How to achieve bigger happiness with smallest of savings?

So as not to spread hands in the event of exigencies, saving is necessary. Small savings turns up bigger one day. One only has to have patience. Smaller savings solve big problems. That is what is the topic of this discussion here. How to save for rough weather is the point that has been explained herein. It is not impossible to save.

Watching her husband restless, Minal told she had some money with her that would suffice and there would be no need of begging for it from anybody else. Sunil, the husband of Minal saw at Minal with a surprised look and asked, "Where did the money come from? Whatever I gave you itself was not enough?" Minal explaining replied that she used to keep whatever was possible aside every month out of what ever was given to her. Sunil embraced her overwhelmingly. She profusely thanked her for saving him from the disgrace of spreading his hands to somebody else for asking him for money.

Similarly Shalini revealed once the secret of incident that had happened once with her. One night, suddenly her mother-in-law fell sick. Husband was out and away on tour. He had gone handing some money to Shalini. But that amount was not sufficient for treatment. Neighbours were making preparation to call for the Ambulance and carry the mother-in-law in the hospital. When Shalini opened her almirah and added the sum, it came around near 10000. Then she heaved a sigh of relief. The mother –in-law was carried over to the hospital on time and was treated well there.

When Shalini's husband got back from his tour 3 days later, she immediately asked from the money was gotten? Did she have to ask this for from somebody else? His chest got expanded by 10 inches bigger than what its width was to hear of the full story.

Bigger solutions with smaller savings

These types of incidences teach you a good lesson. Drop by drop fills the ocean which will come handy to rescue you from a bigger jam you shall be in and provide you with an immense succour. One can rid himself from a big complication with smaller savings. We find several instances of this around us. Gullaks were used for this purpose in the olden times. We should inculcate the habit of small savings in our children too. They should be instructed to drop at least 10 % of their pocket money into their personal piggy bank. Majority of housewives saves hiding it from their husbands and help their husband out of the jams in the moments of crises of their husbands.

Not impossible to save

Many women often are heard saying that it is not possible to save when even the expenses of the daily chores are difficult to meet. All this talk of saving is a bunkum meant only for them who earn a lot. Saving is possible from your outlook, your mindset towards it. It is true nothing is left in balance in a middle class household at the end of the month after meeting all the bills and expenses. But it also is true that at lest 10-20 rupees could be saved daily even in these middle class families. 1000 rupees per month can be saved in such families. There are several such women who save for certain some amounts after meeting all the expenditures. There is no end to expenditures. And every month, newer expenses are bound to rear its heads. Even after this, if there is the firm resolve to save, savings could be made.

Do the saving like this

  • 1n order to save the coins of 1, 2, 5, rupees denominations, keep a gullak or the empty tin can of powder. Drop the coins into these containers.
  • When the husband returns from office, ask him to drop at least 1 ruppe coin into the gullak.
  • Do it daily as a strict disciplinarian. There must be something dropped daily without break.
  • Ask your children also to drop something into the containerout of their pocket expenses.
  • Make it a point to drop something out of your monthly budget.
  • Run a recurring deposit scheme in a Bank. Abig amount will accumulate up in a year.

Every women shoul develop the habit of saving something. Why women alone? All the men and the children should also make it a habit to save. This will save you from sudden mishaps that the life throws and saves also fro the disgrace of spreading your hands running helter and skelter asking for some money on credit.

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