How our manners are the indication of our persona?

Our behaviour is the recognition of our personality. The sweeter the mannerisms would be, the wider would be the friend circle. The very first meeting with somebody would suffice to tell you many things about him. The sweetness of our voice attracts everybody. How to acquire this mannerism is the subject for discussion of this present article.

Our cultured gesture and behaviour is the hallmark of our character and personality. When you meet somebody for the first time, you come to know everything about him through these personal traits of his. The sweetness of our voice attracts everybody towards us.

Persona should possess both mental and physical beauty

Both the mental and the physical beauty from women are expected. Such women are the cynosure of everybody even when they are not very beautiful physically, but are cultured from their behaviour. The more the style of our speaking would be sweet, the broader would be the circle of our friends, followers, admirers and supporters.

You meet some attractive and beautiful looking lady, but her way of treating is juiceless and pungent full of artificiality that women would look to you ugly even being so much beautiful.

Exerting positive influence is the mark of a magnetic persona

Whenever you come in contacts with others, remember to leave a positive effect which is only possible through a sophisticated and urbane conducts. Following the hallmarks of effective mannerisms, make as many friends as you can, broaden the circle of your friends as wide as you can. This will give you happiness to you also and to the others also. Any body amongst this circle thus cultivated and nurtured could emerge as saviour for us in times of our crises. But don't do this in anticipation of coming to helps as saviour merely. You need Peoples Company at the times of your happiness also.

Take any occasion as for instance. If we want to celebrate our birth date, or to celebrate the event of a victory, then the company of our friends, neighbours and own relatives feels savoury. We can celebrate neither our happiness alone nor can be bear our sorrows all alone.

But how do you think these relationships, these sweet connections are made with? Certainly through our dealings and sweet behaviours, what else from? Your rough behaviour will compel you lead a lonely and forlorn life. This is called a cursed life. Nobody to visit you in your house, nobody to talk to, nobody to share with the sorrows and pleasures, no body to keep company is like living a hellish life. Even your kith and keens desert you.

Speak sweet, speak good- signs of a balanced persona

The members of a well cultured family inculcate this culture and mannerisms in their children to speak sweetly, speak well and speak truths. The children who are taught this lesson in their primary stages become a good human being and carve out a niche for themselves and their family.

The words spoken by us are like an arrow which pierces the heart of the person for whom these are spoken against. This tongue will enable to wear the chain of flower and also wear the chain of shoes as well. Speaking in measured words is most ideal. No body gets hurt from this. It is useless to repent after spiting venom. Be prepared to face its disastrous consequences.

This totally depends upon you how do you want to maintain your relationships .The man truly understands the truth of life who knows to save the honour of the family in the society. He makes a mark in society and people remember him for all the good reasons even after his death.

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