Benefits Of Solid Doses Form In Modern Era

This article is mainly concern with solid dosage form of medicament.The main purpose of this article is to familiarize with various type of solid dosage forms with their advantages and disadvantages.

In the old era , people are not able to get the proper medical services due to the poverty and health unconsciousness. People uses the crude drug in their original form which take much time and undefined action. The advancement of country improve health services due to the magic of solid dosage form which have sharp action on disease. This form of the drugs take short time to produce action because the drug reach the blood in short time after passing through the git bind to receptor on the mucosa membrane.
Solid dosage form are the medicament in the solid form taken by oral route have proper size and shape.

There are different types of solid dosage form given below :-
3.Micro capsules


These are the solid unit dosages of medicament taken through oral route.


a. These are given in according to the requirement of patient, either in full dose or in half dose.
b. Easy to transport.
c.These are easy to swallowing and don't cause hangup above the stomach.
a.These have much stability as compare to other dosage form.


These are not given to unconscious patient.


The are the solid dosage form , the drug is packed in the gelatin.

These are two types-
a. Hard gelatin capsule
b.Soft gelatin capsule


a. Drug with bitter taste can be given in this form.
b.Liquid form of drug converted to solid form.


Due to much humidity and dryness shells of gelatin may break.


These are the solid dosage form size varies from several tenth of microns to 5000 micron taken by oral route outer covering of gelatin.


These have strong onset of action.


manufacturing of these type of dosage form is very costly.

Due to the advancement of solid dosage form patient get treated in short time. They give benefit in modern era but due to the poor quality control these do not produce proper action so govt. should take proper action on the validation processes and quality control so people can get much benefits.

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