How to keep your children ahead by recognising their mood?

If you want your child to remain in front then it is essential to recognise the psychology of your child so that he has a bright future. When the mood of the child is to play, don’t press them to sit for studies. This article suggests you what to do to achieve this purpose.

Are you watching your child playing since long and rueing her lack of interests in her studies? Do you wish to scold her and stop playing and to go to studies? Don't do this to her. Even when you order her to sit for studies, she will go to sit for studies, open her books and pretend to be reading but in reality, her mind will be rotating around the playing. Result? You are neither letting her play nor is she reading in reality.

This is not the lone problem of yours. Every guardian has to face this aggravation. Children cannot complete studies under duress, why don't you understand this? If you would insist on your stance, they will pretend to read but in effects would be making a fool out of you. Children these days are far more intelligent than you think they are.

The psychologists in this regards opine that when the children's hearts are in plays, don't compel them to read. More than this, it is imperative to understand the psychology and the mood of child. That means whenever you ask children to study, have a constant watch upon them whether they are really reading or pretending to be reading.

What must to do to recognise child's psychology?

In stead of exerting pressure on children to study, take special care of the following facts:-
  • Let them play first if the attention and mood of your child is to play. When they become fed up with playing, ask them to read.
  • This applies equally on elders too as does this apply with the children. Even elders don't work when they do not have the mood to and even when they do under pressure, their attention lies elsewhere, and the work under the hand results though well begun but half done full of mistakes. When this happens with elders then why so much pressure on children? Ask children to study only when they, too, are prepared to study. Children complete studies within a shorter period when in a mood to study. And when the children do not have the mood, they will not read even a single letter during whole day long.
  • All this means that what the children do first, let them do and finish that first. If they want to play, let them play first. Don't forbid when they wish to watch cartoon or want to rest. The heart is not 10 or 20 but one and only. The child could only do one thing at a time! Yes, but try to find out for certain the mood of your child why does he want to play so much and why doesn't he take interests in studies.
  • Majority of the guardians run riot in getting their dictates obeyed by the children building up pressure for studies on them. This turn them off from studies and when they even try later on, they don't find them interested in studying at all. All they want is play and no studies.
  • Almost all children steal their heart from studying and avoid it to their best of capabilities. Driving the point in their mind gradually how important is it to study will work wonders on them. They will slowly understand its significance and will become interested towards their studies.
  • Whenever the child wants to sit with you or asks you to tell stories, never by default you must ask them to just shoo away from your vicinity and go to study. By this, the child would become hard for you knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Being hard boiled on children is no way good for the future of your children. If he wishes to listen to stories, and then tell him stories if he wants to talk to you, sit with you, sleep with you, act according to his wishes. This way, you shall be friends with him. The child will begin obeying your every command and when you would ask him to sit for studies, he would immediately comply.
  • Study is a very boring matter for children. If you would try to build a steam in his head labour studies, they will treat study as burden. Prepare them ladder by ladder gradually for study. They will gradually attach themselves with studies after understanding this.

If you succeed to understand the mood of your children then believe me, your child will begin to ac on his own without causing any headache to you. And thereby, you will have no need of being hard handed on your children.

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Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan10 Aug 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

It is very true that good parenting is not an easy task for parents. This is a very nice article written by the author for new generation parents. Most of the parents don't know how to handle their children. Either they rule over their children or blame them to be disobedient. Children's mind becomes very fluctuating. Every minute their wish and feeling keep changing. So it is very important for parents to observe their psychology. I have noticed that when a child becomes happy then they follow everything very nicely. On the contrary, if they are not in a good mood they can't do any work even after trying hard. So, there is a great need to be aware of children's psychology for their better development.

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