Why must we come out of our comfort zone to succeed in life?

Some people like to accept the challenges and surprises that the life throws upon them without any qualms or much grumbling over. Change is inevitable and is the law of nature which is accepted by some simply while by others not so simply. If one hops and jumps out of the limitations of his comfort zone, the path to success becomes simpler. Is the measuring yardsticks for success is kicking aside one’s comfort zone? This exactly is the crux of the subject matter of this present editorial.

Changes in life have its pangs of pains. Some embrace it with ease while others have difficulties accepting this. There cannot be two opinions in assuming it to be the very first ladder of success. Now the question arises could by living in the safer zone, one can achieve success in life? Or else the breaking up of the boundaries of the safer zone paves the ways to success?

Living within the comfort zone is ingrained in nature

It has been the mentality of the human being from the beginning to give priority to the well trodden and secured paths. Not only this, our ancestors too attached much priorities of treading on the known paths. This situation was not only with our ancestors but is the attitude of the younger generation of today also. Reason is not very far and difficult to seek. It's because they always remain anticipating trouble and live suspicious on the score of the unknown future.

Only the people breaking their comfort zone succeed

Despite these, there have been several people who had broken their comfort zone to touch the acme success. They achieved such wonderful feats so useful for mankind that people still remember them for their act of breaching their comfort change open to explore the hitherto unknown areas. Had they not come out of their comfort zone, the humankind would be living in the same stone ages still. They tried something out of ways- out of crowd. In fact, only when you come out of your comfort zone can you enjoy life in its truest sense.

Reasons of sticking glued to the comfort zone

Generally every people tend to follow the safe and secured tracks coming in readymade and tested from centuries. After all what are those factors that people do not want to leave their comfort zones? The psychologists in this connection opine, "Every individual is well acquainted with his shortcomings. They know which field they can perform well in as well as in which field not. They don't want to explore their luck by chartering their courses into the newer, unknown waters. They do not wish to effect changes in their life or career especially when their situation stays the same for longer period. Such individual likes to feel secured in the prefixed routine life. Thus the individual begins living within the four -walls of his comfort zone. Successes gotten in past also induce the mentality of living within the comfort zone".

Kick off your comfort zone

But we must try to leave the comfort zone to seize the opportunities in life. If you want to sit satisfied and don't wish to draw a limiting line of your achievements you will have to leave the cocoon of the comfort zone you have created all around and try experimenting newer things, walking unknown terrains where no man has gone before. Leave behind your comfort zone and be an experimenter, my friend. You are certain to reach the lofty heights. The great American inventor Thomas Alva Edison had invented electric bulb, gramophone and cinema. He got failures several times during the experimentations. After he succeeded he commented, "I sought opportunities in my every failure and tried harder and to do better than before!" But only the person free from the grips of financial and psychological insecurity can come out of their comfort zone. They are not found lagging behind in taking any risk to fulfil their dreams. Besides, for coming out of the areas of the comfort zone, the first condition is self confidence and belief in what you do. The gusto, the enthusiasm, the focus to do something bigger follows next to self confidence. Firm resolve to face any eventualities no matter what the hurdles might be is vital.

Accepting every newer challenge is the mark of a comfort zone quitter. Remember Lord Buddha leaving the comfort zone of his entire kingdom behind to chart a course of the quests for the real happiness and salvation? That grit and will is expected of a comfort zone quitter. Only then can one taste the success, can reach the peak. There are many examples in the fields of filmdom, industry, sports and politics who were never deterred a bit while struggling hard to touch the pinnacle of success in the face of failures and who ultimately carved a niche in the society and the country.

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Author: Venkiteswaran17 Feb 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Our life in general has some lessons from Money Management or Finance Management.
This article also has its base in that,though not expressly said.

Return from financial investment depends on risk also. High return will need high risk. Less return is possible from lesrsik. SO there is an element of risk and sacrifice in the case of return expectation from financial investment.

Life in general also becomes rewarding and successful when we take calculated risks. If one feels contended and comfortable at what he has and does not venture out of his cosy comfort zone, he may not be rewarded with higher rewards and success.

A fisherman has to cast his net,far,wide and deep to get a good catch. Superficial efforts will fetch only superficial results.

This article also emphaises that fact.

Author: Swati Sharma06 Aug 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Very motivational article by the author.
Life is a mixture of struggles and comfort, when we get any new challenge we have to face it otherwise we missed the moment which we gonna get after our struggle.

There are many challenges that will definitely come in our life but instead of getting upset or demotivated, we should place all situation in a very positive manner. To overcome through your challenges you should accept it then only you can work on it. Our mind never ready to fight with our challenges but we have to keep our mind in our control because sometimes it is very important to make a decision as per practical conditions.

In the morning when you wake up give one message to yourself that your life is full of blessed by the power of god and whatever would be the situation that power will help me with this challenge. Before sleep again give a message to yourself that today my day was great I achieved some of my targets.

Be self disciplined and also learn always new things from your life on daily basis learn from natural resources, from your own and from others' experience.

The author explained in a very systematic way about this situation.

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