Why the quality of sensitivity is important to increase your popularity?

If you want that your popularity among people enhances, the effect of your persona falls well on them, the quality of sensitivity is necessary for you to possess. Because, it has generally been observed that people are evaluated in society in terms of how much sensitive they are. This article suggests you ways to cultivate this trait in case you lack it the most.

Sensitivity means to participate in the sorrows and the happiness of others. Especially your presence in times of sorrows and crises adds feathers to the cap of your personality increasing your honour. Some people make it a point never to miss any occasions of party, family functions, birth and marriage anniversary days, feasts and festivals of others. The same sets of people also make it a point never to attend the places they had attended with so much of their gusto during jolly functions when some crises or death befall on the family. This type of attitude is quite mercenary and avowable. This totally destroys image for ever beyond repairs.

Going to somebody's home to console in their sorrows, to sympathise and encourage the dear near ones of a family when someone dies in the families, go to visit someone admitted into hospital, exhorting somebody in his state of some financial losses- all these acts come within the definition of sensitivity.And I have been witness to the occasion where majority of the people remain oblivious to these social and humanitarian duty. Such types of persons are not seen with good views in society and people deride and avoid such people.

If you want your popularity to multiply amongst people, good influence gets exerted through your persona; you essentially need to have the trait of sensitivity.

Trait of sensitivity makes men popular

The persons who do not participate in other's states of sorrows and happiness and lead their life egotistically have always dearth of good friends and well meaning sympathisers. No matter how handsome and able such persons are, they do not exert good influence on others.

Friends! This very quality of sensitivity makes the men great! To be of some use to others in times of their crises is not only a moral duty but this is humanitarian necessity also. By participating in other's crises, you not only get the proximity to the people but get in return in their form a well wisher also who shall for ever be of helps to you in future. People forget such people who come in some function, say hello to the host and quickly take the route leading to the dinning tables, grub, shrug and disappear without bidding good byes to the hosts thanking them for the nice foods. Who will remember such people? Of course no body indeed! But people remember them for ever who stand by the side at the times of crises helping, consoling, and encouraging giving strength to face the grim situation.

The feelings of sensitivity and your image

The approach of sensitivities makes people great and solemn. The traits of thinking about others, helping others in need are found in very few and far between peoples. Majority of the people are self centred and cannot think beyond themselves. Such people live only for themselves. This animal instinct! You shall be liked on every stages of the world over wherever you will go if you have the attitude of solemnity. Charity doesn't mean expectations in returns in lieu thereof. The charity done with the views of getting returns thereof is not charity but a transaction of business. Charity means helping others in any form-physically or financially or otherwise without hoping for any returns selflessly without no any personal interests involved.

I am reminded of one story told by my grand father in during my childhood. There used to live a businessman in olden times. He was a great philanthropist who was famous as a do-gooder. Majority of chunks of what he used to earn spent in charity. He made temples in his village, built inns, dug wells, erected joints for drinking water and God knows what not! Apart from these, he always helped out the poor and the needy refusing none

There also lived a poor farmer in the same village that lived in great penury. He was also a do-gooder and wanted to do good things like the rich business but was handicapped due to his miserable condition. Suddenly, one day he saw there was darkness in the front of his house all around and people faced difficulties in traversing the road in the pervasive darkness. Being overwhelmed with the feeling of charity, he put an earthen pot burning in front of his house daily after the fall of the darkness for the smooth passages of the passers-by. The farmer was overjoyed to see people traversing smoothly in the light lit by him. He was at lest at his peace at last and contented with his work of philanthropy and was greatly relieved off the feeling of not doing anything for others.

What you should remember

  • It doesn't matter due to your busy schedules, you couldn't attend a birth day bash, a marriage function, a marriage anniversary but make it a point for certain to give a visit to the person's house by showing yourself up in times of his crises.
  • Do never fail the occasions when there is a death in the house of your acquaintances.
  • Don't fail visiting the hospital where your contact person has been admitted after falling sick.
  • By consoling someone on the eve of some death occurred in his family, from asking the welfare of a sick man, by exhorting person in distress, the dead people do not come back, the patient doesn't cure off. But these gestures from your part for certain enhances your stature and respects in the eyes of the aggrieved persons and your personality impart a noble influence not only on the persons concerned but turns to be an example for others to be emulated.
  • Don't lead life in isolation. Don't even try this!
  • Live mixed up with everybody. Make a team of good people. You cannot build up and nurture a team by living in isolation and being insensitive. Unless you understand the pangs of pains of others, you cannot emerge to become a good human being. Your persona can turn magnetic and attractive provided you become sensitive to others.
  • Don't give priority to a particular group living within the perimeters of social boundaries. Poor and rich should have equal status in your eyes. The sensitivity shown to a poor man at once makes you a great person in the eyes of the poor man which you can never expect from your sensitivity shown to a rich and wealthy man . These rich people take everything as granted- you and your sensitivity shown to them including. Be sensitive particular to the poor, deprived and the needy.

Thus dear friends, you see, charity always doesn't mean you should be financially strong. Charity has several wings and numerous tools. When you help an old person cross a busy road, that also comes under the definition of charity. Even poor can practice. All that is needed is having a mindset for doing some things for others.

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