How to protect yourself from Debit/Credit card scams and criminals

This is the article on how to be cautious from the thieves and criminals who are engaged in Credit/Debit card scams. I would like to say that most of the banks are facing the credit card scams. I think this thing has grown to a major level in a very short period and the development made by science to avoid difficulties of men is turning out to be a big problem due to some brilliant hackers and thieves.

An introduction to Automated Teller Machines

These are the machines that are developed by the bankers to help the customers to a large extend so that the waiting time of the customers can be reduced and they can use the ATM's for withdrawal of fund. It contains some easy steps that can be done to withdraw cash from the ATM's. Previously they were more secure and were very much useful to the customers. It works for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, i.e., continuously. I would say that it was one of the important inventions in the banking system.

But now that there are many frauds that take place in the city the use of credit cards and debit cards has also rose to a great extend. There are various cyber crimes in the current scenario and one such thing is the crime done through ATM's. Now that most of the people use these credit cards for marketing, buying products at supermarket, paying for fuels etc., the use of credit card has been more than that of the past. This made the criminals to find a method in order to launder the money from the ATM's.

Use of Skimmer

Skimmer is a very small instrument which is used to steal money from these ATM's. Though it looks small it does the job of stealing the information from the person, it has been reported that the price of this skimmer is only 300 rupees and the users are stealing the information and withdrawing crores of money using the small device that is very low in price. It has also been said that these tools are only manufactured at China and no other place except them. This is the reason why the people are losing so much of money from the banks.

It is said that the skimmer can be placed in the ATM's and when there is a transaction taking place the skimmer finds all the details of the person including the name and money available in the account. He uses this information and creates a duplicate card and registers the account detail in that card and simply steals the money from your account. It is one of the most important tools that have been developed to steal money from the ATM.
There is another mode by which the people are stealing money through Skimmer and in this method the skimmer is used to steal money. In this method the people act as if they are helping you and insert your card in the machine which they are having and get the details of your transaction and your full details by this they access to your account using a duplicate card and make use of this opportunity to withdraw the money from your account. Hence this states that the skimmer is a small weapon used to demolish the growth of banks in the country.

Online Banking – be Cautious

If you are frequently using on-line banking method to do your business transactions please be careful while doing them. There is more number of hackers who are there in the Internet who can trace your account details if you are acting on-line. It would be even better to prevent the browsing centers for running your transactions as there may be an instrument used in the browsing centers called key locker that can track all your records carried out in the specific computer or a group of computers.

Guidelines to the Banks

The police officers have stated some techniques and methods that can be used to protect the ATM from the Mal practice such as fraud, theft and burglary. The police officers feel that it would be better if the ATM has a hidden camera inside the room so that all the activities of the users would be recorded by the camera and it would be easy to trace or find the person who has involved in such a fraudulent practices.

The banks can appoint a young person to look after the ATM and also have stated that the system should be well developed where the individual can get the details of his account in mobile phone immediately after each transaction.

It has also been suggested by the police that the bank should use Bio- metric methods along with the photo in order to avoid any such problems that arise because of the hackers who are responsible for such acts.

Guidelines to the Customers

It is only we customers who should be careful while having money in our pockets. There are some of the methods stated by the police officers that can be used in order to protect our account details and they are as follows

1. We have to change the Pin number of the ATM debit card and credit card more often so that the cheaters can't find them.
2. We should not let out any information of our cards to anyone in the society.
3. At the place where you are going to insert the card see if there is anything like a sticker placed and if you can see them, it would be better to prevent that ATM center for your transactions.
4. If you don't have proper knowledge of the ATM cards please use a well known person to help you and don't take help from anyone nor accept the help offered by them.
5. If there is any problem while withdrawing money from the account and if anyone tries to help you please be careful and if you let the card in his hand there is a possibility of the other person who may use the Skimmer tool to track your account and derive benefit from that without your knowledge.
6. If you have any problem and you have got no one to help you or direct you, you can definitely take the help of the security people who are allotted by the bank to help the customers.
7. While shopping something using the credit card or debit card, make sure you are always having an eye over the person and don't allow that person to have a copy of the statement produced in the shops if you do so they may know your details and can make use of it.
8. If anyone calls you through your phone and states that he is an officer or banker or something like that and asks you about the details of the card and account number please don't provide any information and seek the bank for further enquiry on the call. I have heard a person saying that he just gave the number at the back of his card and found after sometime that a huge sum of money is withdrawn without his notice. So be careful if anyone calls you and asks for your information.
9. You can avoid doing transactions in Internet and if you want to do any transactions do with those sites that are well known and well reputed so that they wont involve themselves in such activity which would affect their business or market.


I think I have given a clear idea of what all should be done in order to protect your account and I have summed up the cyber crime which is carried out in the ATM's now days. Recently nearly 2000 cards were found by the police in Chennai from some people and the investigations are going on. The days have come for the bank to adopt some new techniques in order to solve these problems. If you have any doubt on someone please bring it to the notice of the police so that proper action may be taken to reduce the crime levels in this society.

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