First Aid- How To Save The Life In Emergency

This article is concerned with information on first aid . I want to discuss about its objectives, principle, types and treatment of different types of accidents in emergency situation by first aid.

First aid

It is the immediate treatment given to accident victim, quickly and correctly before medical help is made available.

Objective of first aid

1.To prevent any danger to life.
2.To give relief from pain.
3.To provide medical care earlier
4.To prevent further injury.

Principle of first aid

1.Reach at the site of accident as earlier as possible.
2.It should be necessary that all the first aid material is available.
3.Time should not be wasted at unnecessary question.
4.Find out if the patient is conscious or unconscious.
5.Find out what type of first aid is necessary.

First aid kit

It is a small box which is available at every home, school, colleges, buses and public places
It should contain following articles:-
1.Sterile gauge
6.Pain killers

Types of accidents

Accident Anything that happens unexpectedly and effect health of person is a accident.
indoor accident Like gas stove, pressure cooker,washing machine
Outdoor accident like road accident
Accidental Poisoning: food poisoning
Abrasions: Due to cut by any sharp instrument
Choking: When air passage get blocked and difficulty in breathing
Shocks: It cause the poor circulation of blood to body.
Snake bite: Venom cause death of patient

First aid treatment to various conditions

1.There should not be heavy crowd around the patient.
2.Check if the patient is conscious or unconscious.
3.If bleeding from any part try to stop it by pressure.
4.If poisoning is occur then patient stomach emptied by vomit out by giving him
5.In shock condition the blood supply get stopped, it is treated by CPR(Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.It is done by pressing heart by hands,if patient not breath then breath is given two him by mouth to mouth respiration.
6.Transfer the patient immediately to hospital.
First aid give new birth to the ending life in emergency situation. It is necessary that everyone has its knowledge. Anyone may help in any emaergency condition and save life when medical services are not available easily.

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