How To Maintain A Cordial Relationship In The Society

Building relationship with the members of the society and maintaining it in a healthy way is very important for an individual. Relationships play a key role in the growth and development of an individual in particular and the society in general. In this article you will find some important ways to maintain a healthy relationship with the members of the society.

Man and the society

There is no individual in the world who can live independently without getting help from the members of the society. Man is dependent on the society for in all walks of his life and for fulfilling every need in his life. It is literally impossible to imagine our life without the involvement of the members of our society or our immediate surroundings. It is well said that man is a social animal.

Man, as a part of the society, has to develop a cordial relationship with the members of the society and is bound to maintain it in order to live a happy and comfortable life. In the present day, there are various courses as well in this connection like Public Relations, Human Relations and the like. The importance of relationship is so effective and important that it enables the growth and development of man and hence it is necessary for every individual to develop relationship with his immediate surroundings and thereby maintain it for a peaceful living.

Man has to maintain relationship with different people in the society and the people who are involved in his day to day activities are his parents, his wife / husband and children, his friends, his neighbors, his colleagues in the office, and the boss or employer in the office, the doctor, the postman, watchman, milkman, electrician, driver, paperboy, maid servant and many more such important people on whom we dependent in our day to day life. We can not overlook any of these persons as each and every person is equally important for us and help us in making our life easier and comfortable.

We should in fact be very thankful and grateful to these people for all the help that they extend to us and it is our duty to maintain a good relationship with all these people in order to have a happy life.

Why should we maintain a cordial relationship

A cordial relationship among various persons in the society is extremely important as we are a part and parcel of this society and we take the help of various members of this society for our day to day activities. We depend on the milkman for getting milk for us, we depend on the servant for her service at home, like wise there are a good number of people who make our life comfortable. If not for their service who rather serve very patiently to us, our life wouldn't be that easy and comfortable. So, it is extremely important for us to maintain a good relationship with all these people on whom we depend in our day to day life. By doing so we can enjoy maximum benefits in our life.

Sometimes we come across serious problems and we may badly be in need of a company / a friend or a well-wisher on whom we can rely and who can give us emotional as well as moral support during such hours of our life. When we maintain a good relationship with others, they readily help us and support us at the hour of need and give proper guidance to us.

At times we feel overburdened with work at home or in the office, and during such time our colleagues in the office or family at home will readily share our responsibilities, when we have a good relation with them, and thus they all help in reducing our burden. All these would be possible only when we maintain a cordial relationship with all of them. Lest there would be no one neither to support us nor to share our responsibilities and this would make our life more and more miserable.

A person maintaining cordial relationship with the members of the society will enjoy the life to the fullest and will be an asset to the society.

Simple ways to maintain a cordial relationship

One of the best ways to maintain a cordial relationship is to develop and follow simple courtesies like saying thank you for their work or saying sorry and the like. It might sound silly but these simple courtesies have great impact on maintaining a healthy relationship as these would boost up the moral support.

The way one communicates with others also play an important role in maintaining a relationship. People who have a soft tongue and talk politely with others will naturally develop good relationship with others. On the contrary, if a person talks rather rudely, surely this will spoil the relationships.

Similarly while communicating with others, we should try to be a good listener instead of a good speaker. If we give a patient hearing to the people who speak to us, naturally people will tend to speak to us and this will help will a good relationship. So be a patient listener than a good speaker.

While communicating with other always try to communicate in a message at the right time otherwise. This will give way to developing relationships. There are some people who keeping waiting for conveying a message and this might sometimes lead to misunderstandings and might spoil the relationship. Hence conveying of a message at the right time is very important for a good relationship.

For a good relationship in the society we should always respect others the way we expect from others. A mutual respect to each other helps in strengthening the relationship between the individuals.

On the other hand, if we could not succeed in maintaining a relationship in the society, this would adversely affect the life of an individual and would worsen the situation of one's life. Sometimes such a bad relationship might lead to depression in a person resulting in the development of sadness, anger, scary nature or worry and tension. As a member of the social such persons become aggressive and will develop a hatred towards the society, thereby they become a hindrance for the development of the society. Sometimes such aggressive natures might lead to anti-social elements as well and this might further bring about a degradation in the society.

Hence, for the well being of the society and for the welfare of the mankind, it is extremely important for every member of the society to develop a good relationship with the members of the society and thereby maintain it so as to make this world a better place to live.


Establishing a relationship with the members of the society is a part of an individual's life and one should be aware of the fact that one has to maintain a cordial relationship with members of his immediate surroundings so as to ensure a good life for his living. Without maintaining a cordial relationship would rather create problems in one's living and further worsens the situation. So keep in mind to be friendly with everyone in the social and always try to maintain it in a healthy way.

Article by Kalyani
Kalyani is basically an educationist and presently a home-maker who is fruitfully utilizing her free time in freelancing, online content writing and above all blogging. She is an active lead editor at for over 2 years. She is an environmentalist who strives to protect the environment through the revival of age-old eco-friendly practices. She also strives to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India.

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Author: Kailash Kumar10 Jun 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Prior to venturing upon developing cordial relationships with any individual, it is very important to first assess and evaluate the person concerned properly. The neighbor may be very selfish in nature, but since the neighbor cannot be changed, certain basic relationship will have to be maintained. At least the relationship should not be of a bitter kind, but in such cases, it may not be possible to maintain a cordial relatioship. Same is the case with few relatives who cannot be changed, but a cordial relationship also cannot be developed with them. The women living alone have to be very cautious in such matters. The couples having young kids but living away from their native place, have to have better relationships with neighbors. Though with the advent of computers and internet, nowadays social interactions have lessened, but the core social relationships are still required to be maintained in any case.

Author: Kalyani12 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I do not agree with the comment made by Kailash Kumar. We are living in a civilized world and we all go with trust. It is a doubtful mind that keeps doubting others. It is not at all necessary to access and evaluate a person.

If the neighbors are selfish, let them be. Because they are selfish, we need not change our behavior with them.

We should understand the basic fact that every individual person has his / her nature, we should not be selfish in our motto and build relationships with a selfish motto. Such a relationship is detrimental to the society.

We need to stop thinking of others and behave our own self and be our own self for a cordial relationship.

Author: Reena Upadhya21 Oct 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The first thing we need to learn is that we need to control our tantrums. To maintain cordial relationships with others in society, we have to learn the art of self-control. Getting annoyed on silly things, showing rage, shouting at others etc can only break the bonds.

Also, tit for tat policy is of no use. Since others have done something wrong to us does not mean we have to behave in the same manner when we face them. We cannot wait for the world to change. When we change, the world changes. Thus, let us remain calm and composed irrespective of the people we face in our day to day lives. Soon we will discover that our relationships will start improving with time.

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