in 2004 were not melted into pure gold bars because they were studded with precious stones which were valued at those times around 1680 crores. In the February of 2004, the Trupati trust had deposited gold with the SBI weiging 175 kg, whereas the temple trustees had collected 3000 kg of gold. According to sources, every year in Tirupati temple, around 800 kg of silver and 1825 kg of gold are collected.

Vellore Sripuram Temple

When the coctruction of Vellore Sripuram Temple in 2007 was completed, 10500 kg of gold was pitched into the temple the then price of which was 325 crores. Whether it is Tirupati Bala Ji Temple or sri padmnabhswami Temple, lacks of worth of gold and silver come as offerings from the devotees. Ii evidently comes through the hands of those lucky individuals who don't have dearth of wealth but have they ever given thought to this what treatment is meted out with the gold or silver they offer? The trustees and pujaries are themselves at a loss what to do with this massive collection of precious metals, gems and raining currencies. In the February month of 2011, in one famous temple of Orissa, 17 tonnes of silver was discovered hidden since long ago the use of which was declared to be meaningless. Why on earth the devotees have any compassion and the big heart in respects of the poor and the needy humans?

When his rooms of the Ashram were opened after the death of Satya Sai Baba, crores worth of gold and currencies were found. All these facts are indicative that there was the dearth of gold ever in India and there are never the shortages of it still to these days. Prices of gold is tearing the roof and customers are tearing the walls of the jewellery shops by crowding them to purchase gold as if no body wants to find himself lagging behind in the mad rush of buying gold. Where is inflation visible? But that entirely is a matter debatable separately.

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Author: K Mohan11 Oct 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

I think this is a sensitive topic and it must be discussed with great concern and interest. India is known for big temples and because of utmost faith in the God's the devotees throng these temples and make offerings. It may be cash or kind and some people even put gold and silver ornaments in the Hundi. So accumulation of gold and silver along with cash has been the history of big temples. While some temples have deposited the gold and silver in the banks for interest, but many are keeping the items in their own temple under strong inventory. Previously the government contemplated to take the gold from these temples and that was thwarted. There must be a strong rule and law to protect the assets of temples and that includes the offerings by devotees. That will bring more faith in the devotees in future too.

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