Career prospects and options to study M.B.B.S abroad

A common notion is that a student committed to life sciences that too medicine (M.B.B.S) has very few chances to make dynamic careers. But it is not true if you are rightly guided & motivated. Infact it is relatively true with study in India but in countries like U.S, you have lot of opportunities one of which may definitely suits your need. I would like to brief up the broad chances to go after M.B.B.S in India and U.S. I have mentioned research options(PhD) after M.B.B.S in India and abroad as well.

Clinical practice with the degree

One of the option would be to start one's own clinical practice with the knowledge acquired in the five and half year course of M.B.B.S. It was the major option in olden days where the specialities were not much developed and very few specialities with very few colleges offering those were there. But the scenario has changed over the years, that there are very specialized doctors for each and every problem which has been possible with technological advancements in the field of medicine. Also the students these days are not well equipped with required clinical skills to practice on their own. Actually this is due the fact that every M.B.B.S student is expecting to join a speciality and not keen on learning as undergraduate itself.

Again this clinical practice can be in government sector or private sector. In govt sector again you can be a regular doctor recruited for fulltime or on a contract basis ( For those who work as a regular doctor will get a 50% quota in the postgraduate admissions in the state of Andhra Pradesh). In private sector you can join a corporate hospital as a D.M.O (duty medical officer) or maintain one's own clinic.

Going for a speciality after M.B.B.S

This is the biggest option for which every one is looking forward to after their M.B.B.S completion. It is as hard as it is charmful to do this. This is because there are very less postgraduate seats and they are even few for each specialty. It is very hard to keep up your passion(course of interest) and college of interest at the same time, if you have to get a seat under merit quota. Usually many of them take long breaks of one to two years (if serious) to prepare for the PG entrance. One has the option to fight in the entrance of their respective states or in the central exams like AIIMS, JIPMER, PGI Chandigarh. There are several types in going for a specialization. One is a 3 year M.D/M.S course, second one is a 2 year pgDiploma courses like Dch (diploma in child health), DGO(diploma in gynaecology and obstetrics, DMRD (diploma in medical radiology and diagnostics) e.t.c Apart form these two we have an option of NB(diploma of the national board) in all of the mentioned specialities. It is equivalent to doctorate (MD) course as it is also of 3 year duration. DNB can be obtained by clearing the centralised entrance test after completing three years of
postgraduate training in hospitals recognised by the national board, New Delhi.

USMLE (United states medical licensing exam)

Clearing the united states medical licensing exam and taking up a speciality as an IMG (international medical graduate) there would be one great option to go. USMLE is a multi level exam, conducted in 3 steps. After clearing the steps one has to apply for the interviews and get selected to get residency(PG) in a speciality. One has to bear in mind that it is a global platform and highly competitive. Moreover it is a time bound and money bound process. It is also risky until you get a residency in the hospital interview.

Hospital management in India

This is an upcoming course in India. As the corporate culture in medical services is increasing, there would be a great demand for the hospital managers in the near future. Presently this course is offered in very few private and government institutions. This course is open for other life science students like pharmacy, physiotherapy, BSC nursing, BSc MLT etc as well in some institutions depending on the requirements of the institution/university

Career as a researcher in India

This is one more radical option for the M.B.B.S graduates who have a passion for research. Premier research institutes in India are ICMR (Indian council for medical research), CIMAP, CCMB (center for cellular and molecular biology), St. Jhons research institute. You can also join WHO projects through contacts. Research can be broadly divided into basic science research( like lab work), cross sectional or other types of community studies or clinical trials or clinical research. If you have to join institutes like ICMR then you have to clear the NET (national eligibility test). Tata institute of fundamental research (TIFR) admits for (PhD and MSc) course at Mankhurd Mumbai. NIMHANS(national institute of medical health and neurosciences) offers the following courses
1. Ph.D. Degree in Mental Health & Social Psychology: 8 Seats
2. Ph.D. Degree in Neurophysiology: 2 Seats
3. Ph.D. Degree in Psychiatric Social Work: 1 Seat
4. Ph.D. Degree in Speech Pathology & Audiology: 1 Seat
It also offers external Fellowships in the following categories
Ph.D. in the Departments of: Biophysics / Biostatistics / Mental Health & Social Psychology / Epidemiology / Human Genetics / Neurochemistry / Neuroimaging and Interventional Radiology / Neuromicrobiology / Neurophysiology / Neurovirology / Nursing / Psychiatric Social Work / Psychiatry / Psychopharmacology / Speech Pathology & Audiology.
Of the above MBBS candidates are eligible for most of them but not all.
One more example of research opportunity is Rajiv Gandhi Centre for
Biotechnology under the Government of India functioning at Poojappura,
Thiruvananthapuram, which offers major research programme in disease biology and molecular medicine as well as plant biotechnology and discovery. Those who hold UGC- CSIR or ICMR fellowship have an edge in the selection process.

Learn more about the study abroad programs and admission guidance services offered by IndiaStudyChannel.

Masters degrees other than clinical M.D s from countries like U.S

As I have already mentioned to be eligible to practice in U.S, you need to clear the steps in USMLE and then complete the residency. Other options of higher studies in U.S are M.S( master of science) in public health- MPH, masters in health administration- MHA which are something similar to hospital management in India that I have mentioned above but more broad and superior to Indian degree. After that you can settle in hospital administration or health care delivery systems in U.S /abroad or India. Coming to other master degrees that are offered in U.S universities, we have a gamut of subjects like pre-clinical like M.S anatomy, M.S physiology, M.S biochemistry, M.S biomedical engineering, M.S medical informatics, M.S molecular biology, M.S genetics, M.S biotechnology, M.S geriatric medicine and ageing, M.S neuroscience, MS clinical psychology and many other upcoming courses. For this you need to have a valid GRE(general) score and a TOEFL score

Research/PhD programs in U.S

I have described the research options in India above. But we have to admit that advanced countries like Germany and U.S are far ahead of us in terms of research because of the educational system, research grants or some other things.

Read more about how to study in USA.

These research programs that I am going to describe are not only for MBBS but other health sciences candidates in most of the cases. To be eligible for a PhD in US universities, one should have a valid general GRE score (now revised GRE) and TOEFL or IELTS. Some premier institutes also demand Subject GRE score for admission into the particular subject of doctoral work. There will be annual stipend in most of the cases but the duration of the program varies. Initially one has to get thesis by completing preliminary course material and clearing the relevant exam, then complete the project. It is scrutinized before you are awarded a doctorate. Some important research areas are
1)Molecular biology
4)Microbiology and immunology
5)All para clinical subjects like anatomy, physiology, pathology e.t.c
6)Pharmacology related areas
Some important universities are National institute of helath (NIH), Virginia university, Michigan university, Drexel university, University of south florida, North carolina state univeristy e.t.c

One thing I can say is that there are uncountable options to explore after M.B.B.S most of us are not really aware of. It is not possible to describe each and everything in this article and also I may miss out many things. hence I request all the readers to be interactive through this forum by posting below and clear their doubts and others (including me)

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Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna01 Jul 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Regarding MHA : MHA or masters in health administration is lately into vogue in health care industry in India and much before in abroad.

There are lots of universities in US offering this course. Here I would like to mention a particular university I had come across recently-"the midwestern state university" which offers a very flexible MHA course. The tuition fee is also very much affordable.
The course is of 45 credits for two years except for first and last semester all other course work is done online and there is a lot of scope for employment.

Author: Mohammed Umair31 Aug 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Could you please provide more information about the details of course, it's location or city name. More importantly I'm interested to know if that is a full time regular course or distant learning? I'm interested to take MHA as my specialisation after completing mbbs.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna31 Aug 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

The course is of 42 credits. Its a kind of part time course, in which you need to attend only few live classes and most of the work is done online. Its location is in Witchita falls. Texas. Google about midwestern state university.

Guest Author: Nelson Cyriac08 May 2013

Hi I completed my MBBS in Dec 2012. My parents and sister are now at USA. So I am also planning to go there.
Not planning to take USMLE. So confused among other courses which you have mentioned. I like MS Biomedical Engineering, Medical informatics, Biotechnology also MPH. Which has got a good career scope in USA, so as to have a decent life there?

Guest Author: dhadhusri16 May 2013


I have pursued my MBBS degree from CHINA , but i dint pass my MCI screening exam in INDIA , now i hv no chance to do my further studies , can u please help me out . can i do my phd in andhrapradesh without my regestered number ?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna17 May 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

MCI screening is needed for practicing medicine. You can do research or whatever without that. You will be considered technically as any life sciences student.

Guest Author: shravan24 May 2013

hello sir, I am a final year mbbs student. I want to do phd in evolutionaty biology in usa.what are all the admission criteria and the exams that I need to clear. which is the best university to do it?

Guest Author: kvrp27 May 2013

Hi I completed my MBBS in Andhra Pradesh and now I am looking for diploma courses like diploma in emergency medicine etc in private hospitals. Could you please help me what are the hospitals that are offering these type of diploma courses..

Guest Author: dr sahiba07 Jun 2013

Hi Dr.Nikhil, can I go for MHA in Midwest State University? As I haven't passed my MCI since I got married, I want to go for MHA in USA. Can I work here in India or do I have to work in USA only? Please guide me.

Guest Author: Research enthusiast22 Jun 2013

Is it possible to do a PhD in the US immediately after MBBS? Do you need to take subject GRE test? And do you need to have a masters before applying for PhD?

Guest Author: shruti10 Aug 2013

Hi, I've done my MBBS in India. I passed out last year. I want to go for USMLE but cannot afford the expenditure. I want to know if I can write GRE and get into MPH and then apply for a loan here to study MPH?
Also,what are the prospects of post grad/residency in Germany(as its a lovely country and education is free of cost!)

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna11 Aug 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Dear Shruti, This is what brooding in the minds of many like you and me. Let me tell you few things and please note whatever I say have a few exemptions.

1) First thing, your thought is a misconception that MPH lateral path is cheaper, it is many fold costly in total till your settle down.

2) The path you have mentioned was the only source few years back as forced by the US immigration laws that business visa was denied for step 2 and 3 but now they are giving business visas.

3) US embassy is finding fault in our motto to take the lateral path to get into residency. They advised me succinctly not to come for a student visa (for MPH or MHA).

4) If your real goal is to go for MPH then you can have a try but still embassy guys are suspicious about your intentions as they regard you just another guy who is taking lateral path to get into residency.

I will elaborate on each point if you got any doubts.

Thanks for questions. I think I have traveled enough in this path to advice you.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna11 Aug 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Regarding your Germany query, I did inquire about it quite a bit but I did not really apply or approach any university in reality. My opinions

1) Germany is an advanced nation with high scientific tempo.

2) They do offer MD/PHD combined degrees for post MBBS and the application part is mostly unconventional and one to one approach with university officials. I am not sure of private agencies helping in this.

3)Biggest hurdle is to learn and be proficient in German Language which is more essential for someone in clinical practice.

4) Regarding tuition cost, its almost sponsored by universities or nominal fee but expenses are to be met by students themselves.

5) My personal opinion is that it is best for basic science researches and advanced medical practice areas like arthroplasty etc. Neuroscience research in university of Bonn is outstanding.

6) Last but not least is MCI does not approve the degree awarded by Germany to practice straight away. Probably there is an exam to officially clear your path of eligibility to practice. (But in practice it is not a problem, it is only on papers)

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna13 Aug 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

@Research enthusiast.

You can go fro PhD without a master degree in US with an honors degree but the chances of getting in are less than Masters with similar academic stand.

Definitely subject GRE adds to your profile but it is not mandatory.

Steps to get into PhD should be taken early enough (during final year or before) to make the process easy by getting publications e.t.c

After MBBS it is better and easy to get into applied science PhDs like epidemiology, clinical research or translational research etc rather than basic core sciences like biochemistry or molecular biology which especially require subject GRE.

Hope this helps

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna17 Aug 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@Dr. Sahiba, I missed your query, sorry for the late response. You can go for MHA irrespective of your MCI screening or medical license. MHA is not related to clinical practice and the prospects of it is mainly in administrative jobs.

For you it is a good option if you are not able to make into clinical practice.

Good luck!!!

Guest Author: soumya dasgupta03 Sep 2013

I did my MBBS in the year 2012 and now doing my job in Dept of Ophthalmology in Kolkata. I am a mediocre student and find it impossible to study for many hours for PG entrance exam. Moreover, I cannot afford 40 lakhs for buying seats. Can you please inform me where I can get a clinical subject at low costs? I will be thankful to you.

Guest Author: nikita kumbhar05 Nov 2013

Hey, I am a second year MBBS student aspiring to do something other than the MD/MS rave which everyone runs behind.
I am specifically interested in going to New York University. There are courses like M.S there in various fields, but other than GRE or TOEFL, what else can you do to give yourself an edge above the other applicants?

Also, is it possible to become a nutritionist or a expert in the field of food technology after doing the MBBS course?
please do guide, I dont know who to,talk to about this.

Guest Author: robin06 Nov 2013

Sir please give your opinion about AIIMS Ph.D. course. What are the career prospects after that?

Guest Author: Dr R04 Dec 2013


Dear Dr. Nikhil:

I really appreciate the effort to solve these queries from so many prospective students.

I am MD in Community Medicine, I am planning to pursue DrPH/PhD in western Universities, I have been told that MPH is a prerequisite for many of the better institutions. Could please list any Colleges who would waive off MPH for admission into DrPH/PhD.

Thank you.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna10 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

@ Soumya Das Gupta, I understand your agony which many doctors out there too experience. Dont get disappointed, If you seriously put in efforts, sure you will get where you deserve.

I may not be the right person to tell about costs of pg seats but sure they are not as low as 40 lakhs for any clinical science.

If you want a non clinical science, its pretty easy to get in, even less than 20 lakhs in which they might ask you to work for the institution for a couple of years.

So, be clear what you want based on your interest and talent. Take a break from your job and introspect yourself

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna10 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

@ Nikita Kumbhar, It is good that you are clear what you want in 2nd year itself but someway I feel its too early to decide according to my self experience.

Once you start practicing as intern you may fall in love with medical practice. Anyways your off beat thought is appreciable.

As you are specifically interested in a particular university, go to the website of the university and see the requirements they have given there, next step would be to approach the department in which you are interested for more specific guidance.

Usually, having research experience, publications, special certifications give you an edge in the application process.
Your each move should be in that direction starting from now.

Good luck.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna10 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Dear Robin, PhD courses in India in medical-biomedical subjects are coming up these these days whose prospects have not been tested yet.

Coming to special things like AIIMS, CMC vellore, StJhons Bangalore, these universities are in the forefront in medical research in India.

AIIMS especially offers programs that are so unique like PhDs in clinical sciences say Pediatrics, OBG etc. For these courses you need an MD as an eligibility criteria. Hope you got that if you have an MD there should not be any problem for you future, PhD just adds to your profile and makes it more scholarly and gradually you find better leading & directing positions in that field.

The other PhD programs like biotechnology, transplant immunology invites applications from both MBBS and MSc students where non medical students usually outsmart us because of our lack of experience in pure sciences lab work etc.

