Time Management : Between life and work

These days there are a lot of breakups, divorces, bereavements. Man is a social animal, it is difficult for him to stay lonely without a hug from someone special. This article will explain the benefits and provide tips to utilise time most efficiently to manage relationships along with work. Relationships are important. It should be kept warm and lively to reassure a happy life and a successful career growth.

Proper time management, good health, vigour, vitality in one's movement, quick and positive reciprocation, decision making, ability to maintain good relationships with family members, helpers, friends, relatives and neighbours are the essentials to attain a better balance between work, job and family life. As work is important for a man for his livelihood or career, family life is also necessary to balance his mental stability and social well being as well. A man who has the ability to maintain good relationship with his peers, seniors, colleagues, friends, business men, family friends is the one who is most likely to reach great heights in his career. Such persons are the ones who are the driving force behind the success of many prosperous Companies and Industries in India and abroad. Some of the success tips are as follows:

First thing first

It is important that one should prioritise his work as per its importance. He should assign particular time frame to complete it. Proper scheduling of time should be done. One should not try to complete his work by doing the easiest job first but the most important one's first. When different work at job demand attention simultaneously, one should not get confused. Confusion will only result in loss of time.

Improve work Efficiency

It is essential that one should complete a set of work within the deadline set. Work should not be left to be completed on the next day. Procrastination only reduces efficiency. Build teams both at work place and home. Sharing experience, consulting, discussions with colleagues at work and family members at home helps in improving work efficiency of the team and build trust among members. Knowledge gained helps one take precautions and avoid hindrance to efficiency.

Delegate jobs

All work cannot be done by a person though it may be his/her responsibility. Jobs that can be done by others should be delegated. Enthrusting jobs will save energy and also time. One can send clothes to laundry. Instead of cooking food a surprise can be given to the family by taking some delicious packed food back home. Delegate duties to your domestic-help to help you not only in cooking and cleaning but tell her she will be given a gift if she makes the children sit and complete home work in time. Try to delegate duties at home and also at job. Children can help in getting the dinner table ready or drying the washed dishes. Subordinates can be given jobs which they can do.

Anticipating and getting proactive

Whether a man is working as a manager in the firm or as a member of the family, he needs to anticipate his job requirements and the responsibility involved there in. He should prepare in advance so that the job can be completed much ahead of time.

Set Principles

Set your own principles for your home schedules and to maintain your office timings too. Keep Office work at work and home jobs at home. Plan and adhere to the schedules set for children's home works, purchase of rations, home budgeting time so that you get time to prepare for important presentations without disturbing your personal or family life. When you set principles and follow it not only you but the other family members remain focussed to the programs set. Work gets completed. To walk ahead in life, we need to focus our minds on the most important decisions taken. We should focus to implement it and comply by it.

Focus on important goals

Decide on goals to be achieved for your family and resolutions taken for achievements in your and your spouses career growth. Do not un-necessarily burn your energy visiting or attending all your friends and relatives parties or give too much time to the society. You should know you have to manage time for a better family life and for achievements in the job as well. Do not always let others dictate you. Be your own boss. Go by your own set goals. Distress may pull you back. Keep yourself motivated to keep moving ahead.

Fix Targets

You should fix targets to reap the benefits later on. Manage deadlines. Stress is bound to occur, you have to perform more to get appraisals at work. While at job do not get distracted by home worries. Keep de-stressing yourself while at job to stay fresh when you are back home. Munch fruits, take juices between work. Do not remain seated at a place fixed place keep moving, it will relieve your muscles.

Work Life

Work life should be balanced with personal life. Whenever stability gets worse, it results in separations. When both spouses are working they should try to give each other quality time inspite of the stressful jobs. The couple should try to impress one another when they are back home with a smile, with sweetness in talk and they should share their tensions together. This will help them to plan their future more appropriately. The couple should find some time to romance together. They should maintain their looks, figure, buy new clothes to keep the attraction-on and stop monotony from entering into their relationship. It should be an effort made on either side to remain fiddle to one another. They should not entertain any third man or women to make a hell of their life. The couple should keep some special hour of worship. Worshiping and meditating together will help to build a strong bond of love for God. Yoga's and exercises should have a place in everyone's life.

Family Life

Couples vow to love one another in good and bad times through seven lifetimes when they marry. Romance should not be made to fade away from your relationships. Anniversaries, birthday party's or any other auspicious occasions should be celebrated. Celebrations de-stresses both mind and body.It also helps to rejuvenate life with laughter and joy. Decorate your houses, make rooms lively, change the curtains. Energise yourself. Eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits and nuts. Share it with the family. Enjoy togetherness.

Social life

Change the way you think and discuss your thoughts with the family members. There are times when life simply pushes you and you are left with absolutely no option. There are also times when one has to take life as it comes to him/her. You should also be ready to accept and adapt to the changes or compromises you have to make with life or your profession. Try to stay fit, happy and accept things happily. Be sporting. Do not neglect supportive relationships due to work pressures. Stay cool do not ruin relationships. Always try to reconcile at the earliest if anything goes wrong. Keep high self esteem, it will give you confidence and help you manage time with job and life. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes or drug abuse.

Learn to manage time and bring out the multitasking ability from within you. Do not make compromises with your personal life and stay motivated. Try to get excellent at job. Take decisions intelligently. Shred off your weaknesses. Do not break deadlines. You will see a bright future ahead of you. You will have a happy personal/family life as well as enjoy career growth.


Author: Reena Upadhya20 Oct 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

It is essential to create a perfect balance between personal and professional life. If personal life is not given much importance, our relationships suffer. If professional life is not taken care of, our career suffers. Thus, we need to prepare a time table and stick to it as strictly as possible. Time should be allotted for everything important in our life. A to-do list does not only means the list of all the works related to our professional life. It also means the time that we will be spending with our family, friends and near and dear ones.

At the end of the day spending some quality time with family relaxes an individual and also strengthens the bonds. Weekends can be planned to spend with extended family members, friends and relatives. In this way, one has to well plan everything so that a perfect balance helps us to smoothly carry on our lives.

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