Heart And Coronary Arteries!

Heart manages the blood circulation for the entire body. This also could be said it works like a pump house. In order to work like a pump house, heart needs energy. To fulfil this need of energy of heart, there are two main coronary arteries of the radius of a pencil. We will know some more about how wondrously the heart and its coronary arteries function keeping us alive.

Originating from the two main coronary arteries expanding on the entire part of the heart are there many big-small branches supplying oxygen and glucose to its elastic and powerful muscles. It is the speciality of the coronary arteries in a natural way to increase it radius according to its needs. The needs arise in the opposite circumstances against the heart such as when we do physical labour, when there is mental tension, , injuries, shock, worries or immeasurable joys- all are abnormal situations for the heart which it wouldn't accept normally. To withstand these onslaughts, the coronary, under these abnormal circumstances increases the blood circulation so as to get the additional energy needed. But there is a limit to it.

Coronary arteries and the deadly heart attack

Retardation creeps in every parts of our body as our age advances depleting the special functioning capacity of the organs. Similarly, the elasticity of the coronary arteries also begins decreasing. Fatty layers begin to deposit on its circular sphere turning its radius smaller thereby obstructing the blood circulation. In this condition, the heart doesn't get the required energy. The heart begins to feel the crunch of the short supplies of oxygen. This very short supply of oxygen makes the person the patient of ischemic heart disease or coronary heart disease. One of the aspects of this disease is angina while the other is heart disease i.e. the deadly heart attack.

Stoppage of the heart functioning means end of life. Heart does the hardest of labour for life. It functions like the pump house, constricting and expanding about 70-80 times over in minute and 100000 times over in a day. Due its thus functioning, about 5 litres of blood pumps in the arteries every minute. But in differing conditions, the heart could enhance its functioning capacity to pump up in up to 40 litres of blood in the arteries per minute.

Know your heart

The heart in its natural form is made up of four compartments. But its constitution and functioning style is quite Olympian and phenomenal. Its four compartments, the valves attached with the four compartments and the blood supplied to this spot act together as self propelled forces in a particular direction.

The impure blood from the entire body reaches in the upper compartment to the left of the heart i.e. in the left auricle through the two mega arteries. When the left auricle fills up to its brim with blood, its valve opens up and it compresses to send the blood to the lower compartment of the right auricle. When the blood fully fills in here in the right auricle, it narrows and its valve opens up to reach to lungs to be cleansed up through the pulmonary arteries. The blood is purified by the oxygen present in the lungs and reaches to the left auricle of the heart through the pulmonary arteries. When the left auricle too becomes full with blood, it too squeezes due to which the blood goes down to the lower left compartment. Here, the left auricle pumps in the blood in the mega artery. From there, the big arteries and its hundreds of branches and sub branches supply the blood to very nook and cranny of the entire body.

It's estimated that the cobweb of the network of the arteries spreading in an adult body is over 60,000 miles in length. This process of blood circulation goes on in a person as long as he is alive. We are amazed to see the magic of nature in action so accurately in perfect rhythm in its whole functions.

The valves of heart

The valves fitted on the exit points of each four compartments of the heart act as one sided valve (a single way lane). When any corner of the heart pushes ahead its blood and when the constrictions begin, then the valve fitted on the exit of this corner of the heart opens up. No sooner than this process completes and the blood reaches out from that corner, the valve closes down so that the blood doesn't reaches back again in that corner.

A sick heart

When in any circumstance, due to any reason or heart condition, one or more than one valves of the heart do not function properly, the valve either get narrowed down or remains always opened up sending the blood circulation system in body haywire and its proper functioning becomes malfunctioned. The entire system becomes destructed in other word. This is a very unfortunate situation that becomes the cause of death of a person.

The nature of heart

The circumstances since the child stays in the womb and taking birth later on are different. In such a different conditions, when the child is born, then there takes place a natural change automatically into his blood circulatory system.

So long as the child remains in the mother's womb, he gets oxygen from his mother. The lungs of the child do not function during the pregnancy period nor is there any direct connection with the blood circulatory system. But right after the birth, the lungs begin functioning with the very first breathe taken by the child and with this begins the blood circulation as well. There are several systems as well which are not required after the birth and which automatically close up on their own.

Sometimes, when there takes place no change in the system during the pregnancy period or the constriction of the heart is found wanting in any form or the passages which should have closed up on their own after the birth remain opened, the heart disease from the very birth afflicts the child.

Heart disease i.e. the matter of heart is a taking the form in a gargantuan proportions. To fight it out, there are the needs of greater changes in our life style, shift in the dietary habits, and easy accessibility to quality medical facilities. We will have to go back to the old traditional way of life style if we wish to live a little longer on this planet.

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Author: Ramakrishna Kambhampati28 Dec 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

I am suggesting small corrections in the above article. Under the sub-heading Know your heart:- The impure blood from the entire body reaches in the upper compartment to the (right instead of left) of the heart i.e. in the (right instead of left) auricle through the two mega arteries. When the (right instead of left) auricle fills up to its brim with blood, its valve opens up and it compresses to send the blood to the lower compartment of the right auricle. The blood then moves into (right ventricle) and when the ventricle contracts blood reaches to lungs through the pulmonary artery to get oxygenated. The blood is purified by the oxygen present in the lungs and reaches to the left auricle of the heart through the pulmonary (veins instead of arteries). Here, the left (ventricle instead of auricle) pumps in the blood in the mega artery.

In the above para, the suggested corrections are shown in brackets.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha28 Dec 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Most of the heart ailment starts from thickening of the blood causing enough stress to the compartments of heart in pushing the blood in a consistent manner in a given time. That is why the doctors are advising to use aspirin sparingly but as a regular routine to combat its thickening. The other way to tackle the same is to consume two buds of raw garlic in the empty stomach in the morning hours. Blood pressure is to be monitored regularly and see if there is any deviation because of erratic pressure. One needs to change lifestyle with the inclusion of diets devoid of excess oil and spices and should lead a stress-free life.

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