Nonetheless, if you are interested go for it. After PhD you should do post doctoral work for a couple of years which really dictate you future by making associations with good researchers and publishing in international journals.

GOLDEN RULE: If you do original work in research, sky is the limit for your name, fame, money, status and SATISFACTION!

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna10 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Hello Dr R. Thanks for your compliments.

Sir, you have quite good chances of getting into PhD without MPH though little tough. It could be possible if you have special certifications in biostatistics, software usages in biostat like R, STATA or publications in international journals. Even without all these you have pretty good chances but many not be in the best university out there. Without even all these special qualifications, your application will be placed on the top out of all applicants who are just MBBS or MSc without these special qualifications.

Let me tell you one basic thing. Usually PhD consists of around 60 credits (takes around 5 years) and MPH consists of around 40 credits.(takes around 2-3 years). But if you complete MPH, in most of the instances you will carry the masters credits and you may have to work only for 2-3 years more.

PhDs are usually totally funded but masters depends. That is the difference I guess.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna10 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@Nelson cyriac, your options are too wide and vague. If you are really interested, do some self research and narrow down your options and I will get back to you. Remember, try to do work that is close to medicine unlike biophysics which would be really tough.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna10 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

@KVRP, you can find diploma in emergency medicine in hospitals like APOLLO, YASHODA, CARE etc.

Approach the academic department there and they will guide you.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna10 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@ Shravan, I appreciate your special interest in evolutionary biology in US. I am sorry but I do not know which is the best university for it.

Most likely requirements are bachelors degree in life sciences, few credits in anthropology. General GRE, TOEFL. May be Subject GRE in biology may give you an edge.

Guest Author: SUMEDHA KUKREJA15 Dec 2013

Hello doc... I have completed my MBBS last year along with internship. Can you please suggest me some good option for Diploma or MD which is clinical also and does not require much capitation and long working hours?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna17 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hello Sumedha, Do you want to get a seat through donation or win the written tests?

If you want a cool clinical branch, then dermatology, psychiatry, ophthalmology stand in the forefront. Capitation also should be relatively low. Good luck!

Guest Author: Maseeh Manzoor21 Dec 2013

Hello doc
I am in the 2nd year of my MBBS. I am not pretty sure about my clinical knowledge as I have not taken a serious interest in this field, but to be fair, I don't want to do clinical practice, so according to you what are the options that I can look after the completion of my MBBS degree so that I could play a vital role in medical field? And one more thing, I don't want to give MCI screening test. Please help me out doc.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna23 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

@Maseen Manzoor

As I have already mentioned, you have various options like non-clinical medical sciences like Microbiology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Forensic science, Pharmacology, Physiology etc. But without MCI screening you can only go for non medical post graduations like management sciences pertaining to health industry like health management, hospital administration etc

you can also work as medical reviewer for pharma companies, clinical trials or you can work in health insurance companies as claims officer.

Guest Author: Dr.Em05 Jan 2014

Dr. Nikhil,
Thank you for generously solving our queries.
I looked into the MPH, as well as MPhil/MSc courses offered by many countries including USA, UK and Australia.
The thing that strikes me is that the pay/opportunities after finishing your course in the US itself are a bit dim, especially considering I am from a private college in India.

UK has lot of options and well salaried jobs and courses.
My concern, the time frame, investment, and whether I will be able to pay back student loans (if they are necessary).

And i have another option of buying an ENT seat here. And I am confused which to opt for. It has always been my dream to go abroad. But don't want regret later that i could have had clinical practice here. its a tough choice for me,kindly advice.

Guest Author: LEENA09 Jan 2014

Hello sir,I have completed my mbbs in 2013 along with internship in India..I am preparing for USMLE..I have heard that meanwhile I can get into MPH and work through online..If so can you please let me know how can I apply for it???

Guest Author: G Mayukha22 Jan 2014

Hello sir,
I'm a 2nd year mbbs student. I'm interested in doing my pg abroad. But I would also write AIPGMEE as I want to be open to all the options. I want to know how different is USMLE from AIPGMEE? When should I start taking any coaching for both the exams and for TOEFL or GRE? There are no coaching centres in or close to the place I live in. I don't know who to ask. Kindly guide me, sir.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna28 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Hello Dr Em.

1) Firstly your private college background has no role at all in deciding your prospects of US career be it a clinical one or a management one. US is still accommodative if you are enough talented and interested. Its no just in US but look for placements in WHO etc (global chances)

I have barely any idea bout UK but as far as I know it is not as welcoming as it was for clinical practitioners. There is also some problem with PRs.

Going abroad is a passion for many as the systems running there provide ample of opportunities but weigh all the pros and cons. Contacting directly the university officials and ex students should be the best approach.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna28 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Hello Leena, How far you have come in your preparation. Do not think about anything else until you finish Step 1 & 2Ck. Atleast step one you finish, then I can guide you exactly what to do.

Do not take hundreds of advises and get confused. Trend changes day by day. It is not a better choice to go for MPH anymore when they are offering business visa for steps and interviews. This is said to me by the visa officer herself in visa interview.

And moreover its not work online kind of thing. Work online kind of things are of no use in our context. The sole idea of the MPH was to get a visa, and improve contacts, do research etc until you get a match.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna28 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Hi Mayukha, the basic difference between Indian exams and USMLE is the objective of testing. Indian exams test memory based facts as well as very concepts. USMLE would be purely to test your concepts in depth.

Every question there is a clinical scenario and the choice of clinical managements. They relate the clinical sciences to basic sciences very well unlike us, where we just see the para clinicals and clinicals as different entities.

For USMLE just forget about the GRE TOEFL etc. (unless you want to do MPH, PhD etc) It is all irrelevant these days. Scores in USMLE steps is very important.

Guest Author: Mayukha G29 Jan 2014

Thank you sir. Would you suggest any online coaching classes? Because as I already mentioned there are no coaching centres in or close to the place I live in.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna29 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Kaplan is the Gold standard for the preparation. The material is time tested and highly acclaimed for USMLE. There are kaplan subcenters through out the metro cities. They might charge you a good sum. But if you just want the material not their one to one guidance then you can find the material on the internet.
1)Kaplan videos
2)Kaplan text books
3)First Aid for step one
4) Uworld
Get those and start preparing. Dr. Najeeb is a wonderful teacher who teach from the scratch. Go to his website and watch the demo videos. If you like then pay for the online video content.

Guest Author: Mayukha G30 Jan 2014

Thank you so much sir, very kind of you. That's really helpful. I'll start preparing.

Guest Author: ravi08 Feb 2014

Sir after one year drop getting MD physio biochem micri in govt. college and DNB family medicine. What should I do?
Or I should drop one more year? In future I want to set up a private nursing home.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna09 Feb 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

I could not get your problem. Did you get any seat last year and you dropped?

To setup a private nursing home, you need to do a clinical MD and not a non clinical like physio biochem path etc.

Guest Author: kapil20 Feb 2014

Hi sir

I just completed my mbbs from India. I wanted to peruse furthur my studies in us/Australia as masters in public health (mph). I just wanted to know that what all is needed to go there n pursue this course n also what are the job opportunities. I want to join WHO in future.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna20 Feb 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Kapil, your goals is clear that you want to work under public health domain which is very good. For US you need to clear GRE and TOEFL. After clearing the exams you have to apply to universities individually or through SOPHAS (common application platform for public health). You can apply for Augusst session (fall) or January (winter). Few schools have summer session too.

I have no idea about Australia but I guess you might not need it. You can go through current WHO job profiles and contact concerned people which may also useful in your visa process.

Guest Author: Purvi28 Feb 2014

Hello Dr. Nikhil,
I have completed my MBBS n preparing for MCI now. I am getting married to a guy settled in USA. I just wanted to ask the scope of MHA in USA. Good pay? Or should I go into research? I am confused, please help. And can I get into research directly after MBBS?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna02 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Hello Purvi, congrats on your marriage.

1) Firstly you do not need to clear MCI for settling in US right? so better spent your energy on US opportunities.

2) Scope of MHA should be good but can not be comparable to clinical practice

3) MHA or research? Just do not chose research because MHA is not offering good pay and prospects. Please do chose if and only you have passion. This is one prerequisite for that work.

4) You can get research post MBBS but it is very competitive. It is like you have to pick up in bits and patches first to get credentials to face the competition in the research applications. They see your research insights, GRE scores, prior relevant research work done , recommendation letters. This is what I know sitting here. Your approach in person there may have different results (with your visa status etc) based on the impression that you make on your mentor. I request you to read about potential research areas and your interests and where the world is now in research. Do not lose hope reading all this, interest matters!!

Good luck in choosing and chasing your dreams.

Guest Author: dr afsal sharaf03 Mar 2014

Hello sir, I just finished my mbbs degree from ukraine without an internship , I want to know in any good countries, if I can do my internship without exam and work there after.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna04 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

@ Afsal, it depends on the university that is awarding you the medical degree. If it permits/accepts you can do internship in any part and get your degree.

Indians usually do internship here in India after passing the final medical exams and clear the MCI to become equal with Indian medical graduates. Both are required anyway, the internship as well as the exam.

Guest Author: kishore09 Mar 2014

hello Dr.Nikhil,

I've completed my final year mbbs.

It will be of great help, if you give me an insight regarding the following:

-what is the scope for a doctor(mbbs) with engineering( - ECE) degree too.

-Got good knowledge in robotics, programming and designing there any career openings in R&D of any MNC's(like GE,etc.,.) ?

-what is the career scope for MMST course at IIT kharagpur?

-is biomedical engineering apt for me?

-about biomedical instrumentation- R&D and its scope in india and abroad.

-about biomedical scientist and its scope in india and abroad.

-can you suggest some careers both in India and abroad,which can be the best for such a combo.

Guest Author: Rai14 Mar 2014

Hi I am right now giving my +2 exams I want to settle in USA and I have taken science and arts subjects. I want to know which one has better scope- if I do MBBS or BDS in India and then go US or start my MBBS there after pre-med school. And I even wanted to know better scope of doing graduation in India then Post grad in US or doing both in US from start?

Guest Author: Manak17 Mar 2014

Hello Dr Nikhil,

i am Dr Manak., completed my Mbbs 5 yr back, in govt job at present (since one year on contract). Not satisfied with my job, was not able to get through Indian pgs after various attempts. Are there any good affordable courses abroad which I can pursue and have progressive life. I am 30 and find myself stuck with this degree which i find non progressive.

Guest Author: sunny30 Mar 2014

sir, I complete MD Physician from Russia that is equal to MBBS in India. I can't able to pass MCI.I heared about MPH study can I get admission in this course in India and can you work without clearing MCI exam?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna01 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

@ Kishore, Such Combo is very tough and rare. To tread up on such a path, you should make up your mind for the risks.

As you want to go for a technical career, it is much better to hit it abroad especially US, Germany for technical or research career. If you are sure you would not regret leaving a clinical career, then you can take the risk and you might stand a leader for such paths for Indian MBBS students who have similar passions.

I am not clear by your question, if you have got both degrees by now or not.

For IIT course they need MBPC combo till pre-university level, then crack their exam and get selected.

You will make a great, unique career if you are passionate and ready to take risks in those fields. There is no end for role of technology applications in medicine.

Good luck!

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna01 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

@ Rai, Please mention your visa and citizenship status and specific interests of career (less than 3 options).

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna01 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@Dr.Manak, you can well try for a residency in European countries like Denmark or some coldest parts of Canada like Saskatchewan if you are ready to settle there.

The process involves an exam to qualify (no hassle of getting a rank) and procuring a visa, sometimes a bond of mandatory work for few years.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna01 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3


If in the eligibility criteria it says for MBBS candidates only, then you need to pass MCI, If it allows other graduates also then you will not need MCI.

As per my knowledge, MCI screening is for medical practice not needed for hospital administration. But with MHA + MCI screening you will be placed better like a resident medical doctor or you will be a manager of non clinical things. You can contact the specific university for exact thing

Guest Author: Dr. K07 Apr 2014

What are the job prospects in US after an MHA (after MBBS from India)?

Guest Author: niv10 Apr 2014

Hi Dr. Nikhil..
Thanks a lot for guiding many confused & tensed minds like mine over here...
I have completed my MBBS 2 yrs back.. tried for 2yrs but didnt get any clinical pg here in India.. I got married last month.. my husband is an engineer & working in USA.. I have been exploring my further study options there in USA since last few months.. I found the option of doing MBA very much interesting.. My question to you is.. considering job opportunities n salaries,which MBA will b better ? ..General MBA or Healthcare MBA? I would like to work in a pharma industry or would love to manage hospitals ... is it true that healthcare MBA will narrow down my career options? do I need to worry about getting a decent paying job after doing healthcare MBA from an avg univ? how is d job scenario there?

Please help.. I would be really very grateful to you..

Guest Author: Sam14 Apr 2014

Hello Dr Nikhil,
Is there any link showing further studies modules in Denmark? What are the exam requirement, mode of registration?

Guest Author: pallavi04 Jun 2014

How about MS Physiology in US? After MBBS in India what is the career scope and pay?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna04 Jun 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Sorry for being away for some time.

@Dr.K, You can be placed as hospital managers. I will get back to you shortly with exact scenario.

@Nivi, Many are in a situation like you. When you are safe with visa status , say a green card, then your career will be fine. MBA in health care will give you an advantage and meaning to your background though its your real interest that matters. Yes narrowing down options is sometimes better. Its a tough thing in building a career being into breadth of things and at the same time depth in something. But depth matters, it will you give an edge.

@Sam, I had a contact number of the person who deals with it, write me an email, I will share or you can find on naukri website.

@Pallavi, Did you mean to return to India after MS physiology in US? not a good idea I think. The scope would be work in teaching institutes or research.

Guest Author: vijay07 Jun 2014

What is Dawn Dch and Dgo? Can we practice as consultant after doing these courses? Please guide. I am MBBS from Govt Medical College in Maharashtra.

Guest Author: vijay07 Jun 2014

Sir , I want to know about courses offered by icmch kolkatta called as Dawn DCH and DGO. Are they worthy courses? Can I practice as specialist after doing these courses ?

Guest Author: Mayukha10 Jun 2014

Sir, I'm a second year mbbs student. I want to take research after mbbs either in India or abroad. I heard only meritorious students are accepted into research. My first year percentage was just 60%. Do I have a chance? What are my options, sir?

Guest Author: Bushra11 Jun 2014

Thanks for this nice article. It's really helpful to take a decision.

I am a Medical Graduate from Bangladesh. I wanna do MPH from US. Can you please help me by providing some information about the working opportunities in US with a MPH degree and also about the pay scale for that? Will my MBBS degree give me an extra point or special work field there? As you have mentioned that USMLE is a time and money consuming option, so can you guide me about taking MPH for a better future?


Guest Author: nitin24 Jun 2014

Hi Dr. Nikhil..I have done MBBS and have 2 year clinical experience. I want to do PhD from USA. Could you tell me that how much weightage you give to paper publish or good gre score(90%) plus is enough to find good college in USA. Thank you.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna30 Jun 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

@Vijay, I have never heard of the "dawn" DCH but DcH is a well known pg diploma of pediatrics and DGO is a well known diploma in gyn-obs. You can comfortably practice. When it comes to positions as faculty in medical college, diplomas are usually not considered for professorship or above positions. You are undoubtedly a specialist.

