What Is The Significance And Import Of Donation In The Hindu Religion?

This article tries to explain what donation in effect actually means and which is never clearly comprehended by the majority of us. We simply go following the herds in the temple and make offerings according to the resources under our command. This article is an effort to clarify misconceptions regarding this matter.

We don't donate to God but present

Donation is a subject attached with faith which encircles the emotions of quitting up the sinful acts committed knowingly or unknowingly with an item, metal, or currency. Donation always is given to the weak, poor and miserable and pitiable. God is the creator of the universe. He is Almighty. He provides to all. What the weakling humans can offer Him? Who could possibly dare donating Him? Therefore the metal or any item offered to God could at best be called a present and not a donation.

Offering of chhatras and its imports

There is mention of offering of chhatra (umbrellas) on Gods and Goddesses in the Satyug Dwaper periods. As for that, this tradition is still alive. According to Hindu assumptions, there is great significance attached with the offerings of chhatras to Gods and Goddesses of the temples. During the olden times, only the kings were entitled to adopt chhatras. The general people used to donate chhatra to Gods and Goddesses with the yearnings to become powerful like kings. To become chatrapati (whose empire spans to distant areas), this tradition of offering came into circulation in the entire of India. Behind the offering of chhatras, it was the cravings of the devotees to become as powerful as God who is almighty and the sovereign of the entire universe.

Chhatras are mostly made up of gold and silver, Gold is considered to the synonym of purity and prosperity whereas in silver resides Goddess Laxmi. This is the reason why silver coins are worshipped during Deepawali eve. As for that, silver is also considered as the symbol of peace. Offering chhatras to God and Goddesses not only bears religious imports but is also scientifically significant too. Like the way the antennas are pitched on the top of the big buildings for the lightning from sky to be absorbed into the ground, similarly chhatras is donated to destroy the hurdles, fears, and disturbance of peace.

Offering from the eyes of astrology: The components of ashtdhatu i.e. gold and silver are considered to be most pure. Both these metals are first heated into fire from which they become pure. There has been the glorious tradition in the Indian culture of offering items according to one's capacity. The significance of Kanya Daan, Bhu Daan, godaan, Dhatu daan (gold and silver) have a lofty meaning.

God is superior without any controversy. He is omnipresent, omniscient. He is prajapati. It is obvious that His throne, chhatras, ornaments, dresses, etc should be the purest. It is due to this from the ancient times; the tradition of offering chhatras, gold silver etc is coming down to this day from the ages. This offering culminates into the expansion of the empire, power, strength, happiness and prosperity.

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