The Trees Of Autumn Part 2

This is a continuation of the story'The trees of Autumn' posted earlier in ISC. It is a romantic story of a couple who came to know each other via. India study channel and who met on a Diwali day. The link for the previous story is also provided.


This is a work of fiction and if there is any resemblance with any character is purely coincidental.

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The Trees of Autumn part 2

'People have started to burst crackers! ' Bob said. 'Come finish your article soon and lets go out and see.'

'I am almost done. Just the last paragraph is remaining but I don't know how to end this story ' Jas added.

'Let me see' Bob said. He read the story from the beginning and with enthusiasm. Occasionally he laughed till tears rolled down his cheeks. Jasmine held his hand to give him moral support.

'Do you still remember this day?' Bob asked Jasmine. 'It was the most memorable day in my life!'

'Yes!' added Jasmine.' How can I forget this day? You sang this beautiful song for me. It was this day I first came to know that you are a good singer and a musician. You composed this beautiful song for me!'

'I have a confession to make though. The song was not composed by me. It was a very old song and hence no one knew it and everyone thought that it was composed by me.'

'You cheat! And you tell me that only today. Do you know that I told all my friends that you were better than all the musicians in Bollywood and they need to learn a few lessons from you!' Jasmine threw a pillow on Bob which Bob caught and replied with a mischievous look.

'Although the words were taken, the emotions were mine. I felt every word that I sang and meant too!' 'You.. are…so beautiful………… To me!' Bob sang to tease Jasmine. 'You are really very beautiful to me my darling!'

'Oh Bob! I don't know what my life would have been if you were not in my life.'

'But I know what my life would have been without you! It would have been an empty space, a song without no melody, trees without rain' Bob said.

'Bob, do you know something? My friend Varsha was crazy over your song and you too. I had to keep you away from her as I was worried if she will steal you from me.'

'Varsha! The one who later on became a model? She was what every guy was after and you didn't tell that to me before!' 'Oh God! I have missed such a great opportunity!'

Jasmine knew that he was only teasing her. He just wanted to see the jealous look in her and deliberately said these words. However after knowing him for 51 years, she knew exactly how to handle the situation.

'Tit for tat! You didn't tell me that you didn't compose the song, I didn't tell you that Varsha liked you. Also whom she liked was the composer of the song as it turns out it was someone else.' Jamine added with a grin of accomplishment.
A rocket bomb flew in the sky and burst out and made the already majestic sky look more splendid.

'You know something Jas, I didn't know how to play a piano before and for this song and especially for you I learned how to play the piano. '

'You are full of mysteries! Even after 50 years of marriage daily I come to know of new things about you! ' 'but I guess I like you because of this but more so because you loved me like no one else has ever!'

'Ok, let's leave this topic here. Let's go out and enjoy the Diwali celebrations. Also let us celebrate our wedding anniversary. We will decide how to end this story when we come back. '

Robert put on his leather jacket which Jas gave him as a birthday present. Jas also got ready and wore the Maroon Salwar Kameez which Bob bought for her. They went out of the house with hand in hand. The sky in front of them was glowing with rocket bombs. The wind started to blow Jas's hair into her face. The trees of autumn became lively as if congratulating the couple on their 50th wedding anniversary.


The story is not as simple as it seems. A mystery is going to be revealed in the next part. Check it out!

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