@Mayukha, You are not correct as far as merit weightage is considered. Your undergraduate research work and publications matter either for India or abroad. Do some ICMR project before you graduate, that will be fetching. I personally advice you to learn things, where research stands today and have specific areas of interest. That is sufficient. No merit is required.

@Bushra, MPH is a good option and you will certainly have an edge as an MBBS graduate. and actually it depends where you do this degree do and the course curriculum. You can be an epidemiologist, an investigator any where in the world. You can work with WHO projects across the globe. Pay scale should be good enough but I can not say in numbers.

@Nitin, Definitely publishing paper in an international journal will place you far ahead. 80+ GRE should be ok for many universties. But tell me in what area you want to do PhD, clinical or basic sciences or some other thing and what areas did you publish, then I can guide you better.

Guest Author: Safi04 Jul 2014


I'm a senior medical student in a private university in one of the gulf countries I'll be doing my internship next year. I was recently diagnosed with hepatitis B infection. All my dreams of becoming a surgeon are shattered and so is any hope of a future medical clinical practice. My parents are devastated, they have spent an enormous amount of money on my education. I was planning to do USMLE step 1 and 2 and head to the US.

I started looking up alternative routes. I thought of the following postgraduate courses in europe/USA:
Master of biomedicine
Master of molecular medicine
Master of public health administration
Master of pathology/ immunology/ anatomy/ microbiology
Master of pharmacy
Master of clinical research and translational medicine
Master of infection biology

What is the scope of each in europe and north america? as i'm planning to reside or migrate there

I want some guidance I'm open to any career route other than clinical practice: research, pharmaceutical companies, WHO, hospital administration, academia

Which one would givec me an edge when applying for a PhD? (For possible career in academia)

Which one would be superior financially and more ucrative? soon after my father retires I would be my family's sole provider I'm their only child

Should I do 2 degrees for example MPH and master of molecular
medicine? Would this give me an edge in the job market?

Should I carry on with USMLE step 1 I'm almost done with my preparations and ready to give the exam or will it be just a waste of time and effort?

I would appreciate any kind of help, input, or suggestions

Guest Author: shaf06 Jul 2014

Hello Doctor

I finished my MBBS from the best college in Srilanka in 2009 without completing internship as I got a full fledged MBBS degree certificate because I wanted to pursue Hospital Management. I finished my Masters in Healthcare Management from a top Business school in the UK and worked in National Health services UK in different capacities in Hospital/Healthcare administration.

Now I have moved back to India and would like to start a career here. I have not cleared the MCI screening test as I had a pre conceived notion that that it is not required in administration/management fields of healthcare.

Could you please advise me what prospects do I have in India? I am open to hospital administration,pharmaceutical industry and consulting.

Many Thanks

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna06 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Dear Shaf, your idea must be true, you can have a career in administration. But the health care industry of NHS in not comparable to Indian system. And also health care management positions are not well defined in India until recent past. It will take more good shape in future. It is in evolution and I think you will have great time. Trust yourself and market yourself. Be an entrepreneur in health care.

Best wishes

Guest Author: kuldeep09 Jul 2014

Hello Doctor
My sister completed MBBS in India and interested in pursuing her career in USA .She applied for MPH in Drexel and UTEP (Univ of Texas At El Paso) She is planning to study for her residency while doing MPH program ,however if she doesn't clear the USMLE what would be an alternative career?How is the job situation and pay scale for MPH graduates.I heard from a friend who knew a couple of people graduated from Drexel could not find any jobs and returned to India.

Guest Author: sonam11 Jul 2014

Hello Dr,
I am a final year engineering student age 23. I always wanted to be a doctor but couldn't. I had appeared after 12th twice but always landed up with BDS in a semi private college. Somehow landed up in Engg.and am doing exceptionally well but I am not happy or satisfied. This is not where I see myself. I had a different objective altogether. I have decided on appearing again for medical entrance in 2015. I just want to know will it be wise to take this decision now. My parents are worried because if I get in at 24 I will be completing by 30 and can't get married in the middle.
Moreover will it be correct to take this decision now??
Please do reply.I have nobody who can help me out.

Guest Author: Debadeep Chaudhury12 Jul 2014

I'm going to study my MBBS in Germany. So what are my chances of jobs or successful career after returning to India ?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna14 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Mr.Kuldeep, Yes that is what most people used to do, take MPH and try for residency but now things are changed. The reason they used to do so is a visa concern, where doctors are denied a business visa for step2 CS, rotations, research etc until interviews and matching.

Now it is straight that you need not do take this lateral path. If the main target is residency and this is just for US stay and improve profile, people chose courses in that direction, MPH (as it makes you aware of research methodologies and you will be near to hospital to build up contacts) or sports medicine or MHA (health admin) or a J1 research position and make sure that it is not hectic and expensive. They used to leave the degree midway once they get matched for residency.

People who also consider alternative career and prime motive to get into US should join a program with more standard curriculum and may have to bear more expenses.

As a matter of fact going there, joining MPH and clearing MLE is no more a clever advice but I say its not impossible. It is best if she clears both steps here and then go for MPH as there will not be burden of exams again.

Exact prospects of MPH are not known to me at this point of time. but MPH program that has a very good thesis work make you get absorbed as an epidemiologist ( a pretty decent job). If the curriculum has much emphasis of statistics, again it comes handy to into research.

See, if you do it Harvard or Johns Hopkins, you will be placed best in the world with very high pay. Drexel is a private university, I am not very sure of its MPH curriculum. Be a part of something like Framingham's study, then your prospects are much brighter.

So all in all, go for top public health school if you are serious about such career. The element of unpredictability is always there, so do not always compare with others. Take some calculated risks.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna14 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Hello Sonam, I am short of words to appreciate your apparent interest in medicine. The decision you took is no surprise for some on in US or UK or some other part of world. People go to schools at 50 or even older age. They just want to live with what they love.

Its not just your decision but also your parents and social concerns that need to be kept in mind now because until the society changes you will have a tough time all the way, say people in medical school look up on you in a different way for quite sometime.

But when you feel if your life remains meaning less without medicine, you should go for it against all odds. We need doctors of such passion and compassion to treat lives. In the end you will be honored very differently as you have taken different risks. 30 is not an old age to get married and people sometime marry during MBBS (not advisable though).

Take into consideration your finances also, you are not going to earn anything for more years, can your family accept that?

One alternative if you take a decision to go for medicine is Russian,Philippine,china, Malaysia universities. where it is relatively cheap. no one cares your age and you do not have to answer such nagging Indian questions. Quality of education may slightly differ but I met people who are doing great after coming from there.

Having said all this, It really matters the amount of interest you have and your exact dream. If you just want to be associated with life's processes and medical industry rather than exactly treating patients, go for bio medical research which is infact amazing than practicing medicine (personal opinion only). I will tell you more details, let me know if you are considering that option.

Let me also know your branch of engineering. Good to know you are doing well there.

Feel free to ask,

Best wishes

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna14 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Debadeep, MCI does not approve German medical degrees and you need to clear their exam before you practice in India. Germany is great.

Good luck.

Guest Author: Raj14 Jul 2014

Hi, I'm 30 and still MBBS degree holder. Tried for PG many times but didn't get field of my choice. I don't think its feasible to go for it now as I know I would not get it. Low and unsatisfactory jobs after MBBS. Still unmarried, Can you suggest any alternate I can go for now atleast to have some better prospects even if I stay alone. How to decide to look for career or get married. No one would marry person without stable career, how to get a stable career in medicine.

Guest Author: Shaf15 Jul 2014

Dear Doctor,

Many Thanks for your prompt reply. Undoubtedly the two healthcare industries and systems are widely different in most of the aspects. But at the end of the day it is work experience and should count in India. Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful idea but it needs massive capital which I do not have ! So only way forward is to look for work. Could you please suggest how and where to look for jobs within healthcare industry? Yes it certainly is evolving, can you briefly suggest what capacities I could work in ? and does my MBBS give me an extra edge even though I have not passed my MCI ?

Guest Author: Krishna Rajdev16 Jul 2014

Hello Dr,
I am pursuing Electronic and communication engineering.
Then too my parents couldn't afford a private college neither can they now. I had cleared Mahe Manipal entrance in 2010 but it was way too costly and had ranked 1320 in my state medical but got b.d.s in a semi govt. Clg.I know not how things happened all of a sudden which is a long story but I was admitted in engineering.
What I have thought is I wish to reappear in medical entrance this year and pursue that which will really satiate my sole dream and passion.
Sir I would like to know certain more things can I get your mail id.

Guest Author: Rosalin Micheal16 Jul 2014

I have done my MBBS from Russia n I have passed the MCI exam I have got my permanent registration. And after that I have worked in a clinical research company for 7 months. And now I think I can have a future in this..I just want to ask are they any such jobs in US or UK as I heard there is a huge market for pharmaceutical industries. I just want to know what are the criteria to work there.? Or are there any exams I have to give before working in clinical research organisation. If it is it compulsory to give exam or I can directly take a job?

Guest Author: dr virat17 Jul 2014

what does it means to be mbbs at age of 30 jobless, unmarried. tried many times for pg but didnt get it into field of liking. mbbs jobs are breath taking. any alternate optiin now

Guest Author: samdadoc20 Jul 2014

Hello Sir, I am a 2nd year MBBS student at UCMS, Delhiand I'm hell bent on the USMLEs. I had planned each and every thing when I was in Class 11th and now I'm preparing for the Step-1 and will be taking it very soon. I wanted to ask you whether is it true or not that Indian doctors, after completing their residency in the USA will have to return back and wont have to settle there. Recently, I heard Ghulam Nabi proposing about not issuing NORI certificates which will force Indian docs to return back. Is it true? Can we hope of some changes in the near future? Please reply, Sir.Thank You!

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna22 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

@Raj, please tell your interests and other goals in life. Also mention any other qualifications apart from MBBS that you have. I will try to help you out. Do not worry. Age is not a barrier, you can do anything.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna22 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

@Shaf, you join newly evolving hospitals, chain of clinics, independent health units like mobile clinics etc. You can work as HR, recruiter and supervisor. If you have experience in clinical audit, you will be a leader in India.

I recently came to know a bangalore based chain of clinics "Modern family doctor", please contact them. they are in a process to spread it to pan India.

Bear in your mind, as long as you want to help people, God helps you and you can succeed as an entrepreneur.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna22 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

@ Suraj, very good. You will have a bright future, you may need an exam. I recently got consulted by a consultancy called 'Veritas' , its a beautiful job with a H1b. I just have an additional certification of clinical research but you have work experience, they should take you. I am committed in India for a research program, so I did not give my consent. You make a good CV and put in naukri.

@Sonam, yes, write to me your queries. nikhilrathna google mail.

@Virat, many options dude. Start exploring. keep faith.

@Samdadoc, If you are on J1, you have to come back to home country and again you can go. I think Azad's idea did not work. Do not worry, its violation of human rights if it happens, I will be with you in the fight against such meaning less rules :). Government has right on us if and only it sponsors our under graduation education. There is a way to break or bypass any rule. Just focus on studies and target a H1 sponsorship.

Guest Author: Raj23 Jul 2014

Hello Dr Nikhil. i am Dr Raj ( above post )
I am interested pretty much in sports, regular in gym. Also play badminton and table tennis a lot. Have a good physique. Is there any gym tariner course one can do. I hold degrees of AFIH, ACLS, BLS and Trauma management course. Mbbs jobs were never satisfactory. Any scope india and abroad. I think lost a way bit in medicine, due to unsuccess. I always wanted to settle abroad. (even if not a career in medicine)

Guest Author: Kalpesh25 Jul 2014

@ Dr Nikhil,
I also did receive call from veritas for clinical research jobs in us. Are they legit or money minting. How are prospects of these jobs.
Also about taxila American university TAU offering courses for clinical cardiology and dialysis 2 yr courses. How are these ones.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna25 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

@Raj, do a degree in sports medicine in countries like US. It may incur some expenses but you will get what you want in life. There are so many courses apart from sports medicine like the below one

@Kalpesh, not sure if they are legit or not. Just take the process ahead and do not spill any money until you feel logical and with legit proofs. Prospects are of drug trial industry, It is always possible to shift across disciplines in US with your medical background. TAU is very new to brand it something. I have no more information as of now.

GENERAL TIP: Just ask the consultancy or the recruiting agency (3rd party or that belongs to the company/college itself) to have a contact of the person who is done with it or currently doing. From there you procure more contacts as the contact they have given might be well trained to speak positively about them. This is how I used to do and I never got into any false agencies.

Guest Author: Raj26 Jul 2014

Hi Dr Nikhil,
Can one go into sports medicine courses abroad, in us or Australia , directly after MBBS or one has to clear their licensing exams. I would be grateful if you provide some links.

Guest Author: Raj28 Jul 2014

hi, can you give me some links of good courses abroad post mbbs where their licencing exam is not required.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna28 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Raj, there is no need of medical licensing exam for that, you can directly join sports medicine kind of courses and the license for practicing it is given after the course.

Guest Author: Raj30 Jul 2014

I have completed my MBBS degree from a private university in Chennai.

I would like to pursue my career in USA but am not interested in clinical practice so am not opting for USMLE.

Masters degree or Research, which one do you think would give a better career opportunity regarding the availability of jobs and pay ?

I am going to my course on loan so I cannot afford expensive courses. Which course will be affordable and also with good returns ?

Kindly advice.

Guest Author: dr.prem30 Jul 2014

Hello Dr.Nikhil
I would like to ask three things
1)Which is easier to get into by applying from India, master's or PhD ?
2)Which of the two is a cheaper option ?
3)Which of the two has better job opportunities ?

Guest Author: lokesh30 Jul 2014

@ Dr Nikhil,
Could you please tell me the various Master's degrees I can go for after my MBBS?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna31 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@Raj, I think all your questions are answered in different places on this page. Please go through and let me know specifically what you want.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna31 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Dear Prem,

1)Which is easier to get into by applying from India, master's or PhD ?
Ans: Masters

2)Which of the two is a cheaper option ?
Ans: PhD are funded (to nullify tuition fee ) and 99% paid

3)Which of the two has better job opportunities ?
Ans: Depends on the field. PhD is academically superior in general.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna31 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Lokesh, you can do any masters that other life sciences people can do. Its only your interest that should decide.

Kindly check out MS program in JNCASR.

Guest Author: vikram03 Aug 2014

I would like to ask if I get selected B in ICMR as a scientist where eligibility criteria is only MBBS then what are the scope for me for future education while doing government service ?

