A Brief Description On Human Relationships In Past And Present

In this article, I have presented the human relations among the people in olden days. I have made a comparison between the human relations between olden days and present days. In this resource, I have also mentioned how the relations are broken among humans in present days in this article.

Human relations in olden days:

In olden days, if one festival comes then all the family members gathered at a time to spend that festival very happily. If we recollect our childhood, our memories were touched with so many happy moments with our relatives such as they take us with them to a cinema, exhibition or circus. It is very pity in the matter of orphan as he has not any relatives so he spends his life without happy memories. In olden days, a marriage or a festival was celebrated with maximum number of days. In olden days, relatives were with marriage couple minimum 16 days to enjoy that happy occasion. All family members by forgotting their jobs they enjoyed the festival day with variety food things.

Comparision of the human relations between olden days and present days:

In olden days, people had sufficient time to spend with their relatives. At that time, people gave importance to human relations other than money. But, now a human kind is busy with so many activities all that cherishes for money. Simply, we say that human mind becomes money centered. Human beings get in dangerous position that they do not want to think about God and others. Human beings become selfish persons by thinking about themselves not about his family. That much narrow in the minds of humans is developed. In olden days, if a person would be suffered with a serious disease then others would give helping hand to the person by any means. But now, there is no means of help from others even that person is in dangerous position now. In olden days, elders were given more respect by youngers. But, in present days, the percentage of respectness to elders decreases to little quantity. In olden days, people think that teacher is their family members. But, in present, people want to question the teacher as an enemy for them. In present days, in movies also, the value of human relations show as given by very little importance.

Due to decrease of closeness between humans, importance of festivals is also decreased day by day. Generally, in social vision, a festival is given importance when more number of people celebrates the festival. Every festival has its own importance. Every one knew this, but no one has that time to think about this thing seriously. That common sense is in the people of olden days. It is very unfortunate thing that a person could not have time to go to temple in present day. In olden days, people spent at temples much time to feel happy with activities with others. Elders at that time, they did food, clothes donation to the people who were in poor. Moreover, they got the feeling of happiness by participating in that programmes in olden days.

Present situation of relations:

If we observe the broken families through out the world, no couple lives happily up to the end of their life. After some time, they take divorce to marry others. But, that western culture does not dominate our Indian culture completely now. We can not say what will be happened in future whether western culture immerses our Indian people. Due to broken families, mainly, children suffer more because of their parents. These broken family causes a mother to forget about her children and a father to forget about the education of his children.


In olden days, people were in systematic traditions so they become ideal for their sons. But, now elders make their children to be aggressive towards bad means by encouraging them to participate against society welfare. However, human race should not depend upon materialistic life. They should have to protect the human values that comes from ancient days.

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Author: Venkiteswaran01 Feb 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

The article is based more on personal observations and inferences rather than any scientific analysis from imperative data.

However, there are many things we understand and assume from our own observations and presumptive inferences. That way this article is appealing to our thoughts.

The main reason for the reduction of family get together for a common occasions is the availability of other avenues of entertainment and collective presence. The better convenience of audio-visual communication also fills the gaps of the void in face-to-meet. The conference facility and video phone facility all have helped to be in touch and 'proximity' even when the people are long distance apart.

The web camera and modern smartphones help to beam the functions at one home to the distant relatives and friends via internet. So the real-presence-like feeling is ensured.

Hence, the matter explained in the article is more of emotional perception and nostalgic only. The modern amenities can be well used to cement relationships and fill gaps rather than thinking them as separating human beings. My take is that when you do not forget(being in touch by phone, mail,video audio-video chat), there is no need to remember and relationships stay firm even without meting at one place.

Guest Author: annie14 May 2018

Very poor grammar and spelling mistakes but have some useful information. It can be quite misleading if you are depending solely on this for information. It has good content that is ineffectively expressed. If rectifications are done by the user this article is quite good.

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