Some Effective Tips For Running Your House!

Your house wafts the smells of happiness and prosperity only when you carry on the responsibilities of home not as a burden but as your duty. In such a home resides both happiness and peace. Let’s discuss in this present dissertation what the tricks of running a harmonious home are filled with the conviviality and affluence.

Seeing a house of her from her very childhood, a girl when puts her steps in her in-law's house has the greatest challenge of making that house truly her own. To come up to the expectations of all is her prime goal. But a little of folly or ignorance fills the relationship foul and acidic. This is therefore of immense importance for a girl to know the right aspects of running a house. Only then can the fragrances of happiness and love will fill in the house making her the queen bee around whom will veer around everybody of the house. Let's see what could be done in this regard:

Carry along everyone in the house

The most important in the house is to move along with everybody in the house. Everybody's hearts have to be won should be motto, because only then shall stand behind you in support in hours of your needs.

  • On the highest pedestal in the house are perched the father-mother in-laws. They are the eldest. Pay your obeisance and respects to them. Your mister too shall be pleased with you from this.
  • Adopt a liberal attitude and approach to the brothers and sisters of your husband. Don't be miser in giving them anything.
  • Try to help solve the problems of a member of the family if there is any. Take interests in others.
  • Don't ever be apathetic in feeding the members and relatives of the family.
  • Think of everyone. When you go shopping, purchase items for everyone's uses within your limits.
  • When a member of the family falls sick, attend to him in full force. Carry him yourself to the Doctor if the need be.
  • Restrain from deprecating others or forcing them to feel gratitude for what you are doing for them.

Take responsibilities of the house

  • The house is yours'. Fully fulfil all its responsibilities. Be the centre of focus of the entire house.
  • Perform the domestic chores treating it not as burden but your duty.
  • If you happen to be working, take helps from mother in-law or nanad ( sister of your husband). This does never mean you don't shake hands and legs of yours.
  • Pay special attention to it that every work finishes on time. Don't give anybody n opportunity of complaints.
  • When you will keep your house in good shape and looks, only then can you get accolades of all and sundries. Transform the house by applying the newer and creative ideas to decorate it to lend an attractive appearance.

Positive attitude

There is the precondition of running the house perfectly and smoothly and i.e. your positive attitude. Look at any matter with a positive outlook and attitude and you will find its solutions automatically. Look at the matters with a negative attitude and the matters will be worse confounded.

  • Make the sweet smile on your face the tool of winning everybody's hearts. Nobody likes long drawn faces and stretched up eye brows. Just talk to your members with a light smile and see the results. Everybody will dance to your tunes agreeing with you in whatever you do or say. You shall be the cynosure of all the members of the house.
  • The states of all of our families are more or less the same. The only difference lies in the outlook. Make your outlook positive. Focus on the positivity of a thing or a person. Ignoring the shortcomings and the shortfalls of life, be glad and spend life happily.
  • Don't keep woefully weeping and complaining over te affairs of your sad plights. Instead of making complaints of the family members to your husband, do praise them. And then see the wonders of this act.
  • In stead of getting embroiled in quarrels and arguments, learn to keep silence. Silence is golden which solves every problem big or small without doing anything about it. If you will remain at peace with yourself, there never will be any ruckus in house over anything. Always present your case with cool approach. You shall be understood correctly and prevail upon also.
  • If the people in front is in anger, be silent to finish it then and there.

Don't treat your mother in-law as your enemy

Some girls are nervous on the score of their mother in-laws before even entering the in-law's houses. They think, the mother in-law is the only villain in the entire house which would be very difficult to contend with. This is not so. Bring in an attitudinal change into the image of a mother in-law that you have formed into your mind.
  • Make friends with your mother in-law. Discuss everything with her. , hide nothing.
  • Speak highly of items prepared by your mother in-law and exhort her to teach you the kitchen tips of preparing items.
  • If she tries to make you understand some point, listen to her carefully, if not internally, at least externally at the least.

Win the heart of your husband

You can rule over the house only by becoming the queen of your husband's heart. Therefore, first of all, this has to be understood first how to win the heart of husband.

  • Speak highly of your husband. Do not initiate a brawl by discussing his minus traits. Discuss his qualities
  • If suddenly he appears with his office friends for dinner, then in stead of rotating your mouth or tangentially stretching your eye brows in the north west corners, welcome them wit a smiling face. Postpone all your matters and prepare a nice dinner and see how impressed your husband becomes with you.
  • Give your full attention to your husband when he happens to be at home. Attend to his wishes and desires, especially when the talk is of establishing physical contacts. Quit this nasty habit of saying no to his overtures because the foundation of an institution of marriage is based upon this reality.
  • Prepare yourself and make up to look presentable to your husband. Every husband likes her wife to look beautiful.

Move by making budget

The integral part of running a house is the economic planning. It's a universal truth that you can manage your house with a small budget also by effecting a little adjustment here and there. This fact is pregnant with great significance and meaning.

  • Keep a part of the amount you get from your husband to run the house. This would be your personal saving. Invest it wisely in various schemes afloat in the market.
  • Do the shopping in such place where the items are cheaper but the quality good.
  • Don't splurge on unnecessary items you can do without. Spend with tight fists as far as is possible.
  • If you are not a working women but a housewife, you can earn through tuition, free lance writing, photography, painting etc.

Stay organised

If the house will be organised the environs would be convivial. A house where things are scattered and strewn all around has to face many negative repercussions such as quarrels, arguments etc.

  • Move with a prepared list. Prepare the list in advance if you are going out for shopping.
  • Put this in writing too when and where in the house what works are to be undertaken.
  • Don't hesitate taking cooperation of the family members so that the works are completed on time.
  • No matter what the situation in the house, keep your house always in an organised manner.
  • Learn to use the new technology and appliances for helps.

Don't ignore yourself. Take some times out of your busy schedules to be devoted to yourself. During this leisure hours, you can listen to your favourite music, read a novel of your choice, or gossip with your friends. Take care of your beauty also. If you get time enough, do some vocational course. Wear good dresses. Do some shopping for you. Take care of your health

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Author: Sukhdev Singh16 Oct 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Very well written article giving effective steps to run your household better. The stress on mutual faith and understanding is very important among the members of the family.

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