Guest Author: atul04 Aug 2014

Hello sir,
I am in 1st year mbbs. I would like to know how many years gap is allowed between mbbs and ms ( genral surgry) if I can take enough gap between mbbs and Ms can I do mph in that period. What are the possibilities which will give me better chances for admission for both . As i willing to spend time studying. I want to work for people specifically for developing and underdeveloped countries. Secondly how much time(duration of admission process) in mph. As I am planning to work in African continent if I have more than 3 Months.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna04 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Hi Vikram, If your interest is research, go for it but research experience and medical pg education are unrelated. They can not function synergistically. For research education it will help.

This is an opportunity many are not aware of, think before you miss it!

Guest Author: Manu05 Aug 2014

Sir I have completed my MBBS from Nepal in 2012 with internship but not cleared my MCI exam even after 6 attempt it is very disappointing for me as well as for my family & I am married also now at this time I am in very much pressure that my carrier of being a doctor has finished my all batch met juniors have cleared the MCI exam & also taken the admission in PG by paid seat now what to do sir I am very much in frustration level from where I am not able to come out now every thin appears to be blank in front of me in spite of doing hard work

Guest Author: vikram06 Aug 2014

@Dr Nikhil, thank you very much sir.
actually i have been working in the field of epidemiological research only and now if i chose to go for this opportunity, are there any provisions for permanent government employee by which i can go for my higher education (lets say master in epidemiology) while doing government job.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna06 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Hi Manu, Do not be decisive about yourselves based on past failures. Do not lose hope. Every one has their own worth which only needs time to be proven of. I heard that MCI exam is getting tough and biased to promote Indian degree. But keep trying, it is not impossible.

Basic point is, if you are not keen on settling in India, you can put the same effort in clearing other exams to get an abroad license like in specific European countries or Canada. By default Indian MBBS have a license here so we struggle here to settle first and abroad is a second choice but you are different in this regard.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna06 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Vikram, where are you working now? in a govt organization? I did not get you if you are already in ICMR as an epidemiologist or you want to join?

Anyway your govt job will give you an edge in admission, visa and funding as well. I am not sure if you can ask the organization to sponsor you for a J1 with a bond to return to the same job after you finish your education. There is a chance, just find out.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna06 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@Atul, your questions are not at all clear! There is no gap specifically allowed between MBBS and MS. But if in USMLE you have to make sure its as small as possible say one or two years. MPH is discussed already.

Guest Author: Pari07 Aug 2014

Hello Dr Nikhil,
I have done MBBS and MD pediatrics from India and now I want to get into a non clinical area which is not that stressful and doesnot require working for long hours and night shifts.I was thinking of joining medical research but I have no publications as of now.Can you please guide me on how to get into it and what are the good institutes for it in India. Also, what is the eligibilty and the scope (future) after you get into research as a full time career.

Guest Author: Divya07 Aug 2014

I did my MBBS in china university and did not clear my MCI still even after 5 attempts.
I am currently very confused and looks like all the doors are closed for my career aspects.

Could you suggest me any course/program that I can do without MCI.

Please help.


Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna08 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Hello Pari, I do not know why you have to take so much risk after an MD to enter into research unless it is giving you sleepless nights.

Now I think a red carpet is getting ready for people like you in translational research. Lets wait. But I think you should practice pediatrics for quite some time to pick up your areas of medical research. Definitely you have to be in applied that too in medical research. In coming years pure science is going to vanish and doctors and applied people have lot of inputs to give or even work as mainstream researchers. Translational research can only fetch good grants hereafter.

There is no end for human diseases or to study the way the body is engineered, so there is no limit to research.

At this point of time the pay and positions are not assured but ICMR and even DST, DBT will be funding lot to translational research.

To get started practice pediatrics at your own convenience with research outlook. You can better suit to genetic studies/ inborn errors etc.

I wish you all the best.

Guest Author: Aakash09 Aug 2014

Hello Sir,
I have completed my mbbs in 2013 from a reputed govt medical
College in India. Currently i am preparing for the various entrance
exams,which is too tough and the competition is
tremendous(unimaginable). So while exploring the other options
I think i have developed intrest towards MHA in India or elsewhere.
So can u plz help out on the following questions:
1.MHA-will it b equal to MS/MD,financially??? Like the expenditure
As well as the returns(salary)
2.Doing MHA-India or abroad?? Which should be better??
3.employment options after MHA??(like what job do they give u?because i come from a family with good medical background and never have i heard anyone getting a job as a hospital manager n also neve have i come across any advertisements regarding that sort)
4.even if i do MHA from a reputed institute n with good ranks,is there GURANTEED employment?
These queries have come across me because of my
Interest in administration n entering the corporate world!!
Thank you.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna10 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

@Divya, If you think you can not and do not want to try MCI again then 3 broad options.

1)Health management


3)Insurance claims officer

You can do anything which do not involve touching/treating patients. If not hard core research you can do some clinical research/drug trial research certification courses and work as clinical investigator in clinical research field.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna10 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Akash, MBBS+MHA will give you edge as an RMO, Medical superindent, HR, Hospital manager.

If you do it in abroad you will be better placed there or international organisations like WHO.

We can not speak in terms of guarantees or compare it with main stream medical practice financially.

Guest Author: Yogesh12 Aug 2014

hi Dr Nikhil,
If we apply for pr post MBBS for Australia or Canada.
can we get some better jobs apart from clearing the licensing exam.

Guest Author: Jaish12 Aug 2014

Hello Dr Nikhil,
I did completed my mbbs from govt college 5 yrs back. Tried for pg many times but not successful to get stream of my choice( any clinical / para ). Did many jobs along. Now I'm 30, started my own clinic. Can you suggest some course which can be done along. Courses that can help me to settle abroad.
sometimes its gets very frustrating so see that you not even settle at this age.

Guest Author: ranbir13 Aug 2014

hello sir

I am studying in pvt. medical college in India in first year and I want to know full procedure for usmle
I heard from my cousin that we can give step 1 of usmle at the end of second year of MBBS
is it true ? If yes what are the benefits of it

Sir I also want to know that can I do something regarding psychology in U.S.A. /INDIA after MBBS in India

sir please guide me

Guest Author: dr sagar17 Aug 2014

Dr sagar. hello sir. I m a fmge passed my MCI exam but due to family issues got into job. I am am planing to peruse post grad or phd in clinical research and trials. I want to know can I get admission for such course in US and what is the job guarantee dr. How much is the course gonna cost me? Which university in US? Will they offer me stipend ? I have worked in LUPIN pharma in BA/BE studies and ryt now working with TCS as medical reviewer. I am worried if do I have good future in US or in INDIA after completing this particular course.please guide me. Will be very thankful. Thank you

Guest Author: RASHU18 Aug 2014

Hello sir , I have completed mbbs in 2010 with internship from govt medical college then prepared for Indian pg for 2 yr but not able to get a clinical seat , then I did few jobs here n there as demonstrator but again m not satisfied n left that , I am 30 now n completely blank . Few days back I have selected for jrship in AIIMS Raipur but I left that also , right now I am very confused what to do , I don't have good clinical knowledge also as from last 4 yr I have not done any clinical job or anything clinical after completing my mbbs, I'm unmarried . What to do now , whether to prepare for indian pg or join job somewhere , just few days back result of medical officer in up govt came where I have got selected, previously 1 more time I have got selected but didn't join . Now family pressure and society pressure to settle life to get married n so on. I'm very much confused what to do , please help sir.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna20 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Jaish, you can do some distant learning clinical research or MBA programs and improve your profile.

Ranbir, you can write step1 after you clear pre para clinicals (after 2nd year). To do psychology you need not be a doctor, probably what you are referring must be psychiatry. There is no benefit to appear at that time without adequate orientation and preparation.

Dr sagar, there is no PhD as such in clinical trials (I mean its not popular), clinical drug trials is not any innovative work though it carries the word research. If at all you need a PhD then there is something called PhD/MS in translational research in many US universities. Your work as medical reviewer may help a bit. Future is bright in translation or even drug trials (well paid).

Rashu, please do not lose heart, every other medico is like you as getting a pg seat depends on many factors. you can make difference with your own abilities to the society. First sit down and think what you wanna do in life and what you are good at. Let me know then I will try to help.

Author: nikhil21 Aug 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 5

Hi Nikhil,
I'm a third year MBBS student from a reputed government medical college in Mumbai and I'm interested in pursuing a career in microbiology research.
I had applied for the ICMR studentship this year but didn't get selected. I have continued doing my project and hope to get it published once it completes.
I intend to apply again next year and have two research studies to my name.

Is it possible to for me to apply for a PhD programme in US universities after completing my MBBS here?
How good/bleak are the chances?
I tried searching for masters programmes in microbiology and immunology but couldn't find many. Most unis offer a direct doctoral programme only.

Could you help me with this?
And could you possibly provide a few sites where I can search for programmes most suited to me?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna22 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Nikhil, congrats for your attempts in research

It is absolutely possible to get into PhD in US after MBBS. build up a good profile.

You definitely have MS programs in your area of interest and it is much easier to get in than a doctoral program directly. Few universities are wayne state, USF, university of virginia, university of pittsberg, Jhons hopkins etc.

Keep searching and write to them they will get back to you. doctoral positions are usually not fixed and depends on funding and current projects, openings are variable from time to time.

Author: nikhil24 Aug 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Thanks for the reply :)

Could you tell me in what other ways can I possibly build my profile so as to better my chances to get admitted to a direct doctoral programme instead of a masters?

Thanks in advance :)

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna24 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Nikhil, Develop written and oral communication skills, I mean in a formal way ( you cant use chatting language in emails and journals right?), build up a like minded group, most importantly narrow down your interests and develop passion for that specific area being at the same time open for few other options.

I mean to say you may have many interests but when some one asks your interest it should be one, that most passionate thing for you.

Get well versed with lab techniques through summer internships if you are willing to go for pure science research, Its a must. Makes a lot of difference to your application. We could not make it without proper guidance and foresight. You can not seek excuse saying that we had no chance in our medical curriculum to know research techniques.

Guest Author: Vikram26 Aug 2014

Hi!!Dr Nikhil

I just finished my final year mbbs.after getting the degree,i want to pursue my further education in had always been my dream to go to the us. I'm thinking of applying for mph in us,think that that kind of suits me.can you tell me about the possible universities I can apply tuition fees,scholarships,chances of getting a job in us,it will be disastrous if I have to spend a huge amount to study there and return back to India, without getting a job in us.

Guest Author: Tazz29 Aug 2014

Hi everyone
I have completed my Mbbs in Bangladesh. Now I want to go to London to work as a doctor .
I did not find any way to make a visa.
Can it be possible for me to become a doctor in London
I don't know any low about them

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna30 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Hi Vikram, Risk is there more or less in any field you chose. The fancy resident doctors and pg aspirants think that once you get the degree or clear the entrance, the game is over. very few settle as money machines and very very few have money and moral satisfaction and even less people have academic gratification along with those two.

Your moves should be according to your interests and priorities (money, moral satisfaction, knowledge). To get a scholarship for MPH you need to have good GRE and good personal statement in general, for specific universities they may have some special considerations. Once you are done with minimum requirements, you can approach indivicual university representatives. To know about universities you better attend expo organized by genuine organisations like "education usa". There you can meet directly the university representatives.

@Tazz, you need ILETS and PLAB to go to UK

Guest Author: Supreet01 Sep 2014

Hi Dr. Nikhil, I did mbbs in 2012 from china. I just took usmle step 1, and I don't think I did well on it, although I worked really hard.
So I am just looking for other options but in US only.
If you could suggest me something.
I was reading about hospital administration , what do you think about it?

Thank you.

Guest Author: Bhuvnesh03 Sep 2014

Hi doc
I'm in my 2nd yr of mbbs from a govt. medical college in India.i want to know which is a better option for post mbbs (clinical subjects only) India or abroad (middle east and Australia, Newzealand only)in terms of better job and earning. If abroad, which universities in these nations can provide suitable scholarships for doing pg.
Sir, i am quiet good in studies and i want a good career.
Please do reply,I'm in a desperate need of your guidance.

Guest Author: nandini03 Sep 2014

Hello Dr.Nikhil ratna,
I'm glad that I came across this forum where I can ask my doubts without any hesitation. I appreciate the time you spare for answering the questions asked by many.
Coming to my query, im a graduate of pharmacy( India and completed it in d year 2009. I want pursue MHA(hospital administration)in USA. I want know which universities offer the course with reasonable fees and the salary I can fetch and job prospects once I finish the course. I am very particular about fees because I cannot financially afford high fee structures and I am the only earning person in my family (the main reason behind asking you about the salary structure after course completion).

Guest Author: pranav gawande04 Sep 2014

Sir, is it possible to pursue post graduation in any clinical branch medical or surgical after pursuing MD in community medicine. I love clinical branch but I also want to contribute to overall health care delivery in India. In future I want to work in NGOs like WHO, UNICEF. I am a third year MBBS student.

Guest Author: pranav gawande04 Sep 2014

I want to do clinical practice and public health work simultaneously. Is it possible?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna06 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

@ Supreet,
Let the results come. If the score is not bad, you should fight back for step 2 and credentials. Persistence wins in USMLE. For any other alternative, you should weigh your own risk/benefits. I do not endorse just to make a living for you. I prefer you to live a quality life which only comes when you do what you love every day. Sorry but this is the fact. I wish you all the best.

Do not be so desperate from this point of time or any point of time in your life for that matter as the world is huge to live in. I have no idea about middle east countries but US, UK and Australia have their own screening for residency. I will detail you in later course. Keep in touch.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna07 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Dear Pranav, Great ambitions, I think first you do clinical degree then go for community medicine degree. Yes definitely it is possible and you will be a leader in health industry.

All the best doctor!

Guest Author: Gloria07 Sep 2014

Hello sir is it possible to do MHA in India without giving MCI exam if yes can you tell me which colleges are possible to get admission

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna08 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Check out Midwestern state university for your requirements. It is in Wichita falls Texas. Flexible curriculum, low cost of living, very less fee. I need to confirm job specifications and prospects with friends over there.

As I said, logically it should be possible, when it is open for non medical graduates, there should not be any need for MCI screening. We need to confirm with individual institution/university offering it.

Guest Author: Nabeel13 Sep 2014

Please help me with this doctor!

I heard a news that students who have taken mbbs from China often fail in MCI screening test
Is this true?

Guest Author: Vumal14 Sep 2014

I am a foreign medical graduate. Still can't get through MCI screening test. So I applied for masters in Australia for a dual degree in MHA/MPH. Do you think that it's worth of studying both these degrees together. Can I find a good job after returning back to India after my studies without registration? It's not worth working in Australia without AMC registration, so I have to return back after my studies. Full cost for the course is around 25 Lac. Do you have any alternative for this? Please guide me.

Guest Author: SHARATH16 Sep 2014

I completed my M.D from Georgia and didn't clear my MCI, I was plaing for M.Sc in psychiatric practice in U.K. Actually after this I can write MRCPSYH as mentioned in University of Hertfordshire website. Is it a good option because after my M.Sc I am planning for my Ph.D also. Alternatively, I'm preparing for MRCPSYH.

Guest Author: Vuelie17 Sep 2014

It is delightful that you're doling out free and good career advice to all the commenters. We need more people like you!

