Some tips for the ever quarrelling couples

Through this exposition below, some tips are being given below for ever quarrelling couples. How they could possibly turn their hellish moments into moments to be cherished for long. The moments to be remembered in the evening of their lives, when there would be nobody else to keep them company. Except them only- all alone, lonely and forlorn!

Often couples quarrel on scores of small trivial matters that all they are left with is stress and tension, weigh them down to such extents that spending life them under one and only roof becomes quite difficult for them. In many several cases, the matter ends with divorce.

In their general lives, if the couples take care of some things, they can save themselves from the rigmaroles of leading a tensed life. Not only this, they can fill their life with all the joys and happiness that they wish themselves in the heart of their hearts as well. But alas, these poor couples!

When some clash rear its ugly heads between a husband and wife, either of the two should keep mum and keep cool. The clash of the titans would automatically vanish into the thin air within no time and the matter will end then and there without being dragged on and on and on. The squabble knows no bounds when both the party engage in skirmishes endlessly. And the clashes of couples are like the bubbles of water which ends within a second.

Let's discuss then what is it that could possibly work as a saving grace for the quarrelling couples?

  • Both the couple should try to understand the nature of others which generally couples don't do. Both have different virtues and vices because one of them has come from the moon while the other from mars. Both should try to adjust with the minuses of the other. Life would be so simple like a melodious song.

  • Do never let your ego overpower you in so far as the relation in between is concerned. Kill this infatuation of me and me only.

  • Sometimes silence says much than what you can convey by opening your mouth. Spit your venom by silence. That will reach to your life partner and gel past well his mind. The message of avowal will pass through but with the minimal of side effects without raising the alarming siren.

  • Solve the internal problem of your house inside your house and personally please. Don't le the outsiders have even a whip of this; otherwise the situation would get worse. When the husband gets late in coming back home from office, do not pick a quarrel please. But do not have full faith also. Choosing the middle path would be most ideal.

  • Sometimes husbands become from the unjustified demands from wives especially when they feel incapable of meeting them leading to a clash.

  • Wives should try to learn to live within the limited income of their husbands. Those husbands are lucky whose wives act within income. Wives living beyond the husband's income are digging grave not just for the husband alone but with spaces in the grave reserved for her as well.

Restrain from taunting and jeering

  • Don't jeer or taunt to each others for example, "my luck was cracked up that I was married with a husband like you" or "there were several grandiose offers coming for me", or "I feel myself trapped up after marrying you" etc and etc. The self respect of your husband would be hurt from this which forms ground for the divorce of the quarrelling couples ultimately .

  • Both should accept each other for what they are and not for what they must be or should be.

  • Both should respect wishes of each others. Respect each other's parents. Disrespect shown to the elders of the couples often forms ground of clash.

  • Both should be dedicated to each others. They mustn't suppress desires. Rather they should express it but never try to impose it also.

  • The important point here is to be noted. Never broach the past of each other open. Future is more important than your past. It is utter foolishness of the highest order to quarrel over what you were yesterday. Your today and based upon this today, your tomorrow is important.

If something is eating up your vitals, keep your cool and remain calm. Go and talk it over to your husband with ease and not in shouting style. Quarrel is not a solution to a problem but the grand mother of tension and troubles.

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Author: Sharada21 Sep 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

The problems can be solved only when we speak to each other in a soft tone and explaining the points which has to solved by each of them. Keep financial crisis away in the daily life.

Author: Poonam Mishra21 Sep 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1


Don't get serious. The problem is coming sinceages and this pervades every household. We should at least try improvising the situation. And remember, this is how the world goes.

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