Hamirpur: The Heart Of The Himachal Pradesh

Hamirpur is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh. This article provides information about this beautiful place which is well known for its patriots and . It is rich of culture and is famous for its folk music and traditional culture which is still alive at this place.


Hamirpur is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh. Geographical location of Hamirpur is 76* 18 to76* 44 east longitude and 31* 25 to 31* 52 north longitude. It is situated in the shivalik range of the Great Himalayas. It was separated from kangra district in 1972. It lies on Shimla Dharmshala road approximately 150 Km from Shimla, Beas river flows through northen region and Satluj river flows through the southern region of this beautiful district. The tourist attractions of Hamirpur are Deot-sidh, Temples of Sujanpur tira and Nadaun.


The history of Hamirpur dates back to the Mahabharata times when this was the part of the old Jallandher-Trigarta Empire. This kingdom was blessed with great warriors and fighters. Firstly Mohammed Gazani and then Timurlang and later Sultans took control of this area. Later on this area was under the control of 'Ranas' (Feudal hill chiefs), the local rulers of Hamirpur. Some of the well known Ranas who ruled over Hamirpur were Ranas of Mewa, Ranas of Mehalta and Dhatwal. During the ruling period of Rana Hamir Chand (1700 A.D. to 1740 A.D), the Katoch Dynesty took control over the Ranas. Hamir Chand founded this place so after him this place was named as Hamirpur. Raja Sansar Chand-II (1775 A.D. to 1823 A.D) made Sujanpur-Tira as his capital and developed many palaces and temples at this place. After that many rulers came but the face of Hamirpur is almost the same.
Hamirpur was made a separate district in 1972 when Kangra distance was broken into two. Today Hamirpur is the most density populated district and bears the highest sex ratio in Himachal Pradesh. It is also most literate district of H.P. today.

Languages Spoken:

The people of hamirpur speak pahari language. According to the linguistic survey of india, pahari comes under the Indo-European family of languages.However besides pahari the most of the people of hamirpur speak hindi also.

Food and Living Habits:

Generally the peoples of hamirpur have double storeyed pucca houses.The 92% of the population of hamirpur live in rural areas and they are mainly agriculturist. They grow peddy, wheat,maize , toria or sarso etc. People mainly like wheat, rice and makki ki roti with sarso ka saag and curry. On special occasions the peoples also make some special dishes such as ankalus and ankalies which are made by rice flour. Some peoples also like meat, fish and drinking. The peoples of hamirpur keep buffaloes, goats, sheep and chickens.

Fauna and Flora:

The diversity of hamirpur is very rich, there are number of species of plants and animals. The area is rich in medicinal plants and herbal drugs. The common plants of hamirpur are viz. beul, ooyi, kher,karal,shehtoot,amla, bahera, bil ,etc. The commonly found animals are wild chickens, dogs, snakes, titers, parrots, woodpeckers, wild black crow,leopard,hare monkey etc.


The large rivers of hamirpur is Bias and its tributaries includes, Kunah khad, Sukar khad, Bakar khad, Man khad.

Famous Places:

The famous places of hamirpur are viz. Tarkwari, Lambloo, Gasota, Bhota, Awahdevi, Taunidevi, Jahu, Nadaun, Sujanpur tira.

Famous Temples:

Narvdeshwar Tample:

This temple is located at Sujanpur town. It was built by queen of maharaja Sansar chand. The temple is about 200 years old. It is very beautiful temple. The pictures of Ramayana, mahabharta and pictures of wild animals are made over the temple that enhances its beauty.

Bilkaleshwar Temple:

This temple is about 400 years old and situated at the meeting place of river BiasandKunah khad. This is a temple of God Shiva. This temple is very sacred and holy as the Hariwar in Utteranchal.

Murli Manohar Mandir:

It is situated in historical ground chowgan of sujanpur. This temle is very beautiful and one of the oldest temple of Himachal Pradesh.

Tauni-Devi Temple:

This is the temple of Goddess Tauni Devi situated at Hamirpur- Awahdevi road at a distance of 13 km from hamirpur. The temple is more than 200 years old and a fair is takes place in the month of june-july. A huge number of peoples visit this sacred place during fair.

Baba Balak Nath Mandir:

This temple is one of the most famous temple of India. It is situated at Deotsidh at Hamirpur Bilaspur border at a distance of 46 km away from Hamirpur. This temple is built over a magnificent hill called dholgiri parvat.The females are not allowed in the cave of baba ji but there is a place opposite to the cave from where the female can have blessing of baba ji.

Awah-Devi Temple:

This temple is located in Bhoranj Tehsil on Hamirpur- Sarkaghat road at a distance of 25 km from Hamirpur. The tample is situated at the top of a beautiful hill. Thia temple is about 300 yeas old. This place is one which has maximum height in district.

Gasota Mahadev Mandir:

This temple is situated on Hamirpur- Jahu road at adistance of 9 km f rom hamirpur. The temple is very beautiful. There are 2 natural water streams that flow on both sides of temple.

Shani Dev Mandir:

This temple is one of the largest and famous Shani Dev temple in north India. This temple is situated at Hamirpur-Jahu road at a distance of 10 km from hamirpur.

Jhanyari Devi Temple

This temple is situated on Hamirpur-Nadaun road at a distance of 7 km from Hamirpur. This temple is more than 200 years old. A fair is held on eve of "Jeshth-Shukla" "Ashtami" and during this period large numbers of people visit to this sacred place.

Kalanjari Devi temple:

This temple is placed on Hamirpur-Awahdevi road at a distance of about 6 km from Hamirpur. The tample is more than 200 year old. A huge fair is held here during the month of june-july.

Gurudwara sahib Nadaun:

This is situated at Nadaun at avery beautiful place at the bank of river Beas. There is a proper arrangement for the stay for the visitors. This is ahistorical place where Guru Gobind Singh ji has faught second battle of his life against Mugals.


Sujanpur Tira:

This place was founded by king Abhay Chand of Katoch dynasty in 1748 A.D. There is a Tomb of Nawab Gulam Mohommed of Rampur. There are 5 other old temples also at different places at Sujanpur. These temples were built by Raja Sansar Chand in 1793 A.D. Some other temple of repute are The Mahadeva temple, Devi and Vyasheshwar temple. There is also Obreen's horses grave[ he was Raja Sansar Chand's commander].This place is suitable for adventure sports like river rafting, trekking, paragliding and angling


This place is known for its famous Blikleshwar Mahadev temple which said to have been founded by Pandavas, Raja Sansar Chand fort and Gurudwara Sahib fuunded in A.D. 1929.

Deotsidh Temple:

This is situated at Hamirpur Bilaspur border at 46 km away from Hamirpur. It is well connected by road from all sides. Here is the temple of Baba Balak Nath ji located over a beautiful hill. The view around the temple is very attractive. There is fair during holi festival. This is the one of the most famous temple of north India.


It is located at 6 k m away from Dera-Parol on the bank of Kunah Khad. It is the place of Markandya Rishi. A natural stream of water is there whose water is considered as sacred and holy as like Ganga's water.A fair is also held here during the month of April-May.


It ias located at a distance of 6 km from Hamirpur on Shimla- Dhrmshala road. This place is known for its one of the largest Radhaswami charitable hospital in the state which is very beautiful.


The Hamirpur is a land of fairs. A number of famous fairs are held in different ares of Hamirpur some of such fair are viz. Sujanpur Holi fair,Gasota Mahadev fair, Hamir fair, Gasiyan fair. Markanda fair, Deotsidh fair,Pipalu-ra-mela, awahdevi mela and Sair fair at Ladraur.

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