How to select wind chimes to attract peace, happiness and prosperity?

Wind chime is not merely an item meant for pitching in the house after a fashion or a hobby nor is it a piece of decoration or a beautiful showpiece. Its tunings attract peace, prosperity and happiness into your house covering the entire members of your family. This article helps you in the selection of the right types of wind chimes and where to fix it in your home so as to get the maximum of benefits out of it.

Jingle of anklets turns your beloved gaga and the chimes and the undulation of wind chimes makes the entire family prosperous. Let's discuss how to choose the wind chimes and where to pitch it on to derive the utmost of payback from it.

  • Never fix metallic wind chimes in the east direction nor dab the wooden wind chime in the south-west direction. Remember, doing this is not considered auspicious.
  • If you have build the room of your beloved child facing eastward, make use of the wooden chime for his room. It is essential to keep them happy and in good humour if you want to be at peace with yourself.
  • It has been assumed that the selection of the wind chimes should be made in accordance with the elements prevalent in the directions. Only then could be the benefits be reaped from the chimes. In Feng –Shui, the south –east and the east directions are supposed to be connected with wood and trees. Therefore if the wooden chimes in these directions are fixed, maximum of benefits could be gotten out of this.
  • Pay attention to it also where the chimes are to be hanged. For example you need a big sized chime for your garden. It would be out of sight if the size will be smaller here.
  • If there has come in a pause or stops in your relationships, then first see to it whether is a huge building in front your building? If the answer is in affirmative, fix up immediately a wind chime to ward off the negative energy from your house and to attracrt happiness and prosperity.
  • Some people have a passion of gaining popularity in the society. They want people to respect him. If you too are in the category of such persons, then dab up a wind chime in your home made up of ceramic with 2-9 rods in it. Pitch it in your living room facing south-west corner.
  • The 6-8 rods of wind chime opens up the locks of luck. When your luck will be with you what more else would you like want?
  • If you wish to include the respectable persons of the city in the list of your friends, Then in the north- west of your living room, dab on a wind chime consisting 6-8 rods.
  • Wooden or bamboo wind chimes gives a sober look to homes. This should be hanged up in the north or south-east direction. This is good for the domestic atmosphere.
  • Wind chimes made up of ceramic looks attractive and beautiful. It is essential to take care while hanging it. This should be fixed in the south –west or north-east direction.
  • Metallic wind chime have this benefit that it could be painted in any colour.
  • Metallic wind chime should be fixed in the north-west directionLuck rises up from this. As for this, these directions are connected with metals. If you want to rise up in your job, fix a yellow colour wind chime in the north-west direction. Wait for the results of its effectiveness till the month of March or April.
  • Wind chime consisting 7 rods of a glistening colour such as silvery or whitish should be fixed in west direction. Your family relationship will stay sweet. Friends to shall remain pleased with you.
  • Wind chime of 6 rods of yellow colours should be pitched into the north west direction. This will create wonders for you bringing in fame and wealth.
  • We have talked enough on the numbers of 3,4, 6 and 7. It's not that 5 have no properties at all. This is more charismatic. It removes out all the pervading negative energy from your house.
  • If the wind chime is made up of bamboo, it should have the number of rods between 3-4. It enhances the positive energy in the house.
  • If you are buying brass or iron metal made wind chimes, it must contain the number of rods between 6-7.
  • Wind chimes should be purchased always having hollow tubes.

At the time of purchasing wind chimes, seethe number of rods for certain and also the metal it is made up of. According to Feng Shui, east direction has been considered to be the direction for children. On this spot, pitch a metallic wind chime hollow from inside which is cylindrical in shape. Peace will rein supreme in house.


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