The Trees Of Autumn Part 3

This is the third and last part of the story 'The trees of autumn' posted earlier in ISC. It is a story of a couple, how they fell for each other, how they spent their life together till now and a mystery which will be revealed in this final part.


This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any character is purely coincidental.

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The trees of Autumn part 3.

As they were strolling down the road, they came across a park. The same park where Bob first met Jasmine. The place was unchanged and everything was the same as the first day when Bob met Jas. The pond by the side of the paths, the pavements, the trees and the bench where Jas was sitting.

'Let's go to that bench and sit for a while Jas' Bob said. 'Let us rekindle those memories again.'

'Yes, it is the same bench where we chatted the whole day long. Even though I met you for the first time, there was so much to say!'

Jas sat on the bench while Bob stood by the bench looking straight in front.
'Do you know one thing that how I knew that you are the one for me?'

'A little birdie told you so I guess' Jas teased.

'Actually it is not a bird but the two trees standing in front of us' Bob said.

Jas looked in the front direction. There were two trees standing just in front of them. It seemed that these two trees were made for each other. There were no other trees directly near to them and it seemed that they were there from time immemorial. Unlike the other trees in the park which had little or no leaves left ,these two trees were full of leaves as though signifying that the love they have can withstand the extremities of the weather and together they can survive anything.

'Yes, it seems that there is love in the atmosphere. These trees seem to be made for each other. But how can you say that they told you that I was made for you.'

'They gave me a sign. You know my life was also in the autumn phase of my life. Everything that I wanted was eluded from me. Everyone was either unhappy with me or disliked me. I had no job, I had no one who would listen to my sorrows and tell me that everything's alright, I had no hope left in my life!'

'One day I came to this park with a laptop with me.I sat on this very bench and I started browsing the internet. Out of coincidence I came across this site and found a way to vent out my loneliness. I liked mingling with the different people over here. You know that I even earned my first rupee here! My first salary was a one rupee reward that I got for uploading my school's website address.'

Jasmine started laughing 'One rupee as a starting salary' 'You have made a big fortune out of that one rupee then. You are the new Ambani!'

'Laugh as much as you like. You see I wasn't born rich like you and neither was I serious in studies. Only after meeting you that I changed myself otherwise I was a complete loser.''Now try to be serious and listen to my story.'

'Hey! I was born rich doesn't mean that I don't understand the value of money! I can completely relate to it and I was ecstatic when I got 100 rupees for my first post in ISC for my article. Hundred times more than your one rupee.' Jass said teasing Bob.

'Jass Have you read today's newspaper? There is a new invention which can be really beneficial for the mankind.'

'What is that' Jass inquired.

'Scientists have invented a new camera which is so fast that it can capture the picture of a woman with her mouth shut!'

'You scoundrel!' Jass said pretending to be angry.'I will never talk to you'

'Hey don't take it seriously! I just wanted to finish my story.'Bob said.'Now if I have your permission then can I continue?'

'Go on!' Jass said still pretending to be angry.

'Every day I used to come here and write articles in ISC. Also I used to sit by these trees whenever I got tired after writing the articles. I felt relaxed and my mood elated whenever I came near to these trees. I used to forget whatever bad happened in the day and just feet happy along with these trees.'

'The day I met you, I first came to this bench and was editing an article. It was a beautiful article on conserving our trees. It was written by you. Every line I read of that article, I couldn't stop myself from appreciating it and stole a glance towards your profile picture. After I was done, I felt like lying down besides these trees and so I went there. Suddenly I came to realize that I have left my pen somewhere. So I came towards this bench. You were already sitting here and I was hesitant to come over here and search for the same. However when I turned back, I saw these trees. The wind started to blow heavily as if asking me to go and search for my pen. So I turned back and came close to this bench. But when I saw you I thought that I have seen you somewhere. I couldn't remember but it seemed that I have seen you recently and I knew you.'

Jass was listening deeply to what Bob was saying. In her thoughts she was visualizing the same scene. 'And I thought you were stalking me!,How wrong was I!' she said to herself.

'I had completely forgotten about the pen and wanted to know who you are. Once again the wind blew harder as if the trees wanted me to talk to you.'' I gathered some courage and finally came to you.'

'Yes! And I know what happened after that!'

'There is one thing however that you don't know' Bob replied.

'And what is that Mr. Mystery box?' Jess asked Bob in a teasing tone.

'That these trees are no one but you and me!'

'What does that mean?' Jess asked with a baffled look in her face.

'Jass , I know it will be hard to digest, but these two trees are you and me and our souls and destiny are intertwined.' Bob said with a serious look on his face.'I came to realize the same when you were seriously ill. When I came to this park then, the left tree was not as healthy and strong as it seems now. The leaves were all yellow and most of them had fallen. The other tree although still healthy looked gloomy. The leaves were not moving at all! It showed the exact condition as we were in.'

'Along with providing you medicine and food, I came to this park daily to give proper manure and water to this tree. Also when you started to get well so did this tree! I became sure that they are our lives in a parallel life and ever since I have been taking care of these trees.'

'Can that be true Bob? Does these type of things happen with other people?'Jess inquired.

'I don't know, but in our case the same is true. These trees have helped me in making every decision in my life as if they know what is going to happen! This is why I bought our home near to this park.'

'If they are so dear to you, I promise that from today onwards I will also take care of them.' Jass said 'We shall call them 'Trees of autumn.''

The trees of autumn expressed their happiness by dancing with the wind. Just as Bob and Jass stood up to leave the park, a leaf fell from one of the trees and landed on Jasmine's palm.

'Thank you for everything trees of Autumn.' Jasmine said.

They slowly left the park leaving the trees of autumn behind.

When Jasmine looked at the leaf on her palm she saw that something was written on it.

I will never leave you - Bob.


  • No points for guessing who gave the 100 rupees cash credit to Jasmine.

  • Jasmine couldn't get a suitable ending to her story. She posted the story with the following words-
    I will never leave you too- Jasmine

  • Both Bob and Jas spent the rest of their lives spreading the message of conserving trees and forests

  • Both of them although old were completely sane without any mental problem. If one comes with this thought.

  • Conserve trees, conserve nature!

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