A trip to Rome: The city of centuries old history

In reality, Rome is such a unique city of the world where, there is the convergence of both the new and the old civilizations. The nation is a witness to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. It was here that Jesus Christ was crucified. This country is the centre of the Christian religion of the world over. Let’s take a trip this great nation through this expose.

Rome, the capital of Italy is encompassing around over 3000 years of old history, civilization, art, architecture and culture unto itself. There are only a very few country probably so rich with such an oldest civilization on this planet.

Thinking something alike, we made up our mind to see and experience Rome with closer quarters and toured the country. We deplaned from the aeroplane at the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport; our relative Mr Jayanti Lal and his wife Leena were standing there in the airport lobby to welcome us with marigold garlands in their hands. We had informed of our impending visit to Rome. We heaved a sigh of relief to see and meet them, because in a new and unknown foreign land when some one known happen to be in the near proximity, all troubles disappear.

They had brought two cars because there, the cars are smaller like the 'Maruti' of India. Luggages were duped into one of the cars while we occupied the second car. Jayant was giving descriptions of all the prominent places flying past our car. They were driving the car with 120 mph. I was repeatedly requesting him to slow down a bit after which the car's speed got lowered down.

Jayant had reservations for us in a 3 Star hotel where we lodged ourselves in. He took us out for dinner in the night in a famous traditional Italian restaurant. It was the month of July and the weather was very pleasant- neither too cold nor too hot. January moth in Rome is the coldest.

The waitress brought numerous vegetarian dishes, different varieties of pasta, spaghetti, pizzas etc. So pungent the smells emanating from the dishes were that not to speak of eating them even remaining seated there glued to the chair was proving to be a difficult task to do. But Jayant and Leena were busy gobbling up the dishes lovingly enjoying themselves asking us for the umpteenth times over to start eating. We ate some under great pressure.

Touring along the city of Rome begins

Jayant took us for a night tour of the chief landmarks of the city of Rome after the meals. There were water fountains and statues built there on each road crossings which were adding up to the beauty of the city. The architecture of the old building constructed there were something watchable for all. Every historical heritage was glowing with huge lighting of multi colourings arrangement. The night trip was feeling very romantic. We came back to our hotel. Mr Jayant bade us goodnight promising to come the next day at 10 AM for further touring around the city.

The coliseum in Rome

We went to see the see the 1900 old Coliseum the 2nd day. This was built during the Roman period a stadium where 5000 audiences could sit together. Sitting in the round rotundas built above on its strategic corners, the kings, queens and the rich and affluent of the city used to watch enjoying the bloody games in this coliseum ground. The jail inmates were released live below in the play ground before the famished lions and other wild animals. The jailed inmates fought with those animals to save their lives, saving and fleeing from the animals. Ultimately they used to be killed by those wild animals and animals used to eat them tearing their body apart from their strong teeth. People there present used to clap enjoying these deadly bloody games. This has been decked up now as an important place of tourist's attraction.

Introducing the city of Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and the biggest city in Europe. The area of Rome is 245 sq km. Its population is near 73 lacks approx. It was established some 2800 years ago. The empire of the first Roman ran for several centuries. Afterwards, the Pope of the Christian religion ruled the city. In the beginning of the 19 nth centuries, the government of Italy adopted the republican political system.

The Pope and the Vatican: the Holy See

There is an independent reign of Pope on the Vatican City which is inhabited in an area of 108 sq km where about over 10,000 live. Every things here is here is independently administered by the Pope- Railway station, parks, news papers, film galleria, residential palaces, gardens, libraries, and museum etc. The residence of Pope is also located herein. The architecture of St Basilica and the Sistine Chappell of here is to be seen to be believed. This is the pilgrimage of the Catholic Christians of the world.

The domes of St Peters

There are 5 domes and 45 daises in St Peters which are decorated with the architectural works of marvel of renowned Italian architects of great repute of the likes of Michelangelo, shafael and Gianlorenzo Bernini etc. It is puzzling to look at the domes where the colourful pieces of glass have been used to decorate the walls of domes. The marbled idols and its dresses sculpted all over these domes are simply mind boggling which seems to be alive and kicking.

The 7 Mountains and the River Tiber

In the middle of Rome, there are 7 mountains and the Tiber River, hence this is called the region of 7 mountains.

The climate of Rome

The climate of Rome remains pleasant from April to July. Rainy season falls here in the month of August and September. From the beginning of December the winters begin which is best for tourists.

The income of Rome

The biggest chunk of Rome's revenues comes from tourism. Every day, thousands of tourists throng here from all around the globe and stay in hotels. Income accrues from everything, transportation, foods, purchasing etc. The market here is littered with the plethora of accessories. Italian shoes, leather products, , crystals, coral, gavel, precious stones wedded ornaments, readymade garments sell here like hot cakes. The currency formerly of this place was the Italian Lira. Now the Dollar with Euro are also in circulation. There is much of bargaining in the Roman markets. Everywhere it is written here to be aware of the fraudsters and the pick pockets. I was amazed to read here in Rome also what we do read everywhere in India also.

Education in Rome

Rome is the centre of education. Education in Rome from 6-14 years is free here. There are 4 Universities for higher studies in Rome. The first University of Rome was established in 1303. Today, over 4 lacks students are studying in them. Students from other European countries also come to study here. The native here have very sharp facial features and are extremely fair in complexion. They all look very handsome. All wear western apparels.

Transportation in Rome

Apart from buses, trams, taxies, there are Metro Rails also here which as established in 1930.

When to go?

The best time to go Italy is from April to June and September to October. At these times, the temperature remains normal here. The temperature rises from June to August. Therefore besides the “Beach Iceland' and ‘Spa Centre', most of the Hotels, Spa and shops remain closed. Light cold falls on in the season from October to November and all the restaurant and Hotels hum with activities.


For purchasing in Rome, the best shops are ‘Frettina' and 'Via Conddati'. These sops are located in ‘Corso Piazza', ‘Paizza Del poppolo'. Other shopping streets of the city apart from these shops, are'via Cola De Renjo (in Prati District). The best shopping departmental store re the ‘Renascent (‘Del Corso and Piazza Piyame') and ‘Qwaein' (in Piazza and Giovani)

We didn't travel in either modes of transportation in Rome because we weren't acquainted well with the geography of the place. We mostly travelled in our host's car. The language of the place Italwi was a difficult nut for us crack. We have to be contented with whatever we could see of Rome.

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