I am a 4th year MBBS student from an Apex medical college. It is very competitive. About to write my Step I want to inform that a career in public health has drawn my fascination. Specifically I see myself drafting the health policy in India or WHO, 20 years down the line. What kind of education is going to the best to serve my purpose? No shortage of funds by the way! Is doing a clinical residency first to secure a decent career, and then moving into public health an advisable option?

Guest Author: Manu18 Sep 2014

Sir once again I am back with the query as you have guided me previously whether to study in India and fight for MCI or abroad option. I decided to fight for MCI only and for that thing I haved joined DIAMS since August. Now you might be knowing that next exam is going to hold in Dec 8th. Till now I have done lots of theory parts. now I would ask you to guide me for question book which is really going to help me out for the last 2 months so that I can complete in time as well as revise also. Please tell me which best book will help me in short period. please provide me the book name so that I can purchase as soon as possible.

Guest Author: Devprabha22 Sep 2014

Hello sir,
I have just started my mbbs this year. But my wish is to settle in USA. How can I make this post How should I study from now on?? Please do guide me??

Guest Author: roti maker23 Sep 2014

Dear Dr.Nikhil please guide me by your best solutions ever:
I have completed my MBBS from Russia in 2009,MCI not yet cleared even after 10 attempts..presently pursuing my Masters in Heathcare Administration.So please tell me can I work with my MHA&M degree in US as a fresher and on the counterpart if I decide to stay back in India do I get equal opportunities as an Indian MBBS+MHA in administrative areas of Indian Corporate level Hospitals/Pharamaceutical companies.What will be the salary be offered to me as starting in India as well as abroad in the name of MBBS+MHA.?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna24 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

@Nabeel. Can not generalize on that aspect. I have seen many who fare well even with china degrees.

@Vumal. Sounds risky to spend so much for that degree. Go for it only if you have deep interest and you have enough money or you get scholarship.

Dr.Sharat, I have no idea about your area as of now. but I wish to know what is your background MD and why you are interested to shift and what you want to settle finally as.

@Vuelie, Nice to know your interests and ambitions. obtaining a clinical degree is adapted by the people as a safe strategy before having allied career. But I think it is not needed, even I jumped into research without a masters degree. You sound a potential policy maker, go for it. But again if you want to do both in life, treat patients directly on one to one basis as well as policy making, then do both.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna24 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

@ Manu, I am not an expert in this but still I can say kepp revising with ROAMS several times. with such a preparation I think nothing can stop you from clearing.

@DevPrabha, you still got time, relax and learn things for atleast 2 years, then find out what fascinates you in medicine.

@Esther, may I know where you are doing MHA and what is the course curriculum ( I mean the level of statistics and research methodologies you have. Is there a little inclination to public health or no?).

Degrees may not promise you a great career but your passion!!

Guest Author: kashyap prajapati28 Sep 2014

My internship will be completed in 2015 and after that I want to become psychologist. Is it possible to get admission in psychology masters program in USA universities? Will they accept my application based on MBBS GRE and TOEFL score? Please advise me.

Guest Author: Humble29 Sep 2014

Hello Sir,
I am a MBBS graduate, St. Kitts West Indies University from India. I am currently residing in USA and giving USMLE steps which I have failed couple of times. I would like to know whether I can work in this field. If so, what would be my job options or what would be my degree (MBBS) equivalence in USA?
Looking forward to your reply..

Guest Author: Bhuvnesh30 Sep 2014

Thank you for your reply sir. I am looking forward for your next reply for that question.
I am not so desperate, I just hope some better options. And one more question, I want to work in big private hospitals like Apollo, Fortis etc. How much difficult it will be to reach there.

Guest Author: Pharmadoc03 Oct 2014

I am doing MD pharmacology and wish to do PhD in molecular biology. I have taken a home loan on my stipends for 20 years. So I have to pay Rs. 30000/- per month for next 20 years, additionally I have to support my parents in India. Which country does pay more stipend with funded PhD and how much? Can you give country-wise PhD fees and stipends? Have fees to be paid from stipends?

Guest Author: Hippie04 Oct 2014

Hello dr Nikil
I plan to crack usmle after Mbbs but everyone I know says that it's almost impossible to get a residency if u have no work experience in the states! And I have no relatives in the states to begin with.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna04 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

@Kashyap. Yes you can get into psychology in US. But I remember few universities asking for Psychology credit hours in undergraduate for getting into masters in psychology. To bypass it, it may be possible to show your psychiatry training which also encompasses behavioral sciences a bit (though not like full stretched psychology). And coming to prospects, many psychologists rise from non medical back ground , but those who have medical background can become cognitive science specialists (scientists) a field which offer more rational scientific explanations to cognitive studies. It should be a great choice despite the fact that you are thinking offbeat. or you do psychiatrist residency in US then focus on psychology post MD to be in safest zone and more rewarding career.

@Humble, I did not get your question exactly.

@Bhuvanesh, Yes you can get into big hospitals, infact you can only get into big hospitals. Thats all there in India right now. But being in public domain will be more satisfying and rewarding in long run.

@Pharmadoc, Great to know about your path. But I did not get where (country) you are doing residency and under what terms. In general (mostly) PhD s are of no cost and you will get tuition waivers and also paid in turn for your work. and also I can say those PhDs where you get paid are only the good ones, so you should do only there.

Guest Author: Kamran Qureshi17 Oct 2014

Sir, I am a 2nd year mbbs student , and I personally feel that going for just mbbs for 5 years of ones life that too the enthusiastic period of life, is somehow non utilization of energy. I would like to know if there are some courses or other opportunities that I can pursue along with mbbs course . I am an Indian student.
I wud b glad to know from u .

Guest Author: 19 Oct 2014

This discussion helped me a lot. but I do have a query still unsolved. I have completed my MBBS with internship in April 2012. After that I started preparing for pg entrance, but couldn't dedicate whole energy to it due to family reasons. I started working in a pvt hospital as a jr but the job was very stressful so I joined a govt hospital in dept of psychiatry. After 1.5 yrs of experience I feel that I have an upper hand in psychiatry. I got married to a non medico person. we are planning to shift abroad. but location depends on my prospects also. he has options of USA, Austria, Germany, Canada and Singapore. After so much research I am still confused, about where to begin and how to start. I am an average student, only boost up for me is a decided target, which I still don't have. kindly help me in choosing better between
PhD from USA
or Canada or should I go from PhD or MD from Germany. or any other ideas.
we plan to shift within next few months.

Guest Author: 19 Oct 2014

My sole expectation out of any of these courses would be a well paying job and at the same time not too long duration of course or process because I would like to have kids after 5 years. It would be very helpful if you could help me choose better and according to my situation.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna31 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Focus on medicine enthusiastically. Its an ocean. If you miss focus in early subjects (pre and para clinicals). it will be hard to pick up later.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna31 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

@Dr Shivani, PhD is a long journey, it may not suit for you. Are you sure you want to be in psychiatry?

USMLE would not be that tough if your husband can get a green card. There you can show your experience in your resume and opt for psychiatry.

If you are not specific about psychiatry then you will have many things to consider including your husband's preference.

Infact it is tougher in US than in Canada and Europe but if the countries language is not primarily English like in Germany and other european countries then you will have difficulty in moving around places rather you have to settle down there.

Guest Author: Esther01 Nov 2014

Dr. Nikhil, I am pursuing my MHA course from Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha (Sawangi). It's a deemed university. I got the admission but I am not aware of the job prospective and at all don't know how would I introduce myself as MBBS+MHA or just an MHA. Sir please guide me my job prospective and salary to demand in Indian Market.

Guest Author: Dr.Sarvesh02 Nov 2014

Dr.Nikhil I have completed my MBBS from a govt medical college in India. I want to pursue my career further in sports medicine. Can you tell me and guide me regarding various good institutes and admission procedures for this course preferably abroad like UK or Australia ?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna03 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Dear Esther, First of all it really depends on the curriculum of your MHA. The number of credit hours you do it in statistics, epidemiology, or resource management centered in health industry etc, I am confused if your MHA has good enough epidemiology in its curriculum atleast as a part of elective thesis/project. It should make some relevance or it will be difficult. With epidemiology you can seek a job in public health sector and policy making including WHO projects.

One more thing If you add your MHA with a certificate in clinical trial (3-6 month course) you will be well place in Clinical research with a very high position. Trust me!

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna03 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Dear Sarvesh, I hope your query will be cleared to some extent with above posts, kindly go through. If you need to avoid pain and patience of looking through the page, open it in google chrome and press ctrl and F together and type "sports medicine".

Guest Author: Esther03 Nov 2014

Dear Dr.Nikhil In my 1st Sem of MHA&M I had 1)Hospital Planning 2)General Mangement and behavioural concepts(GMBC)3)Community Medicine, With total credit=30(Theory-20 and Practical-10)for all the 3 subject.
Then in 2ND Sem I had 1)Hospital Support Services(HSS)Total credits=30(T-20,P-10),Human Resource Management(HRM)Total Credits=30(T-20,P-10)3)Introduction to Medicine Total Credits=20(Theorey-8 and Practical-12)
Now I will be giving my 3rd Sem on 15th Nov
for the Subjects:
1)Financial Management in healthcare,Total credit=30(T-20,P-10)
2)Material and Inventory Management in healthcare,Total Credit=30(T-20,P-10)
3)Strategic Management in healthcare & Economics,total credit=30(T-20,P-10)

Guest Author: vivek karn05 Nov 2014

Are there any jobs [not PG medical training/ residency/ specialization] in Europe/UK/Australia/New Zealand, after graduating from a medical school in Romania? It can be research/ allied medical. Can it be possible any jobs in microbiology after an MSc course? Please help me, I am looking for any job without taking any licensing examination like PLAB, etc. Will I need to pursue a PG course accordingly.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna05 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Esther, You will find a place in corporate health centre (not necessarily a hospital). I guess you should have a thesis or an internship where you will get hands on experience on resource management and clinical audit. After some experience you may well get a chance in NHS of UK. That sounds the best option to end up for you. It takes lot of time and hardwork. Keep working on your skills.

Strictly speaking community medicine credits are low for you to get a job in that field as a fresher, so you might have to compensate it through work experience.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna06 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Vivek, Are you MBBS/MD or MSc, I did not get you what exactly you studied.

"Any job in any country". That is a broad spectrum, definitely you will find some, world is so wide, but this "ANY" thing is difficult to deal brother, take some genuine interest in something (might be non medical also). That will help you to do something good in life.

Guest Author: komal08 Nov 2014

Hello sir,I completed MBBS from Nepal in 2009 and I also cleared MCI but cant clear Pg entrance.fed up and now I have no time for seat and study more 1 year for any India,I cant afford 50-60 lakhs I decided to do PG in abroad. I am interested in dermatology..please guide me sir that where can I apply.

Guest Author: Nav Suresh08 Nov 2014

I have completed my M.B.B.S from a government college in Tamil Nadu in 2009. I am currently a house wife with a 4 year old child. Other than the conventional route of doing my PG, what are my other options as I have to restrict my education and employment to Chennai where I currently reside. I might have an aptitude for organization, human relations. I am also committed and am also considering research or social work. Also what about opportunities in international organisations like WHO. I might be able to travel and spend more time on work after some years. Is the MPH from ICMR Chennai good? Thank you for your time.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna12 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

@ Komal, Abroad is a board term. It spans east to west , many countries. Anyways, each country has its own licensing exam which allows you to touch the patients there. It is important what and where you want to settle as. I have no specific answer for dermatology as such. Sorry!

@Nav Suresh, If you had gone through above information you might have got good idea of things happening. Health industry lacks management professional but it is very important to shell out yourself and should have an independent approach. MPH from NIE is a good option. It is similar to the MPH that we have at NIMHANS. But this year you missed it I guess. Try next year.

Guest Author: Priya13 Nov 2014

This is Priya from Hyderabad. I have completed MBBS from China in 2012 I couldn't clear my MCI exam. I am depressed with this stupid MCI exam I want to leave India and want to fly to any country. Can you please help me to find out way to do any course masters or Phd in any non clinical or clinical is ok.Sir please help me with the course details fees structure and how to apply to universities.Thank you

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna18 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Priya, Many master courses are quite expensive and may burden you. If you make a choice of area, I will try to help. To do something is not very sensible. Do not get depressed, medicine is not that easy but it is not that tough too when you try to enjoy.

You should consider European countries for other tracks than clinical practice where the competition of applications is lesser than US and the quality is quite good. Also no much financial burden as in Germany, Swedan, Norway. Start browsing through the websites of the university, follow the deadlines.

Guest Author: shivani21 Nov 2014

I did my own research about Germany, there has been a recent craze about pg from there because it sounds easy as there is no pg entrance exam. but here are some facts i could gather, i may be wrong in places, so others are free to clarify my doubts.

firstly applications are incomplete without B2 level German language proficiency, which takes 2 years( German is tough and a tutor is must, along with study material)

second: with all the needed documents many recommendation letters and after getting scholarship from DAAD,you have to apply to different hospitals.
there after you get to do some internship/observer ship,

after which some exam for clearance is needed which is in German language. after that you get a medical college.

after completion of college curriculum, you are given degree.
which is called MD, but i checked to confirm it that its equivalent clinically to MBBS. its not specialization.

for specialization you have to cross further exams and hurdles to get pg seats.

that MD from Germany is not specialization degree and is not recognized in India by MCI.

Guest Author: shivani21 Nov 2014

Is it possible to practice as a specialist in USA/ Australia/ UK/Singapore/ Germany/ New Zealand after doing MD in any clinical subject from INDIA, without having to get a degree from these countries?

I have heard about fellowships but that still has following hurdles:
1. Clear all USMLE steps with good marks.
2. Get name in few research papers.
3. Get a few recommendation letters.
4. Get EGHS (I maybe wrong with spelling, it's a certification needed like our temporary registration in India).
5. Meanwhile do your PG from India.
6. Apply for fellowship according to your PG subject.
7. Do at least 4 years of fellowships (1-2 years of each in the same hospital).
8. Give medical Board exams which will give you license to practice in USA.
8. Get work visa in USA.

If anyone has any knowledge to add or edit, please feel free. Also I find it very lengthy and irritating process. Please reply against my queries and help me with ideas about other countries.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna26 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Hi Shivani, Thanks for sharing your information. Your information regarding German degree is true as far as I know but other country policies are not really true.

USMLE is highly competitive area which is bringing up the question of all other credentials but strictly speaking, good scores with good letters are more than enough. You can get a residency post MBBS and even if you do an MD you still have to undergo the same process.

Fellowship is after residency which will be in a sub specialty..

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna27 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Dear all participants, Thank you very much for making use of it and helping others to make use of it. Its already 3 years for this baby article. In fact day before was its anniversary :).

When I scroll now, I see few of them are not attended, that is because of technical errors of the editing, some times after I answer a question, previously question appears above it due to late approval, then next time when I check, I miss that question. My apologies for unattended questions. You can re post and send me a special reminder too.

I know many participants now out side this page too in social media, email contacts etc.. Thanks again for keeping it alive!

