Things to know while keeping a lovebird

Lovebirds add to the beauty of your home. They make you happy and engaged. Keeping a lovebird is not as easy as you think. Building a good birdhouse, providing good food and taking care of lovebirds is necessary. This article provides a complete insights to the things you must take care of while keeping a lovebird.

Lovebirds are beautiful little fluttering birds that can add to the beauty of your home. Keeping lovebirds can be either a hobby or on a commercial basis. In both cases, there are certain things you need to know while keeping a lovebird.

Reasons for keeping lovebirds

There are many reasons for a person to keep lovebirds in his/her home. Some of them are being mentioned here:

1. They add beauty to your home.
Who won't love a small pack of fluttering colourful bird in their home? Especially if you have a small garden, a few lovebirds will be something that really adds to the beauty of your whole house.

2. They make you feel calm and quiet.
Lovebirds will provide you relief from tension. Scientific studies have proven that interacting with cute birds will reduce hypertension. Just looking at them and enjoying their little movements will give you a break from the hectic flow of your life.

3. They will provide you engagement
If you are a stay-at-home mother, housewife or an aged person who has no regular schedule in life, lovebirds will provide you entertainment and an engagement. There are many things you can do to modify their nest, looking after them.

4. They don't consume your time
Just above it was said that lovebirds can keep you engaged. But that doesn't mean that you have to look after them every moment. All you have to care is to refill food and water bowls regularly, and clean the nest once in a week. Even if you are working, you can find time to keep lovebirds.

5. They are better than other birds
Lovebirds are tamer than other birds. They are colourful as well. Several types of lovebirds can be kept together and there will be diversity to your birdhouse. If you are keeping doves, parrots etc, there won't be much variety or colours to choose from. Even if there are, there won't be much difference in sight.

6. Commercial profit
Lovebirds rule the market of pet birds. If you start a business of pet birds, love birds are the best choice. They can be easily bred and customers will like them. They will fetch good price as well.

How to choose a lovebird?

While choosing a lovebird, you have to think of one thing. The birds must be healthy. What matters more than beauty and price is the health of the bird. Only healthy birds will live for long and provide you with hatchlings. If you buy a healthy bird, there won't be any need to buy new ones because their hatchlings will replace them. But weak birds will die soon or succumb to diseases. There are many ways by which you can recognise a healthy lovebird from a weak one:
  • Those birds which chatter more will be healthier. Quiet birds are weak.

  • If claws and fingers are of equal size, they are healthy birds. Unequal claws and fingers indicate diseased birds.

  • Twinkling eyes belong to a healthy bird, whereas dull eyes shows a weak bird

  • Healthy birds will have shiny feathers, whereas faded and half-shed feathers belong to weak birds

  • Touch a bird's chest (softly please!) with your thumb. If it is too soft, it is a weak bird whereas a strong bird will have a little harder chest.

  • Take the bird in your palm and check whether hairs are falling. Too much hair fall indicate weak birds.

  • Being healthy is not the only thing you have to care. A bluish beak belongs to a male bird and whitish beak shows a female bird. Choose them in the right proportion, especially if you are buying for commercial breeding. Similarly, it is better to buy a little older birds (those in the age of laying eggs) than recently born birds, because latter will die in winter. Dark beaks indicate young birds and paler beaks indicate older birds.

    How to build a birdhouse?

    Two things are of prime importance while building a birdhouse. It should have a lot of air circulation. Similarly, there should be enough space for the lovebirds to fly. If there's not enough space to fly, lovebirds will turn weak.

    First of all, a pole (or four long poles, if the birdhouse is really big) should be fixed in the ground, about 1 foot high from ground. The birdhouse should be fixed on top of it. As far as size is concerned, a house in the dimensions of 4x2x2 feet will be enough to hold around 12 birds. For air circulation, it is better that the birdhouse may have grill or bars as the wall. If the base of the birdhouse is also grill, then the droppings will fall to the ground and it will be easier to clean. Also the house will remain cleaner. For the lovebirds to sit and rest, long rods should be fitted from one end to another. Ants may attack birds, so to avoid this, it is better to form a small sidewalk-like feature around the house and fill it with water. Droppings will have pungent smell, so it is advised to build the nest five meter away from your home. You can have inbuilt bowls for food and water, if needed. But removable bowls will be better to refill.

    Another must in the birdhouse is the small pots to lay eggs in. This can be artificially bought from shops that provide bird supplies. But you can easily build one if you have a clay pot. Cover the mouth of the pot with a paper or cloth. Then make a hole around middle of the pot, with a diameter of ¼ inch. Fix it within the birdhouse. The hole should be just big enough for the bird to enter. If it is too large, eggs may fall to the base and break. However, don't make the hole too small!

    Food and water

    Whatever given to the lovebirds should be nutritious. You can buy artificial bird food from pet houses, but it is better to feed the birds with natural, but nutritious grains. Also there are some species which eat leaves, so you can give healthy leaves to the birds. Water given to the lovebirds should be pure. There should be enough for all the birds.

    Things to note

  • Never keep the lovebirds in the nests in which they are bought

  • Don't keep a diseased bird with healthy birds, especially in the case of contagious diseases

  • Keep the birdhouse dry and free from moisture

  • Give protein mixes and Vitamin B complex if the bird seems tired and paler

  • If the birds shed feather, then bathe the birds in diluted Bordeaux mixture (not in concentrated!) without wetting the head

  • Don't keep just hatched tiny hatchlings with a little older hatchlings

  • Don't forget to change food and water every single day

  • Just try keeping your own lovebird pack. You will love it!

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