A Story To Brief The Importance Of Communication In Our Life

This is a story which would narrate the importance of communication in our life. Though education and knowledge are essentials for development of men, it is only the communication that can provide him the platform to develop himself in this modern age.

The story to narrate the importance of communication in life and revolves around the fictious characters palani and muthu. I created this story because of one of my friend who even after getting the university rank could not manage to get a job because of the lack of communication skills.

Palani is the bright student right from the early stage of his life, he was the most talented person in the class who can solve the problems in math's, good at writing stories, poems and essays in English and was a high scorer in the class who always gets more than 90% in all his examinations and he was also good in sports activities conducted at his schools. Though he had all these skills he was poor to express his views to other people in English i.e., was weak in speaking English.
On the other hand, the student named Muthu was very average in his studies who has just managed to clear all his previous examinations and was very much playful in the classes too. But he was very brilliant in speaking English and expressing his views with English as the medium of communication, which he learned from English coaching classes and the British English courses which were offered to him at his higher secondary schools.

Palani clears the higher secondary examinations with almost 90% of marks and muthu clears the examination with only 55%. Though palani gets the government seat and was even eligible to get scholarships from the college, Muthu manages to get a seat in the same college by paying more fees and getting the seat through donation. Both Palani and Muthu became friends and started to share their views but still both couldn't get the talent they lacked the most, Palani always remained the top scorer of the class while Muthu was brilliant in his communication skills but manages to clear all the exams in margin level.
Days pass by but both of them could not gain the knowledge they were lacking. After two years both Palani and Muthu were called for an interview by one of the top reputed companies in the city and the company promised to pay about 4.75 lakhs annually for the one who gets selected at the interview.

The interview process began and the first round was to talk on a common topic for about 10 minutes and the topic given was Technology and its boon to our society, while Palani gathered the points he studied at schools to talk on the topic, Muthu used the day to day happenings in his life to enhance the topic and got a edge on the interview over Palani.

The second round was that of the aptitude test in which both of them were asked about the English related questions and both of them were successful in this process, as already said palani was good in writing so he cleared the round and as Muthu was experienced in attending the British English courses he was also successful in clearing this round.

The final round was that of a panel interview where there were about six interviewers and they had to test the ability of the students one by one. The first person to go was Palani, the interviewers asked about various aspects like educational qualifications, family background, some question based on the subject they studied, positives, negatives and some ten minutes to speak about one of the two topics that were "Your Favorite Teacher" and "Your Role Model". Though Palani was successful at explaining about him, his educational background and family background he was not able to speak on the topic for more than 5 minutes and thus was rejected in this round. On the other hand, Muthu was successful in explaining all the aspects except for questions related to subject although he was successful in answering two questions out of five questions and as he gave the answers brilliantly and that too with an excellent English accent he was selected by the company.

Though Palani was brilliant from the start of his career, Muthu was excellent in communication skills which he gained from English courses and British English courses and that gave him the edge in that placement process.

Moral : If we are talented with the communication and good accent with some subject knowledge, You have good scope in any industry and we can lead from the front.

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