Guest Author: 28 Nov 2014

Hi doctor,

I completed my MBBS in 2010 and now I am moving to US. I am a green card holder. I would like to know the available options to work / study (medical related) in the US without the MLE.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna28 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Hello Dhivya, Green card enables you to do anything except for practicing without clearing USMLE.

If you are still attached to medicine then go for non clinical teaching/research options for which you have to do a MS or directly PhD in subjects like biochemistry, physiology, Anatomy etc. You can also do certification courses in genetic counselling and be a counselor.

To be attached to practice there is one option called "PA" physician assistant program without requiring USMLE but it might have got its own licensing exam depending on the state in US.

To start with develop some interest and see yourself working in that field.

Author: Syed Sarhan29 Nov 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 7


Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna29 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Hi Syed, Be cool.. Your love towards neurology will definitely make you land there.

1)For neurosurgery, NIMHANS training is unmatched. Its worth to exclusively target it.

2)If you opt for MS GS, then your options will still be open.

3)One more thing for your information, If you do MS ortho, you will still have option of Mch Neurosurgery.

4) There is no MS in pediatrics, it is MD, you can do an MS GS and then Mch pediatric neurosurgery.

5) As the trend of incidence of CNS tumors and trauma are increasing, neurosurgery career is highly rewarding. You can do clinical research being a practicing doctor.

I suggest you to go for neurosurgery as you appear to be so much interested in it. I never considered surgical field so I did not try it at all.

All the best for your future.

Author: Syed Sarhan30 Nov 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Thanks again Dr. Nikhil!

Guest Author: lakshya01 Dec 2014

I did my MBBS from China and cleared FMGE exam also. Now I have PR with MCI. I want to do residency in radiology in Germany and plan to take German course now. I am in great dilemma whether to opt for clinical practice or non clinical side like masters in neurosciences or clinical cardiology. I wish to settle abroad and don't understand if German route for residency is worthy or not. I finally want to lead a hassle free life without tensions. I shall be very thankful if you can advice me.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna02 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Congrats for getting PR from MCI. German degree drawbacks have been discussed above already.

Masters in neuroscience or clinical cardiology is not non clinical right?

I am not sure what you wanted to convey. But every thing has its own risks, though I agree clinical work has no schedule and really the most tiresome. Follow your interests. To be clinical and tension free radiology is not the best option rather ophthal, dermat etc without night duties or emergencies.

Guest Author: Lakshya02 Dec 2014

Thank you for the reply. I was thinking to apply for M.Sc. in medical neurosciences in Germany. Another option is to learn the German language and try for residency in Germany. I'm just so confused, whether to choose clinical career or non clinical. If I do M.Sc. neurosciences and then do PHD in neurosciences itself, will I be able to practice as a neurologist or should I do a fellowship too? All I need at the end of the day is tension free life with job satisfaction. Please advice me which path I should be choosing to have a perfect family life and moderate career also.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna03 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Hi Lakshya, Who will not desire for a tension free life with job satisfaction? and at the end of the day, everything has risks + benefits. The ratio matters.

I am not sure what kind of PhD work will you be doing. More or less every where in the world, what I can say is, it is an industry in itself, clinical neuroscience, not for regular practice but to aim clinical discoveries.

An MD in neuroscience outside India on one hand and the PhD clinical neurosciences on the other hand , themselves are facing the issue of regular public practice. So a PhD from outside has two drawbacks in that way right?

M.Sc. in neurosciences might be non clinical one, not aimed at medical graduates.

Guest Author: shabeer03 Dec 2014

I am studying 10th grade. I desperately want to be a researcher in human genetics. Please guide me. Can I complete UG in MBBS and later opt for genetic research in India? If so then what should I do after completing MBBS. Because I know the whole process upto MBBS but getting into Genetics in master I don't know a bit. Help me please. Are there any examinations I must clear to join in research in genetics in India (eg. NIMHANS)? What is the procedure?
Should I clear maths in +2 to take genetics? Because in our state (AP) we don't have combined MBPC. What should I do?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna04 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Dear Shabeer, To be a geneticist , M.B.B.S is a bad idea.

What do you want to be come?? There are two broad ways of doing genetics.

First one is to be a Clinical geneticist who will analyse pedigree and collaborate with labs, study the patterns and analyse the data, do linkage studies etc.

Second one is molecular genetics in which you will do wet lab procedures to find mutations, by various techniques like exon, intron gene sequencing, PCR, RTPCR, FISH etc..

In either case you have to depend on other counterpart. For the second option MBBS is not at all a good idea. Even for first option you need not do MBBS, there are human genetic MS courses in abroad and very few places in India (If I am correct?).

You can go for a bachelors in biochemistry biotechnology etc. Bachelors in genetics is not yet there I guess. BS Biology programs in places like NCBS, IISER Pune, JNCASR are the best options in India.

Guest Author: Aswathi06 Dec 2014

Hi Dr.Nikhil,
I am a medical student doing my internship in China. I will be graduating next year and I plan to give MCI next year. I would like to know what options do I have after MBBS. I am interested in research and also health administration and I am interested in Psychology, Ethics and Epidemiology. I would also like to give USMLE but I know it takes great amount of time and effort. Should I clear the steps and go into a research programme OR health administration in the US? Would it be good if I join a research programme with my professors here and publish an article? What programmes can I join in India?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna08 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Hi Aswathi, your interests are wide but good enough. But the ultimate question you have put up is asking me to give just a personal opinion according to my interests.

Doing research from right there will be useful while applying for serious research programs. If those are really worthy you might get a great research career ahead.

Research itself is a broad term. You can do basic sciences, applied sciences (broadly speaking). Psychology is an applied subject for itself but these days it is being integrated with molecular biology, probably something like cognitive molecular biology. The noble medical prize is awarded in the same for 2014 for the discovery of human GPS system (place cells).

Epidemiological research is a management + statistical based approach. That should also give a rewarding career but not intellectually gratifying as in basic sciences (experimental biology).. Again this is a personal opinion. All fields are exciting if you are excited about it.

USMLE is not required until you desire a residency program. Take some more time, think about how you want to see yourself and narrow down.

Good luck!

Guest Author: Dr.KOMAL12 Dec 2014

I am planning to do CPS or FCPS but don't know much about it. I am from Gujarat and these courses are recognized by GMC but not by MCI. So I'm quite confused. I want to know the difference between CPS and FCPS. And after getting degree, Shall I get job in corporate hospitals in Gujarat? Will salary almost same as postgraduates of GMC recognition? Please tell me Merits and Demerits. I am planning either for gynecology or radio or dermatology.

Guest Author: Dr. Paulantony15 Dec 2014

Hi Dr. Nikil, my plenty of doubts are answered after reading this conversation chains. I guess these are the most commonly asked questions or dilemmas of thousands medical graduates in India.

I am a foreign medical graduate from Philippines. I would like to know if MCI will approve my internship which is done from Philippines.
I heard that plenty of China graduates are doing there Internships.

As far as I know, after a foreign medical graduate pass FMGE, he / she will apply for a provisional certificate to do their internship in India. After successful completion of Internship for 1 yr, will he/ she be given PR. right?

My concern is that can we apply for direct PR if we already done with Internship in foreign country without provisional registration ?

Guest Author: Gurjyot Nanda16 Dec 2014

Hello Dr. Nikhil, I am new in this forum but as I saw you have and are helping a lot of people around, really glad to have you, I have finished my MBBS from Russia this year, 2014 and I have appeared for MCI exam but awaiting for results. I would like to know best options for me to settle down in US without choosing MLE path. Also I saw Midwestern State University, I would be grateful if you could guide me in a direction (I want to know both aspects after I clear my MCI or without that). I also have many of my relatives in Canada. So is there any opportunity out there too , and what are job opportunities after course in Midwestern State University?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna16 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Hi Dr. Komal, I am not sure about those certifications. sorry!

Hi Gurjyot, I think you should settle with health administration or epidemiology. I think there is no extra consideration for MCI clearing, as every one (graduates from all countries) are regarded the same, either for MLE or non MLE paths. Canada will have more or less opportunities as the health system there is much similar to US.

If you want a clinical career in Canada, there are few places like saskatchewan where they have their own exam and offer training specialties which is not competitive as USMLE. That place has a problem with retaining the graduates there because of its extreme climate conditions. You can approach them and see what are the requirements

Guest Author: s vamsi20 Dec 2014 Hello Dr.nikhil, please tell me what are the chances after DNB(gen.surg)in research dnb neuro surg has any edge against dnb gen surg for research? Please explain the path after dnb In India and u.s.for research.

Guest Author: vamsi20 Dec 2014

Hello Dr.Nikhil,please tell me the difference between the phd, postdoc fellowship, junior residence fellowship (jrf)? Are all these three things same? Or different? If different please explain which is better option to do for the purpose of research. Thanks in advance

Guest Author: Gurjyot Nanda21 Dec 2014

Thanks a lot Dr.Nikhil ,how much time do I need approximately for Canadian exam , including all procedures for saskatchewan , as I have many family members in Canada , and will that job pay off well ? and what are prospects of health administration in USA , can I get a job after that in US and how much roughly its going to cost . Just a rough estimation thanks in advance .

Guest Author: vrushali25 Dec 2014

Hello sir,myself dr .vrushali,final year md pharmacology student,i want to know whether there is any consultancy which directly gives job in US in pharma company?

Guest Author: amir28 Dec 2014

hi sir I did my mbbs recently and I want to settle early dnt want yo waste time in licensing exams I want to do MPH from UK bedfordshire university so kindly guide me about MPH and study and part time work in UK

Guest Author: Dr. R29 Dec 2014

Hello sir
I am pursuing my first mbbs from a govt medical college. I want to take up surgery. And I also want to settle abroad. Would an MD in the US be advisable? What branches are easier fir IMGs to get in USMLE?

Guest Author: reema singh05 Jan 2015

Hello! Sir..just now I have completed my mbbs and I want to do my gynac training out of India but I think it will consume lots of money and it will take more tym to become a gynac so I just wanted to know which country should I prefer more. India or out of india?.

Guest Author: James05 Jan 2015

Hi Dr Nikhil.
My questions are regarding The pg course offered at Nimhans especially the PhD neurosciences which is for post MBBS students.
What's the future prospect of a PhD post MBBS other than research. will it be pure research or a clinician with research work.
at the end of 5 yr, is it just PhD or u are a specialist in a clinical field too?

another question is regarding The prospect and duties in hospital management. how good is it in clinical point of view and how's the future prospect of mba hospital management.

Thank you

Guest Author: parag roy05 Jan 2015

Hai I would like to know more about M.S.genetics course n what type of job I would be able to do I would be grateful if you could help me thanks

Guest Author: neha07 Jan 2015

Hi, I am currently an Intern and will be done in march am so confused to decide what to do further about my pg. Please help me to decide ..Both in clinical and non clinical field anywhere in UK middle east would be great usmle looks tougher and parents don't agree for APPG as they don't want me to stay in India. I am confused . Please help me.

Guest Author: 10 Jan 2015

Hello sir,
I would like to pursue a full time career in research

Guest Author: Balaji Biradar10 Jan 2015

hello sir.
I am doing my 3rd year mbbs now.
I would further like to study about autism and children with special needs.
are there any post graduate studies in autism?
I am also interested in research in autism and related studies.
how can I proceed.. and if I do so what would be my career options?

Guest Author: DEEPA HALDAR12 Jan 2015

Hi Dr. Nikhil,
I have done my MD in Clinical Biochemistry and currently doing senior residency in the same specialty. I want to work in any EU country preferably Belgium, Netherlands etc. and settle there. What are the job prospects in these EU countries and their eligibility criteria in view of my qualifications? Please help. Thanks very much.

Guest Author: Vanessa18 Jan 2015

Hi Dr. Nikhil,
I'm an MBBS graduate. Now appearing for various entrance exams for PG. I was considering giving a shot for PhD in Clinical neurosciences in NIMHANS as well. Could you shed some light on scope of the same in India and Middle east?

Guest Author: Dr. Vaani19 Jan 2015

Since childhood I wanted to work with WHO. And that was the main reason why I chose to become a doctor. But it has been 2 years since I am trying to clear Indian PG entrance examination so that I can do MD PSM but all in vain. I have already wasted 2 years of my life. But I still want to go in WHO. Is there any other course (like some MS/ PhD course in US or some other country) through which I can get a job in WHO.
Please tell me exactly what to do. I have no one to guide me. Please give a stepwise approach. I shall be highly grateful.

Guest Author: Vrach Prash19 Jan 2015

hello Dr NIKHIL, I am a 2009 medical graduate from Russia. I cleared my MCI exams and completed my internship in late 2012. I worked for 2 years. I started taking the USMLE's but after low scores decided to call it quits. I now plan to take up GRE and TOEFL and plan to apply for a Ph.D in 2016. My question is whether lack of prior research experience will be offset if I manage to get stellar GRE and TOEFL scores. I am sure the answer is a no if I were to apply for the IVY league schools but do mid range schools accept freshers as PhD candidates? Moreover, since I have a year to possible admissions, do you think some kinds of research within this year would help me?

Guest Author: vrachprash19 Jan 2015

hello Dr NIKHIL, I am a 2009 medical graduate from Russia. I cleared my MCI exams and completed my internship in late 2012. I worked for 2 years. I started taking the usmle's but after low scores decided to call it quits. I now plan to take up GRE andTOEFL and plan to apply for a Ph.D for fall 2016. My question is whether lack of prior research experience will be offset if I manage to get stellar GRE and toefl scores. I am sure the answer is a no if I were to apply for the ivy league schools but do mid range schools accept freshers as PhD candidates?moreover since I have a year to possible admissions do you think some kind of research within this year would help me?

Guest Author: Ammy22 Jan 2015

Would you please help me out? I am a 12th std. medical student and want to do MBBS. What should be my first step for this?

Guest Author: Saurav jha29 Jan 2015

I am interested in doing MD in hosp. admin at Afmc. Hopefully I might get it this time. How is it different from Mha(other than that Md is 3 years course)? Will I get better job opportunities than them? how much can I be expected to be paid in abroad like US &middle east(after 5ys experience) my true intention is being an entrepreneur in medical lines like hospitals,diagnostics,pharmaceuticals the only hindrance is that i"ll b needing a lot of investment. I am now 24 and I plan to work for next 8 years accumulating that capital while reading all ur posts I saw you writing that you need to have a clinical Md for running nursing homes. I think having a mbbs degree is enough to run a nursing home for registering any suggestions regarding this MD as a career also your opinion regarding entrepreneurship will be invaluable like what kind of low cost setups? Also can I have your email or phone number or any other contact, will be very kind of you.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna30 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Sorry guys, Its been long time I have not checked this forum.

@S. Vamsi, A clinical degree does not give any edge for you in research, especially the basic research, It only keeps you on safer side and may be helpful in identifying problems for research (clinical) while dealing with patients.

