Importance Of Sports In A Student Life

This article is important for students who are lazy. I think that after reading this article one may get inspiration to play more games. As health is wealth, sports have their own importance in every one's life.

Importance of sports in life:

Sports are now become very important aspect in human life. For that countries all over the world spend much money on sports. We have to question ourselves why do they give such importance to sports. For that there are reasons that are explained as below. Most of educationists believe that sports develop the following abilities in a student.
1. Physical fitness
2. Mental strength
3. Self confidence
4. Using of time in constructed manner
5. Team spirit
6. Decision making
We discuss the above points one by one.

1. Physical fitness:

If we keep our body without work then it grows irregularly. So, it needs sufficient exercise which can be fed by playing foot ball and basket ball etc. Without exercise of body, our body is targeted to many diseases. Most of outdoor sports has many physical activities which makes us fit.

2. Mental strength:

Generally, some times we win in the sports and we lose in the sports. A successful sport person always thinks that success and failure are same for him. Like that he balance his career in sports. The same nature student can habituate in his life also. That habit is strongly put in students when they join in the sports.

3. Self confidence:

Due to participation in sports, a student can get the good habits of dedication, discipline and responsibility. These habits make a student to live in his life with more confidence.

4. Using of time in constructive manner:

Sports are very useful for teenagers as if they have free time which makes them to do bad activities. To prevent them from such activities and to habituate constructive thinking sports are very useful for them. It is safe for them for their bright future.

5. Team spirit:

Because of playing sports as teams children can habituate how to work in groups. Team spirit makes students to make relationships with co-workers for peaceful environment.

6. Decision making:

Generally, in sports, participants have to take quick decisions to continue their playing. This habit makes them to take quick decisions whenever a critical time faced by them in their life.

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