Basic information on getting Google adsense account approval

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How to get Google adsense account

Everyone has a dream to get Google adsense account approval to earn online from their own contribution in a reputed sites or their own blog, few of them not aware how to get Google adsense account, what is Google adsense revnue sharing, these online user can come to know from this article, how to become adsense member, by following this article you will get some ideas to proceed accordingly.

There are few bloggers or members in reputed sites who doesn't know or those are not getting Google adsense application approval, or they doesn't how to proceed to get Google adsense approval, we just need to follow the site or blog terms along with very important Google adsense terms to match for approving your adsense account application online.

How to proceed for getting Google adsense account approval

Basic information on getting approval from Google adsense account is either you have to have your own blogs or site which is more than six months old, having potential and quality articles in it, regular contribution and regular updates in it, active online visitors to those site / blogs (most preferable), and other very few requirement along with your personal detail matching.

How to get Google adsense account approval from our own blog

Once upon a time, most of the bloggers used to get Google adsense account approval once they passed few weeks or months with their genuine contribution and originality, since these activities are gone or out of control, Google strictly made few extra algorithms to avoid irregular or useless blogs to get Google adsense approval, thus, if you create any blog then try to be active on it, try to post some articles daily, article must be genuine, and no issue if you use few related keywords with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but drafting articles should be your own and unique.

Once your blog completed six months with potential articles, you may then try to submit your request for Google adsense account to Google, Google will then verify your blog and act accordingly, it is not sure that Google may instantly approve your account, there is possible that you may get instant approval, there is also possible that your application request could reject for few times, nothing to worry in this stage, after few weeks or months per Google's instruction, you can re-submit request for Google adsense approval, one another day for sure, you will get Google adsense account approved.

How to get adsense account approval for our own site or domain

Getting Google adsense account approval for your own site or domain is as same as for blogs procedure, make sure that you follow all the guidelines form Google, buy fresh domain and do not buy any old domain or site that has already Google ads appearing with few articles which will put you in trouble after buying them, purchasing old domain may have good traffic and revenue but still it is not good against various site policy including Google, thus, be your own on every online activity including posting articles. By doing this, you will be able to get Google adsense account approval and possible for you on Google adsense revenue sharing for a long term.

Once you got Google adsens account approval, then it is not over the case, now you have to be very careful in every articles to post, make sure each article has good keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which helps your article to identify Google for top rank or good search.

Ten Commandments to follow when you apply for Google adsense account

  1. Make sure your blog or site or domain is more than six months old

  2. Your site must have valid and quality articles / sources, you should post articles regularly

  3. Articles shall not be re-produced or copied from any other sources such as any site, newspaper, books or other relevant sources

  4. Your personal profile including contact and address detail shall be exact

  5. If you have submitted your personal photos and personal detail to your Gmail / Google account is worth

  6. You may re-submit your application after few weeks or months in case your application for Google adsense got rejected upon first or later attempt

  7. Nevertheless, you have to follow the Google's instruction mentioned upon rejection

  8. Once your adsense account approved, your responsible will increase even more

  9. Do not buy any old domain or site which already has adsense with few articles

  10. Do not spend money to buy Google adsense account, you may try as above said procedure

All the very best.


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