@Vamsi, PhD is a doctoral program, where you do a thesis to get a doctorate degree.
Post doctoral is the fellowship that you get after you do your PhD where you are well trained to handle research projects and designing experiments but in general not very good enough to write own grants and get approval, so you work under good scientists and projects.
JRF is a term used for the pre PhD lab rotations or the first year PhD students who has funding from external agencies (CSIR, DBT, DST etc) or internal agencies (the research institute) and does research under a group without specifically working for a thesis.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna30 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

@Gurjyot, I have no concrete idea but you can inquire with them. I will put in touch if you want, send me an email to

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna30 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

@Vrushali, Yes there might be placements in clinical drug trial organizations. But be careful while you deal with them. First you prepare a CV and upload in naukri with details and your interests, you will get calls from there, Filter those, see the visa status they offer and the expenses to be incurred and then go. Definitely there is a scope. But if you have a basic certification in clinical research I think you will have a well demanded, higly paid career.

Good luck!

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna30 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

@ Amir, I have no idea bout part time jobs in bedfordshire university, that can only well known by the current students there. Go to the university website and see the immigration office page of the university, contact them, they will help you.

@Dr.R, surgery is too tough to get in US for FMGs. You should have an exceptional score and a good CV, so its not a good idea for surgery. Probably a post MS (in India) will help you get an edge in the interviews.

@Reem singh, It depends on where you want to practice and settle. If you want to settle out, do there, or in India. Both places you have to clear exams and do a residency. Residency in India will not help you work outside and vice-versa

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna30 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

@James, I will write a separate and detailed post on this topic, but I can say its exploratory and termed risky by conventional groups. Definitely your PhD is not comparable to DM neurology except in the field you do research. Keep in touch, I will give you detailed picture of the path we are already sailing.

@Zulaika, I know of MS genetics in abroad universities, but not in India, I know a leading medical geneticist, I will find out and tell you.

@Neha, Why do your patients want to push you out of India?? If its personal, I can say that, get some filtration of options you have based on INTEREST please.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna30 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Hi Meenakshi, Great to hear your interests at very early stage. That is a huge area. Autism is a behavioral phenotype encompassing many diseases and syndromes and acquired autistic states. More and more insights are being brought into light with the latest concepts of aberrant neural development (synaptic pruning and plasticity mechanisms), auto immune responses, immunological aberrations in development.

Right now, For clinical specialization, there is only scope after doing MD psychiatry , to do a superspeciality called 'child psychiatry' available at NIMHANS. But to do research you can join our ICMR PhD group which is primarily a clinical research group. Prospects I will discuss later, but it is a great area.

Good luck!

Author: Saurav jha30 Jan 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

How is MD in hospital admin at AFMC different from mha in term of job prospects or is it same job prospects abroad of md ha kindly explain that part, tell me bout entrepreneurship ideas after mdha

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna31 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

@Deepa Haldar, As it is not clinical practice on the patient, biochemistry should have good prospects but I have no specific idea or examples of people took that path. Sorry

@Vanessa, Yes you can give a shot. The course is evolving and the prospects are to be unveiled to the full extent. I will write a detailed post on that as mentioned above.

@Dr.Vani, yes you can work in WHO for epidemiological studies or as a health project manager for which PSM degree will be very useful. As you said getting through entrance is quite difficult, do it in private colleges where they do not even demand donation but just a bond to work with the college for an year or two. or you start at a small level in health care delivery in Govt sector, NGOs or foreign trusts, then gradually you can climb the ladder till WHO.

@Vrach Prash, Yes you are right. Research experience and good scores will help, definitely for mid range schools and if lucky top schools. But remember that one exceptional parameter wont do for other lacunae. Every thing a bit adds to the profile, the scores, experience and recommendations.

Guest Author: R. Aishwarya03 Feb 2015

I am now currently in 2nd PUC. I want to pursue MBBS course in Germany. Could it be possible to do? IS there any entrance examination to be passed for it?

Guest Author: Rajendra Chaudhary16 Feb 2015

Hi Sir,
I have recently gone through all of your suggestions... After seeing such a great work i cant stop myself from asking some advise.
So here it goes, I have passed my 12th class last year and I am appearing for Medical entrances this year(for 2nd time) But sir problem is that I think my preparation is not enough as to secure a medical seat. So am considering Medical education from russia as Plan B because I cant afford donations here......
Here are my queries-
1)Do Russian degree and Indian Degree hold equal value(I want to practice in India only)
2) I Russia a wise decision for Medical education.
And lastly 3) If am having 2 options that wether to go to forign for education or to stay at India and prepare for one more year then which would you recommend would be better for me.

Here's lil bit about me- I am nuts behind medical field even am having daydreams about being doctor so I can study day-night the syllabus of mbbs but for entrance, physics(my Nightmare) is creating obstacles for me. Thanks in advance

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna17 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Dear Aishwarya, In Germany the specialist training depends on individual specialities, say clinical or non clinical. I have the details you want in a word file. I will try to attach it here

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna20 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

@Paul Antony, I think for a permanent license India, internship in India is a must prerequisite. No other way I guess.

@Saurav, For being an entrepreneur, your choice is right. I exactly do not know in detail the differences but it (AFMC course) sounds more medical and is only for doctors. It should be better than other MHAs. and to run a nursing home, MBBS should be enough but it will be more of primary care. I am not sure if you can practice specialties, for which you might need a registration by a specialist.

@Rajendra, It is a well known fact that Indian MBBS is well received by India. But what I found observing close mates who did in Russia or China is, we can not generalize the education is inferior there, but due to poor language skills, clinical skills may not be adequate. Few Russian universities take only a oral exam rather than written, which does not sound good.

I agree that getting through in Indian entrance is tough but do not ever give up if you have a reserved quota. By opting abroad you might save an year but if you are plans to settle here, then that's not a great choice. ( you have to clear MCI exam , home internship etc). But still many are doing fairly well in DNB exams and AIPPG.

If your plans to clear PLAB, USMLE and do a specialization abroad, then I say there is no difference, between Indian and Russian/Chinese degree.

Guest Author: farwin24 Feb 2015

hey I completed mbbs I want to do MS clinical psychology in US can u please suggest a good collage and is it a good choice

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna27 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Hi farwin, There are many good places in US for psychology but the problem is you may not be able to get into MS with just MBBS which does not have psychology in the curriculum. Psychology in bachelors appears to be a requirement in many places.

Definitely it is a good choice if it is your passion. You can do MD psychiatry which also encompasses psychology credits but if you are least interested in pharmacotherapy, then do psychology. You will have edge in cognitive research with your medical background, you can work on phenomena of dementia, developmental disorders. You can also learn fMRI and strengthen your research.

Just register and go through this course for now. If you get a certificate, it may make up for your bachelors requirement.

Guest Author: saurabh28 Feb 2015

Hi I just completed MBBS from sm private college interested in sm research field looking for microbiology and immunology, so suggest me sm options abroad USA

Guest Author: monisha mohan02 Mar 2015

hi Dr.nikhil.
my name is Monisha. i did my mbbs from a govt institution in India. n completed my internship in 2014. since thn i am just struggling to get through Indian pg entrances. i am doing a job in a hospital n preparing for these entrances simultaneously..
i am 24, and according to my life plan, i should have got into pg (ms general surgery)by now, started preparing for Mch cardiothoracic surgery. and later do a fellowship abroad. but nothing is seeming to work out my way. my question to you is, what are the options of clearing Indian pg entrances and USMLE? and what will be the career options for surgery abroad and later for doing cardiothoracic surgery in India and abroad from some good institutions? should I be trying to clear Indian entrances along with USMLE? or just focus on any one of the two?
i am trying to find ways ,but lost hope to achieve my dream. i feel completely lost on the way.

Guest Author: rizwana03 Mar 2015

Hello I am worried now, wt to do after completing my mbbs. I have doing my mbbs in china though I have cleared my MCI but couldn't scored 4 d PG entrance now, please, suggest what to do

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna12 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Hi, Monisha, Simultaneously working and preparing is really tough, I know the pain. Surgery in US is almost a dream without outstanding academics and enough money to support your rotations and letters. For surgery to start with Indian degree is better. then you can try US with that background if you want or continue here. For CT surgery abroad, first do CT surgery here and then try (looks foolish but practically its the possible easy, safe way).

Simultaneously Indian exams and USMLE?? No please. not at all try that, along with your job.. Do not be that gutsy.. As you are working, I assume that you are not born with a silver spoon in your mouth. So expensive USMLE path (even if non surgery residency) should be well planned with your resources and supporting agencies.

Except that last line of losing hope, you look a brave lady.. You will find your way. Keep reading.. If you are bad at cramming then you can prefer USMLE over Indian exams but with the given above risks.

Guest Author: monisha mohan12 Mar 2015

hi. Dr.Nikhil
thank you for your reply. means a lot. people adviced me to take up USMLE exams as it is easy to clear them, as compared to indian exams, and then it made me think about going abroad. but now i guess its pretty much clear what i need to focus on. thank you for your advice. i will work hard and try my best to get through exams. thank you again. :-)

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna17 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

You are welcome. This is a tough path for the sailors and glitzy for the observers. I know the desperation that kills passion. Be strong and enjoy the failures until you have put in enough efforts. Success will surprise you some day!

Guest Author: melancholia20 Mar 2015

Hi Dr Nikhil
I am a graduate from Russia cleared my mci and registered in India and I did work for a year in delhi but I have been preparing for 2 yrs for Indian pg and I could not make it and I also tried usmle step 1 but could not make it too. Now am depressed and old as I am 30 and my parents want me to be married but I have always wanted to work abroad so it makes me sad that I am not able to do it. Could you guide me if they are any more options like mph/ mha/ PhD programs and how should I go about them.

Guest Author: sumesh jose22 Mar 2015

What is the scope in US with a MD physiology from india.? Not interested in practising. Teaching is possible in US? Any exams required for that?

Guest Author: Dr.S.M.Raju23 Mar 2015

Dear Nikil
I have done M.D (Biochemistry) from Manipal. I have almost 4o years of teaching experience as teacher (Professor) in Medical Colleges in India. I have a green card in US. I am 67 years old and want to work in US. What should I do next?
Please advice by e-mail.

Guest Author: Prithviraj R23 Mar 2015

Hi sir, it is wonderful to see u have helped so many people in here. my hearty appreciations for that. I am a MBBS graduate who has passion for applying technology in medicine and bringing new developments to health care. kindly suggest me what can i do further. Thank you.

Guest Author: S Kumar25 Mar 2015

Hi Dr. Nikhil Ratna,
Thanks for your nice and useful post.
I am a medical graduate(2011) from Bangladesh,now pursuing pg training i,e MD in cardiology(1 yr of 5 has passed).But I am worried of not being convenient in practising here in future.Also I've developed a strong intent to settle in US,though very tough and even I've seen some people came back not getting residency even with good step scores.
So I'm thinking of lateral pathway like PhD(as funded mostly) in clinical/translational research(want to write USMLE while pursuing PhD).I've 78% marks,have confidence to get decent GRE,TOEFL scores,though no research.
So will it be a foolish decision quitting my pg training here?And what are my chances of getting a PhD admission in USA and also getting an IM residency with good step scores though being old grad,as now I'm not capable of writing USMLE?
Can you please guide me regarding this?I'll be grateful.Sorry for my lengthy comment.Thanks.

Guest Author: Mathew Varghese28 Mar 2015

My wife completed MSc nursing degree and BLS and ACLS certified. She wished to join in MBBS. Her age is 32. As a MSc nurse professional, can she complete the MBBS course within a short term period? What are the career opportunities or short term courses except PhD to fulfill her dreams if she is unable to get an opportunity for MBBS degree? Her overall point in IELTS is 6 and planning to join in CGFN.

Guest Author: 29 Mar 2015

I am a 2008 MBBS graduate and my ambition was to stay as well as work in US. I cleared all the USMLEs and got interviews but wasn't lucky enough to get matched into a program. I wanted to do Family Medicine and service to the community at that level. Was really devastated that I wasn't accepted into residency and was looking into other options but my family wasn't supportive. I did lots of volunteer work at free medical clinics and rotations at hospitals in the meantime. I was going to try to get into a PA course so I could work in medical field. I am a mother of 2 year old and now trying to figure out the best option for me. I really want to be working in medical field but feel so hopeless because I have been out of clinical experience for so long. Have you any suggestions for me?

Guest Author: prachi cooner01 Apr 2015

hello sir. I am final year mbbs student. I want to pursue dermatology or post fields like molecular genetics or nuclear medicine in US. Please guide me.

Guest Author: dr.Sneha03 Apr 2015

Hi Dr.Nikhil..I'm about to complete my MD in biochemistry by this September. I'm looking fr a research career especially in molecular biology. Should i do PhD or a Post doctoral fellowship. I wanted to settle in US or European countries. Please pour your suggestion on this aspect. I don't have any publications yet nor any practical experience in molecular biology techniques

Guest Author: Preeti03 Apr 2015

Dear Dr.Nikhil,
Reading through your replies to the queries has made me much more informed than I was before - thank you for that.
My own is similar to other stories: after MBBS prepared for postgraduate entrance exams but didn't get my field of interest. So I enrolled into an MPH programme, after which I worked in an INGO for a while. The job, though well-paying, did not leave me feeling satisfied (as I prefer dealing with patients than papers); so I quit it.
Now I am searching for something in the clinical arena but having a hard time finding anything. In the US, it seems there are "public health physician" jobs. Are there any such posts in India? What kinds of jobs (in India) offer one the choice of being a clinician and using the MPH knowledge at the same time?

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna04 Apr 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

@Melancholia, I think you have lost touch with basic medical sciences now, for you health management, public health, insurance reviewer or drug trials are the good options. If you do any clinical drug trial course or MPH then, you have fair chance of working abroad. Before that prepare a CV with the skills you have at this point of time and put it in portals like naurki, then relevant job calls will be directed towards you.

For post MD biochemistry and physiology queries, I have directed to my friend who is in US, he might help you with current scenario and details.

@Kumar, It does not sound to be a good idea as PhDs are very competitive to get in and what you are doing is a very good program basically. Better you finish it off and then try to land abroad, then you will be well received or clear USMLE steps while doing this current program and quit if you get matched. Lateral paths are too risky with many financial and immigration policy regulatory issues. Trust me.

@Mathew varghese, I think clinical psychology is a better option, atleast you can treat the mind though not body and enjoy a similar status as a doctor as far as mental illnesses are concerned.

@Emily, I really do not know your scores in all steps, credentials, visa status, citizenship etc.. sorry that I can not advise much. But keep trying as I have seen many old graduates getting matched who did not quite what might have come.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna04 Apr 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

@dr.Sneha, I get it. Clinical biochemistry that you did in India might not have given you any hands on in basic techniques of molecular biology. In case you have that experience, you will have no problem in doing either PhD or post doctoral fellowship. If you do not have, and to be safe, add PhD to your qualification and you will have red carpet anywhere in the world for research. It is about making your own way now. A shot term PhD in European countries is a good choice especially in countries like scotland (Gasglow) and Germany. Then post PhD you can make your way to US or where ever you want. US is tough to get in as they need many pre requisites like GRE, TOEFL, papers etc. It also depends on what in specific in molecular biology, is it genetics, cell biology in total inclined towards biophysical techniques, genomics, proteomics stuff.. Though the workflow overlaps a lot. Get sound theory mean time. Read Bruce Alberts "molecular biology of the cell".

