What is celebrating festivals in a joint family like?

In the midst of the flurry of such a fast paces life the modern man is racing against, there remains a wait for that rare to come in when a few moments could be snatched out of the busy schedules to be spent together with the near and dear ones forgetting the entire aggravations of life. This joy is what we call festivals. This commentary stresses the festivals gives pleasure only when this is celebrated in togetherness and oneness.

Importance of festivals is noticeable equally I each societies whether it is the twinkling night of Deepawali, the glitter is Eid, the exuberance of Vaishakhi or the running wild of Holi festival, everybody waits for the arrival of the big-small festivals through the year long one after the other. This also is true festivals feel delightful only when it is celebrated in unison and togetherness.

This mostly depends upon the lady of the family to make the festivals convivial and eventful. They can make or mar the environs of festival celebration eves turning it a hot or a cold occasion. The happiness of the every members of the family has to be taken care of upon the arrival of the festivals in a joint family. If you too live in a joint family, then enjoy the festival something like as described below.

Don't ignore a soul

Celebrate festivals in such a fashion that every members of the family have an equal participation. And no one feels to have been isolated. Some wives take their husbands
on an outing on the festival nights without informing anybody in the family leaving poor family members behind in a coil. If you are planning for an outing, invite every members of your family for outing to join you by picking out the venue of outing with the consents of all.

Believing no in me but we

As for that, every girl dreams of a house of her own where she could spend life without interruption with her husband. But on being married in a joint family, everybody's desire has to be taken care of otherwise the environs of the home gets torn asunder.

Hence, be this an occasion of festival or be it the daily routine life, abandon this feeling of ‘Me' and embrace the feelings of ‘We'. Include everybody in everything. Nearness amongst the family members enhances with this and the joys of the festival multiply manifolds.

Be wary of quarrels and arguments

Squabble and spat is the stuff of every joint family home. Festivals are occasions to obliterate everything. If you are planning for an excursion on the festival day eve, the names for invitation on the list should be at the top of those persons whom differences have cropped up with. All the bitterness will dissolve with this sort of gesture.

Caring the elders of the family

Elders and children both in the family need being taken care of. Do give as much respects to your mother-father in-laws as much do you respect your husband. Include their opinion in every sundry matters right from the dishes on the festival eve to the dresses etc.

Party for everybody

The family members, who want to celebrate festival at the home itself, can do so in many ways enjoying it the most. You can organise a small party at home in which everybody's hobby and interests should be taken care of. Some theme party could be arranged in which a dress code should be made compulsory for everybody. You could include your relatives also in this and neighbours too.

Many people plan to go out of the city on the day of festival whereas the truth is that you cannot enjoy festival by celebrating in isolation elsewhere leaving your family members behind. Celebrating festivals with the family members is something significantly different experience.

Taking care of the children

The enthusiasm of children during the festivals of Holi and Deepawali is worth watching. It is therefore imperative to take care of the children and no stone is to be left unturned to keep the children in good humour. Do not impose your wishes on them at least on such occasions, nor should you either thrash or scold them. Give the dress and toys of their choice and include the dishes of their choice as well. Just let them enjoy this one day independently without any interference from your parts. Carry them out for shopping with them just for this one day at least. Invite their tiny friends at your home and arrange for a children's party for them to enjoy.

Husband's happiness from you

Many housewives merge in the family in such a manner that they do not get times enough to be given to their husbands thus leaving cavalier towards the husbands. If wives will not pay attentions to the wishes of their husbands on such occasions then husband would feel isolated. This is not so because this is your responsibilities to keep everybody pleased but the happiness of your husband begins and ends unto you.
Hence on the festival day eve, stay a little much mingling with your husband.

Shopping together

This is altogether a very pleasant experience to go shopping together with the family members. If a member of the family is unable to accompany you in your shopping spree, do the shopping for him as well.

If the husband has no time, you can do the purchasing accompanied with your mothering-law, your husband's sister etc. Don't take the stand that you cannot do the shopping without the company of your husband.

Small but big factors

Oftentimes, we simply ignore some matters feeling it to be too small to be given a second thought to. But sometimes small matters hold a significant repercussion. S for example, when you are going to market to apply mehandi but not asking your husband's sisters to get along, or making a list of your own shopping without including items for other members etc. Similar such matters could listed further more which at their surfaces appear too trifle a matter but prove to be gargantuan later. In a joint family, the sorrows and happiness of every family member are interconnected with each other.

General Picture:
Remember no to differentiate between family members while buying gifts for them. Don't make purchasing costly for someone while cheaper for the others. As for that present is a present is a present- neither costly nor cheaper- given with feeling which must be accepted by reciprocating with the same feelings it is being given. It is imperative or you to purchase equivalent presents for everybody and gift them with your own hands and accept all the gifts with grace considering good and cheap items in one standard.

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