How to multiply wealth with smaller investments?

It is not pooja -path but right type of investments that increases your wealth. The amount which we spend on donation and religion,when invested in right places at right times yields unexpected and surprising dividends. Investing in the right places and at right times form the topic of discussion of this present article

People do numerous pooja-paths and donate a lot in the name of charity and religion to increase their wealth and earn more. They take shelters of daan, hawan, mantras and totkas. But all their attempts have backfired in their faces and no benefits seem to have been gained through these acts of charity and religion. On the contrary, their hard earned money and the money saved with great patience and perseverance after longer times sink in these acts. Even then their eyes don't open up. Good returns are possible out of the honest income if it is invested in right place at right times. For this, there are so many options available in the market which is being detailed ahead. If the options available are thoughtfully grabbed, wealth truly can pour.

  • Real estate: Investing in it is highly beneficial. But huge amount is needed for this type of investment. It is difficult for the small investors to invest in this option. Try to take loan from Bank or LIC as per your income to buy home, flat or piece of land. The price of real estate is fast paced. There are no risks involved in investments into this sector. But be warned before doing something of the like. There are so many fly by night operators masquerading as estate agent who might dupe you and rob you.

  • Gold and silver: The time to time purchasing of gold and silver yields better returns in future. There have been spectacular jump in the prices of these precious metals. These are expected to rise further up. The price of gold per 10 gm in 2005 was 5000 rupees which has climbed up t 28000 rupees as of this moment in 2011.

  • Pension scheme: Those who are not getting the benefits of pension and PPF, this is a better scheme for them to invest in small amounts which turns up into wealth in long term. This scheme is for a longer period and its pleasure is felt intensely after the retirement.

  • Fixed deposit: You can earn good profits by keeping your deposits in Banks. The longer you would put the investments into the Bank, the more yields you would get. There are no risks involved into this. You can break the deposits any time you choose to meet contingencies. You can withdraw up to 80 % of the deposited amount as loan to meet emergencies.

  • PPF: That is public provident fund gives good returns along with rebates in taxes. It being under the central government is fully secured. Its interest rate is more compared to Banks. General investors can open account beginning 5000 rupees.

  • SIP & ETF: Parking funds in SIP (systematic investment plan) of mutual funds is also hugely beneficial. The investors who do not know the dynamics of market or who do not have time enough may invest in these schemes and reap the benefits of a rising share market.

    After investing in index based i.e. ETF Exchange traded funds; you can sit rested and assured of returns. Its transactions are similar to the trades of the share market from which it gains in the jumps obtaining in the share market.

It's not what you earn but what you save that makes you wealthy and rich.

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Author: Ashish Kumar20 Sep 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1


I understand your predicament and its implications in asking the 1000 dollar question, my dear!

Answering the question I have to say that even 1 rupee saved per day is an investment which will make you a crorepati in 25 years without sitting on the hot seat opposite Amit Jee. This is based on calculations. to arrive at the result, just put a month's of a rupee saving in wise investment to get a surprising yields.

Author: Kannan RK.21 Sep 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Hi ,

Share trading is also a good method. The Real Estate business is not very easy as it is written . In Real Estate business there are a lot of measures to be taken and be careful of the following things :
1.The selection of the land should be done by checking all the available things as now a days land mafias are doing a lot of fraud.
2.Brokers are very much helpful in gettinng good business but be careful in choosing brokers also.
3.Consult with the related land officer and check for all the documents .

Hard work always pays

regards ,
Kannan RK

Author: Ashish Kumar21 Sep 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Dear Kanak,

Thanks for your response and you are in saying the real eastate investement is risky about which I too have warned above in my article and this is not for small investors as well.

Share market as you have stated is also a difficult terrian to traverse. Great discipline, patience and risk taking capacity are required of a daily trader which people forget while trading and suffer huge financial losses. Worse, they trade from the loan extend from their brokers and have tosell within the 5 days grace period suffering great losses

To sum, investments requires a great patience perseverance, discipline and information.

Author: Swagatika Pattanaik02 Sep 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Author has well explained for our savings and increase the capital to fulfill our future requirements when we are unable to earn.
I would like to add some points.
PPF is never be a good option who wants multiply their money, as you can see past records it goes near about inflation rate so you do not earn anything from your savings, also you need to pay tax on interest earned.
But some people invest here with safety purposes.
I suggest if you are at age of 30 then go for ELSS ( Equity linked saving scheme) which will gives you tax benefit as well as good return in future if you stay invested for more than 15 year.
Bank fixed deposit now days having with a flexi account where you can get both savings account and fixed deposit benefit from same deposit account after a certain or fixed amount, so that you do not need to take a loan on your emergency, and you are allowed to withdraw your money from ATM or direct from banks with out any obstacle.
Gold/ Silver investment.
If you using as jewellery then it is ok, if thinking about investment then instead of purchasing physical gold, better go for Gold etf, which has more advantages. Like they do not charge you for making labor, it stays safe from thieves as it is in electronic funds, also now days Gold ETF is eligible for keeping as collateral for availing a loan.
Do not go for a real estate investment for your future earning.
Practically we all aware that in some areas development is going on for which real estate sector is booming, or else most of the city has reached at saturation level.For small investor just avoid investing in realesate, you can buy for your home residential purpose, only big investors can invest in land or flats and they will be getting return.

Author: Kailash Kumar02 Sep 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

As far as generating wealth through investment is concerned, real estate is perhaps the biggest money multiplier, but it is not meant for small investors. The big fish eats the small fish.
Likewise, perhaps buying gold jewelry from the investment point of view is not a good idea. It is more like blocking or burying the money, than investing it for growth. It might have been relevant historically in the past for saving or blocking money for the rainy days when there were no banks or other financial institutions available.
Investing decision depends on the risk profile of the persons concerned. For a simple middle-class individual who hardly becomes able to save few hundreds or a few thousands in a month, it is better to opt for a recurring deposit in a bank or at the most a fixed or term deposit which is the safest mode of investment and yields a stable, risk-free and hassle-free return.

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