Tourism: Trips To Some Winter Destinations

During the period when there is surf biting cold in the northern Indian parts, the season remains very pleasant in the Middle India. This is the most suitable season for touring the places of tourist attractions. Though, tourists throng these places during whole year round, but these places wear a festive look during the winter times. This region has numerous several such destinations which attract tourists from all around the world. This composition details some such destinations for your future use.

Whether this is the historic olden caves of Ajanta Ellora, or this be the shinning springs of Bastar, or the tribal life of the place- all of these attract the tourists in this season.

The temples of Khajuraho

Exhibiting the different dimensions of life engraved on stones, the sky kissing God Temples of Khajuraho is famous through out the world. These splendorous temples were built by the Chandel Kings some thousand years ago. Due to its superb architecture and the unique sculpturing decorated on pilasters, this place has been accorded the status 'World Heritage'. The idols sculpted on its walls engaged in sexual activities form the reason more for its wide popularity in the world attracting tourists from far and wide destinations. Today, only 22 temples have remained left now but the sagacity of its beauty and the artistry looks like a festivity. Some of these temples are made in the 'Panchayatan Style' while some in 'Saptrath Style'.

There is one equal similarity in the temples of Khajuraho, In the three lining series on the temple's walls are three main idols, out of which, some of the linings are of small idols, majority of the idols depicting the customs and traditions of that times. In the midst of these, there are idols depicted in the position of the sexual intercourses and it is these idols that attract the attention of the tourists the most.

There is the abundance of vyal and shardul idols in every temple. Although majority of the idols in the temples are broken down but its grandiosity nevertheless has diminished a bit. Khajuraho is located in Madhya Pradesh. Rail service is available straightway from Delhi for Khajuraho. As for that, after reaching Jhansi, One can reach Khajuraho by bus or taxi in 5-6 hours time. Winter would be the most convenient season to visit this picturesque destination.

The attraction of coves of Ajanta and Ellora

The coves of Ajanta and Ellora are the invaluable legacy of our history. Located in Aurangabad of Maharashtra state these coves are world renowned. The architecture of these coves, its stone structure and sculpture are so superb that the tourists become flabbergasted at the sight of their splendour and beauty. Due to its very speciality, this still is the centre of attraction for the tourists from all over the world since 1500 years past. Make it a point to visit the destination this winter round.

There are altogether 29 coves in Ajanta built in a semicircular structure by cutting the rocks of the mountain. Its greatest attraction is the fantastic artistic paintings and motifs sculpted on its rock columns. These coves were used by the Buddhist monks for meditational and vihara purposes. These coves are under the custody of the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) which looks after it. These coves are identified by the serial numbers allotted. Experts are of the opinion that the thousand years old painting done in coves were built in the Tampera Style'. The position of the idols in cove numbers 6, 16 and 17 are still in good condition. The most viewable idols are of the 'Jatak Katha Chitra' and 'Bodhisatva', 'Padmavati' and 'Vajrapani' etc. Some of these idols are still present whereas the Ellora coves are famous for its sculpted idols.

There are 34 coves in Ellora which has been built by cutting rock. In these coves, there are 12 coves connected with the Buddha religion, 5 coves having connection with Jain religion, and the rest 17 coves are in shape of the Hindu temples. All the coves of Ellora were built in the middle of 6th and 10nth centuries. These huge coves and its idol sculpting are the result of great artisans of art worshippers.

Ajanta coves are located a distance of some 106 km while the Ellora coves are merely 26 km away from Aurangabad.

Tribal inhabited region

The biggest district of Chhattisgarh- Buster is a tourist place of attraction in its own rights. There are the romantic springs flowing over there and its earth's womb is filled with the mysterious coves. This is an unexplored tribal's world living therein the areas from the centuries past. The more pleasant thing is that Bastar is also one of the tourist places of attraction of this winter season among the others detailed here above. All the attractions of Bastar could be toured after making Jagdalpur the HQ. The most attractive among the viewable places is Chitrakoot Falls' from which is situated at a distance of 40 km from Jagdalpur. This fall is so massive and beautiful that this is called the 'Indian Niagara Fall'. Perched on the flowing river bed of Indravati, this spring falls from a height of 90 feet where some points for viewing the fall are constructed for the convenience of the tourists. People reach near it by walking the land distance at its base. This place is loved most by the honeymoon couples. There is a tent colony erected by the tourism department for the stay of the visitors. Here the entire environ is surrounded with romance and thrills.

The Kanger valley of Buster is also a very picturesque place of tourist attraction. The 'Tirthgarh Fall' here, shinning silver like is scene to behold and cherish for the rest of life. This spring falls down from a height of 150 feet of height. The other attractions are 'Kotmasar coves' which are the greatest of geological coves in India.

Buster is a tribal populated region, where the tourists throng to have a glance over the tribal's life style and visit the Hat held here weekly. You can buy terracotta, artefacts made from wrought iron etc from Jagadalpur. Its special festival is Dushera which celebrated here by the people with great gusto and enthusiasm. The tourist season ends here by March April beginning from the Dushhera festival. There are several nice hotels here. Jagdalpur is 270 km away from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. Taxi is the best mode of conveyance here for local visits.

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