Basically you need to pick up the people who know your merits as a clinical person wanting to contribute to basic research and apply to them. and I tell you there are places and people looking for people like you (mostly research lead by doctors) . you need to spend sometime searching and writing to them.

@Preeti, If you like dealing with patients more than papers, then you have to do some clinical program after MBBS like masters, diplomas, or certificate courses, Now there are hundreds of such opportunities in and out of India. Your MPH skills are definitely an asset but they don't have great importance in treating an individual. My opinion is you are more or like a community medicine doctor who can offer primary curative and preventive care.

Regarding your public health physician jobs, I will inquire or ask the relevant person to get back to you here. Keep working!

Guest Author: Zainab05 Apr 2015

I have recently done MBBS from Pakistan. I already have visit visa for USA. My family want to settle there. I didn't want to give USMLEE. I am searching for any other options e.g. Optometry or MPH. Is there any option to change my visit visa into student visa during courses. I also want to know about career opportunity, job availability and salary structure in both fields. Which field of MPH is best? Which university should I prefer? Note that I will stay at my relative's place in Chicago.

Guest Author: Dr. Allwin Antoo06 Apr 2015

I recently done MBBS from Philippines. I am basically from India and didn't write my MCI exam yet. I wish to do PhD in Neuropsychiatry from USA or UK. Which university should I prefer? What are the eligible criteria to do it? Hope, you can help me.

Guest Author: Zulaika Parveen08 Apr 2015

Hello sir I finished MBBS in India. I really love Psychology but due to family pressure I joined MBBS I want to know about M.S. Clinical Psychology and can I do it after MBBS and about any good colleges to study in U.S. or UK please help me thanks

Guest Author: Dr Shazia08 Apr 2015

Respected Sir ,

This was such a detailed post and I would like to thank you on behalf of all the doctors you have kindly replied to.

I am writing to you for the first time hoping you'd solve my query

I saw among your options of doing MS Clinical Psychology without USMLE and with GRE and TOEFL scores . Can you please elaborate in this and also name some universities where this is possible?

Thanks !

Guest Author: Priya09 Apr 2015

I am a graduate from China cleared my mci and registered in India and I did work for a year in but I have been preparing for 2 yrs for Indian pg and I could not make it but I have always wanted to work abroad.i want to do translation research in usa ,so want to know career options in this field and how long it will take to finish,job possibility after I finish to apply for this course?how much it would cost?criteria for applying this?if not this research other options which would suit me?thanks in advance

Guest Author: Sanya10 Apr 2015

Hi I'm an MBBS graduate and I'd like to pursue a fellowship in either immunology,ophthalmology,sleep study or radiology related fields in the USA and how long they're for?can you provide me with information about the same

Guest Author: dresther15 Apr 2015

Dear Dr.Nikhil as I have completed my MBBS,MHA further wish to pursue MPH in USA,please suggest me which all test I need to give to have the admissions.And please suggest me names of few good universities for MPH and please tell about the wavier where GRE scores not required for MPH.

Guest Author: Ekta25 Apr 2015

Hello sir, I am a graduate from India. I appeared in USMLE step 1 but couldn't clear it. I really want to study in USA. What are the chances of getting into residency with an attempt in step 1? And is there any other career option I can opt for to study there? Kindly guide me. Thank you.

Guest Author: Ujendran29 Apr 2015

I am a 12th standard student. My parents wish me to opt for MBBS. Will I be able to research after MBBS?

Guest Author: qamar16 May 2015

hi sir i am MBBS graduate from pakistan.. I am permanent US resident (GC holder).I want to continue my carrier their in US in medical field.. beside USMLE,, which are open options for me.. thanks

Guest Author: Amogh26 May 2015

Hi Sir. I am an intern from Bangalore Medical College. I am interested in taking up PLAB and persuing medicine in UK. I want to know what are my chances in getting a job there right after mbbs. Should I try after an MD in India or try soon after my internship?

Guest Author: Tanvi29 May 2015

I have just completed my 12 and have got 78%. I want to take admission in mbbs so which country is better to take admission in? And also I want to further work in India.
I have read about mci screening test.are there any countries and university from which we complete mbbs and get direct license?

Guest Author: Shamithanath16 Jun 2015

Hello sir
I am a 1 St year UG from India and sir I have a dream to do my post graduate from Harvard medical school .... Sir can you please tell me all the necessary requirements.

Guest Author: Dr.Shreeja22 Jun 2015

I Year resident in M.D.Physiology in Stanley Medical College.Would like to know what are my options in teaching profession abroad? since my husband is in the U.S.Kindly guide what are the prospects for this branch.

Guest Author: Rutuja Arali26 Jun 2015

I'm glad to find this article! And really very thankful to the author!
I've done MBBS from India and I'm considering doing masters in Dermatology in US. What is the future with this degree? Will I be able to come back to India and practice as a Dermatologist? I really want to work as a clinician.

Guest Author: Harvinder29 Jun 2015

I am a final year MBBS student in UP, India. I am a mediocre student thus it would be hard to get a PG seat through entrance. Please guide me through what should I do to earn a decent income after next years internship.

Guest Author: Subin Sahayam29 Jun 2015

I am a fresh MBBS graduate from India. I am preparing for USMLE step 1 and plan to take it by December. I wish to settle in the USA as my fiance is in the US. Since USMLE is a long process and getting into residency is very difficult, I also took the GRE and TOEFL exams so that I could apply to universities for other courses simultaneously as I study for step 1, as a back up. But I am not sure which course to apply to. I do not like the subjects in MHA and MPH. I was looking for something close to the subjects that we studied in MBBS. I saw your post and was interested to know more about masters in clinical psychology and geriatric medicine and ageing. What are the job prospects after completing the course? Is the salary good enough for a decent life in the US? Which universities do offer this course?

Guest Author: Rutuja Arali30 Jun 2015

Hello Sir
I'm done with my MBBS from India and I'm getting married to a guy who's going for residency to US. So I wanted to do further studies over there but don't want to go through USMLE. Could you please tell me what are different masters options available for me? I'm not interested in MHA and my particular interest lies in Dermatology. I found a masters course in Dermat in Boston University which is highly expensive. If you could suggest other'd be great. Thanks.

Guest Author: Rutuja Arali30 Jun 2015

Hello Sir..
I'm done with my MBBS from India and I'm getting married to a guy who's going for residency to US. So I wanted to do further studies over there but don't want to go through USMLE. Could you please tell me what are different masters options available for me? I'm not interested in MHA and my particular interest lies in Dermatology. I found a masters course in Dermat in Boston University which is highly expensive. If you could suggest other'd be great. Thanks.

Guest Author: Sushmita31 Jul 2015

I'm a graduate from Russia. I have not cleared my mCI exam. I wish to pursue a post graduation in para clinical subject in U.S. I just want to know if I'll get registration in India after I finish studying in U.S.

Guest Author: seerat chiraya23 Aug 2015

Hello Dr. Nikhil, I am presently doing my internship. I don't want to do MD/MS as I can't develop an interest in any particular clinical subject. I'm looking for various options like sports medicine, MPH/MHA programs but I can't figure out what to do and how to go about it. I'm interested in doing something abroad and then coming back to India. Please suggest me something. Thank you.

Guest Author: Dr Bhatt27 Aug 2015

Hi Dr Nikhil,
I am MBBS MCI recognised. Currently I am looking for job prospects. I do not intend to practice as GP. Can you suggest me what all career options are available?

I have been receiving offers for Medical Reviewer position from non pharmacy companies. What role should I expect? Request if you can throw some light on how good it is? Career growth? Future prospects?

What all are other non clinical options available since I would like to work on non clinical side? I am confused with which field would be right for me.

Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna30 Aug 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Hello doctors, I am sorry for being away for long time.

As I did this research years back when I was intern, I really lost touch. Market is always dynamic, though few of the facts always remain the same. Like if your goal is residency, lateral paths are a definite waste for the double burden and immigration laws. and also the fact that if you are looking for other than residency options, opportunities are innumerable and they keep on increasing. GRE, TOEFL and CV, personal statement suitable to the program are necessary. Check out with the university officials and current students. I also feel personally that medical research is shaping into a desirable field. Doctors are needed there.

For USMLE and other US options pertaining queries will be answered by my friends who are doing residency in US.

In India, pharma companies are offering good pay. One of my friend (MBBS) earns handsome salary as a medical reviewer.

I will try to update the information or write new articles and make a new platform, for the benefit of medical graduates and medicine itself!!

Guest Author: Ben01 Sep 2015

I am a medical graduate from china without MCI registration as yet. Would I be eligible for MBA/MPH programs in India? What possibilities do I have for doing PG/MSc/PhD in India? I am interested in pure research. Is it better to opt in India or abroad and if so what is the pathway? Or can you offer any other suggestions for medical graduates without registration?

Guest Author: anju05 Sep 2015

I am currently doing my internship in a government medical college in India. I would like to know about the post graduation/residency programs in Netherlands. Or is it better to do my PG from India and then go to Netherlands?

Guest Author: Ash05 Sep 2015

I am doing my internship after completing 4.5 years of MBBS. I am interested in MS and intend to take up the PG entrance exams. I am an Indian, permanent resident of USA and came to India to do my MBBS. I would like to prepare for USMLE also to keep my options open and am prepared to do MPH while waiting for residency match. I am concerned if I am considering too many options. My parents are in the US and therefore the costs or VISA requirements are of no concern. I do not want to end up not getting a PG seat in MS in India nor a residency match. What would you advise.

Guest Author: dr v n upadhyay11 Sep 2015

I, Dr V N Upadhyay have completed MBBS and want to do some course in Pathology. What will be the easy way?

Guest Author: Dr Rahul Gupta14 Sep 2015

Hello Dr Nikhil, I passed my MBBS in the year 2013 and for the last two years I have been preparing for MD/MS entrance exams in India. Could you please guide me through the job prospects in Europe or the way through which I can pursue my post graduate degree over there?

Guest Author: SURAJ R PATEL14 Sep 2015

Sir can we get directly into Indian Administrative Service after MBBS and serving in govt health centres for 8 years?

Guest Author: Maggie18 Sep 2015

I am a 12 medical passed out student from India and am going to USA permanently in one month. Without taking much time I would like to ask:
1. Is spending 2 yr in community college in USA imp. for a bright future?
2. Step wise courses to be a future doctor in USA
3. Which course is done USA which means the same as MBBS in India after 12 grade?

It will be really very helpful if you answer my questions. I am badly confused and need proper assistance.

Guest Author: aru29 Sep 2015

Dr. Nikhil, I am an MBBS student now in second year with 2 years backlog. Will this 2 year back cause any problem in future to find a job after completing MBBS?

Guest Author: kushal02 Oct 2015

Please give details of fellowship after PG in General Surgery or Ortho field.

Author: dr shaik17 Oct 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

I'm a 50 year old Pathologist working in India and is reasonably happy. My family is moving to US since we have green card and our children want to pursue education there. What are the avenues for me in USA without having to write USMLE/TOEFL/GRE?

Guest Author: Calvin yeoh29 Oct 2015

I am Calvin Yeoh from Malaysia. I completed MBBS course from Melaka-Manipal Medical College this year. I entered housemanship practice in Malaysia but was quickly overwhelmed by bad working conditions as a young doctor. So I had been thinking on alternatives. My particular interest could be in food science or neurology studies. Is there anyway I can pursue my research into these fields in India, USA or anywhere else?

Guest Author: WASIM ALAM07 Nov 2015

I'm an MBBS doctor from India, passed 16 years back. Now I'm practising in the field of hematology. Now I'm interested to go permanently to USA. How can I proceed? Is the option for research easier? Because Exam oriented study is a difficult option for me at present. Please guide me.

Guest Author: varsha09 Nov 2015

What're the options available in psychology or psychiatry for an MBBS graduate??

Guest Author: Aditya20 Nov 2015

I have done my MBBS in 2012 not able to get PG admission. Now I am pursuing a PG Diploma in medical law and ethics from NLS, Bangalore. Kindly guide me for my career after this. Should I join the PG diploma in hospital and health management course from IGNOU for a better career option?

Guest Author: shubha29 Nov 2015

What about medical cosmetologist career in India? After MBBS can I study Cosmetology directly?

Guest Author: zulaika23 Dec 2015

I completed M.B.B.S. I want to do MS in clinical psychology in the US. Is it possible or do I have to have a undergraduate degree in psychology? Please guide me.

Guest Author: sandeep24 Dec 2015

Hi sir, I thought you can answer my query.Please help me.

I am in USA on H1b visa(software engineer) and my wife is in india working as governmnet doctor for 2 years after completing MBBS.

Now, she want to come US, but don't want to take USML -> residency route.

I find some other options like MPH, MHA, Asst physician, research programs, fellowship, observership etc....without taking much risk and get into some cool going job with decent salary which one of the above is preferable.

When i told her about MPH ,asst physician , she says they are far lesser standard than MBBS course which she think she wont have satisfaction.

satisfaction is also priority , but if u can suggest any no risk,easy settlement jobs (instead of USML for 6-7 years),that would be really helpful.

Note: she should come in H4 dependent visa or student visa ??

Guest Author: Jeal Dhruv23 Mar 2016

Hello sir,
I haveejust completed my mbbs. Right now I am doing my internship. I want to know what are the future scopes after doing MPH in US. & in US people do research after MPH. Which kind of research work it is??

Guest Author: Manoranjan13 Sep 2016

Good article to solve queries of young prospective students. I feel it is important for students who aspire to be Doctors that there are many courses in India and abroad that are lucrative also. If one has passion to help others and specially a fellow suffering being than taking Medicine as career that requires many to work hard right from start is good choice but that too at the cost of not only hard work but also lengthy years of study. Now a days one can earn a decent living pursuing other courses too, as is discussed in this article, both after MBBS or prior to doing Graduation in Medicine. Best wishes to all.

Guest Author: doc1301 Nov 2016

I have completed my MBBS and internship in this year and thinking about going abroad (i.e. USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada) for pursuing MD. If I want to grab management seat how much it will cost me? Do I need to clear USMLE or PLAB or same kind of exams for it? Another option I have heard about is getting a diploma course of intensive care in Apollo and Fortis hospials to able to have a placement in USA or UK. Is this option correct?

Guest Author: Rhythm04 Dec 2016

Could you please guide me whether I can pursue Masters in Psychology after having completed my MBBS? Or should I apply for Mental Health Counselling Program in US after completing my Masters in Psychiatry?
And for that I will have to clear USMLE, right? Basically I want to pursue further in counselling or as a therapist. Please enlighten me in some way. How should I plan further?

Guest Author: Ahista11 Mar 2017

Hello, Thank you for your post. I did my MBBS from India in 2013 and since gave step exams but cleared them low scores. I was planning to get into clinical research area as an alternate in US. I am more interested in PhD rather than Masters. I don't have any clinical research experience though. Is PhD a practical path for me? Also, can you suggest any programs where I will have more chances since I lack research experience? Thank you so much

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