Why the trend of postponing kids after marriage is catching up fast?

The increasing drunkenness of success and money is so much towering upon us that the trend of double income no kids (Dinks) is fast expanding like wildfire, particularly in metro where it is commonly prevalent the most. This article throws light on this newer trend and discusses what are the causes of this increasing trend, why kids are necessary, what the logic of such couples is, what says the survey, and what its negative fall outs are.

Although this is a personal outlook of the individuals as to which direction they wish to carry forward their life. This (Dinks) also is one of the aspects of the changing life style. But in India, when the married couples postpone having kids for longer periods, then the so much pressure of family and society is exerted upon them that on a point, they too are compelled to give a second thought over the issue.

Causes of delaying kids

  • Not being as much financially capable as to yet plan for having kids.
  • Aspirations of advancing ahead wards in career.
  • Desire of freedom,
  • Thought of the increasing population.
  • Bitter experiences of the childhood.

Negative fall outs of having no kids for long

  • Become very much practical and rigid.
  • In a way become self cantered, selfish.
  • Begin understanding the loads of responsibilities.
  • When there develops a cleft in the relationship of the husband and wife, there remains no any link present to stay attached together with each other.
  • There seems no sense, no purpose in living life after the separation and the loneliness is tormenting.
  • No matter how much money gets accumulated in postponing having kids for longer periods, money can never take the place of child. There comes a stage later when is haunted with the burning feeling that after all, of what uses are so much of money or status when there are no children to share these with?
  • Slowly but surely, it begins to dawn upon such couples that life can't after all be lived well all by the wealth and the status alone.
  • Nature becomes irritating and negativity comes in.

What says the surveys on this trend of postponing?

  • 35 % of couples in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Calcutta are spending over 50,000 rupees per year on travelling and excursions according to one survey.
  • Up to 60 % takes a break at every weekends to go for outings
  • 45 % couple make the wasteful expenditures of up to a sum of 5000-10000 on unnecessary items in a month.
  • Up to 65 % of couples have been heard saying that they think they are enjoying their financial independence in the absence of any issue to them.
  • Just opposite to this, 65 % couples who have children say they do not go anywhere for tour or excursions except during the course of their children's school's vacations. Their budget also is smaller compared to the Dinks.

Logic of such couples postponing kids

  • Life without kids is a bit easy. Couples can live life as per their wishes and desires. The longer the kids are postponed the greater the time for enjoying life!
  • More emphasis could be given on career and profession.
  • Life could be enjoyed in a qualitative way.
  • Standard of living remains better.
  • The money they would be spending in their children's school fees, tuition books etc could be spent on their enjoyment tickets.
  • The responsibility of child is big.
  • Much times could be spent together with the partner in the absence of child. There remain much more times at hands for outing, disco, movies etc.

Why are children necessary

  • During the initial course of marriage, times pass well in fun and frolicking, But emptiness beginning gnawing at heart sometime later and feeling of loneliness starts eating at the mind.
  • Looking at the children of others gives the feel of envy.
  • Life gets a purpose of living.
  • Children arouse the feeling of love and the sweetness of emotions turning the human more sentimental, compassionate and kind. Couples become more responsible due to the children and mutual love and relationship strengthens. To sum up, children give the feels of the sense of completeness.

But the picture is changing now. Social pressure is not given attention to. This is the reason why the working couples now do not wish to plan kids because they have no times.


Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman06 Oct 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Right ashish ji,
Posponing the first children is not good to any newly married couple where there are many couples found childless and there are many chances of getting postponed further or resulting to nil also possible if the first child is postponed. I have seen personally this situation in my friend's case.

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