How to get a job in India through AMCAT employability test

Which is the best employment test in India? Where can I get the application form for the AMCAT employment test? How much do I have to pay for the AMCAT employability test? These and other questions are answered in this article which gives complete information on the Aspiring Minds' Computer Adaptive Assessment employability test for job hunters in India.

Let's face it. Even with a brilliant academic record, getting a job after graduation is tough. Other than wearing down your footwear on the job-hunt beat, what is the next best thing to do? Try the AMCAT!

Do I hear you yell: "What?! No way am I appearing for another entrance exam!" Calm down. I am not talking about another entrance exam. This is another 'CAT' altogether & not another sibling of the well-known Common Admission Test (CAT). AMCAT is different. It is a unique test for assessing your level of employability.

Does this sound like some jargon? Well, read on to understand it in simpler words...

Top 10 things you should know about AMCAT employability test

Here's a list of all the features of AMCAT:

Meaning of AMCAT

The acronym AMCAT stands for Aspiring Minds' Computer Adaptive Assessment. So if you want to know what is AMCAT here's the answer: It is an aptitude-cum-personality-cum-skills test, the purpose being to test how to fit a job to your profile & skills.

Format and pattern of AMCAT

The AMCAT test, as mentioned earlier, incorporates 3 dimensions: (i) Aptitude; (ii) Personality; (iii) Skills. Every candidate who sits for AMCAT must appear for four compulsory modules & one or more skills-based optional modules.

The AMCAT compulsory modules are:
  • English Comprehension: it tests your ability to comprehend written text & your ability to communicate through a written document.

  • Quantitative Ability and Reasoning: There are 2 types which test quantitative skills – (i) the technical type will be an assessment of basic numerical skills + advanced aspects such as probability & logarithm (this is for jobs related to the engineering & analytical sector); (ii) the non-technical type will be an assessment of basic numerical skills + how good you are in applying these to the actual world (such as situations of time & speed or profit & loss).

  • Logical Ability: it tests your ability to interpret things in an objective manner & also your analytical abilities of a statement.

  • Personality

II The AMCAT optional modules are:
  • Computer Programming Principles & Application: it tests your understanding of software programming, both basic & advanced concepts.

  • Electronics & Semiconductor: it is an assessment of your understanding of digital design, analog electronics, etc. & is suitable for those seeking job opportunities in electronics companies.

  • Computer Fundamentals: it assesses your knowledge on the basics of computer work, such creating presentations, drawing up Excel spreadsheets, etc.

  • IT Infrastructure (BETA): This is suitable for those looking for a job in the IT industry. It incorporates questions related to networking, basics of Unix, the basics of Linux, the basics of hardware installation, email & internet setup, etc.

  • Finance: it tests your understanding of basic economics concepts + financial products & markets, such as mutual funds, loans, credit cards, etc.

If you would like to know the AMCAT syllabus and check out the AMCAT exam pattern & sample question papers, you will need to register for AMCAT at their site first (see the registration process in point no.10 below).

Adaptive feature of AMCAT

You have probably given exams for a government job or for a bank job, where the questions are a mixed bunch of difficult & easy ones + you get negative marks for a wrong answer. That negative marking is probably what makes the difference between getting a job & endlessly browsing through classifieds for a job. The good news is that AMCAT has no negative marking system. Cool! It is adaptive: if you answer Q.1. correctly, you will get a slightly more difficult Q.2.; but if you answer Q.1. wrong then Q.2. will be a bit easier. The benefit of this unique feature is that your abilities are pretty accurately tested in a particular subject & your final score will depend on the level of questions which you attempted correctly.

Eligibility criteria for AMCAT

AMCAT is offered for: (i) Engineering students; (ii) MBA students; (c) Arts & Science Graduates. There are 3 basic criteria:
(1) You can appear for AMCAT if you are currently enrolled in a degree program or have passed a degree program. So whether you are a fresher with zero to two years experience, a pre-final year student or a final year student, you can give the AMCAT test.
(2) If you have appeared earlier for AMCAT, then you can sit for the test again only 3 months after your last attempt.
(3) After your first attempt, you are allowed to appear for AMCAT only 3 times maximum in a calendar year post your first attempt.

AMCAT Fees & Payment Procedure

While registering at the AMCAT site is free, to appear for the AMCAT you have to pay Rs.425/-. If you appear for the AMCAT again, you will need to pay the full fees again.

Mode of payment:
  • Pay online with a credit card or a debit card or via Net Banking. You can even use a family member's or relative's or friend's credit card or debit card or online banking account.

  • Pay by Demand Draft:
    (a) Log into the AMCAT website with your Username & Password;
    (b) Click on Schedule a Test;
    (c) Choose your city, the test center, date & Slot;
    (d) Click on Proceed;
    (e) Select 'Demand Draft' as the payment option;
    (f) Fill in the requisite personal details;
    (g) Click on 'Generate Payslip';
    (h) Send the Pay Slip & the Demand Draft to AMCAT. Make sure that you enter your name & Order ID on the back of the Demand Draft;
    (i) On receiving your demand draft, AMCAT will send you a mail. Then 1 test will be credited in your account;
    (j) Once the test is credited, you simply have to schedule the test & pay by using the 'Use the Test Credit' option.

When you appear for AMCAT, you will be issued a 16-digit unique AMCAT ID number. You must keep this AMCAT ID with you for future reference as you will need it for checking your test scores as well as for job offers. You will also need it at the interview for a job opening.

AMCAT schedule dates & test centers

You can schedule the AMCAT test yourself once your payment has been received by AMCAT. The list of the test centers will also be available online & you can select the one in your city or the one nearest to you. Preferably, you should first check if your college has scheduled any AMCAT test and appear for it on the college campus itself.

If it so happens that you are keen on giving the AMCAT test but find that neither is your college organizing the test nor is there any test center near to your place of residence. In that case, just send an email (see contact details at end of this article) with all the requisite details (name, degree, stream and institute) along with your address. AMCAT will then contact you as soon as the test is scheduled in an area close to you.
Important Note: the AMCAT test cannot be taken online from your home.

AMCAT scores

As such, there is no such word as "good" for your AMCAT score. This is because the scores which are considered high will differ from one company to another. Similarly, there is no such thing as a "right" score to get a job. Each company will have its own specific qualification & eligibility over & above the AMCAT score.

AMCAT score validity

The AMCAT score you obtain is valid for a period of 3 years. In case you appear for AMCAT multiple times (within the maximum limits allowable as mentioned above), the company which is conducting recruitments will decide on which of the scores should be considered. So it could be your first score or your latest score or even possibly the average of all your scores. What's more, you AMCAT score is valid for all those companies which are recruiting on the basis of AMCAT. If you are in doubt about the validity of your score at any time, you simply need to check it out at the AMCAT website.

Job opportunities through AMCAT

Aspiring Minds, which conducts AMCAT, has a corporate team which, together with its clients, shortlists candidates appropriate to a job profile. If your scores & profile fits in with an available job & the company is conducting a job interview, then you will be contacted by AMCAT via email and SMS. You will need to daily check your email (don't forget to check the spam folder!). It is equally essential to update your profile at your AMCAT account, such as further educational qualifications, training stints, internship during summer vacations, research work, etc.

Note: Once you appear for AMCAT, Aspiring Minds will try to help get job opportunities for 1 ½ years.

How to register for AMCAT employability test in India

  1. Register for free at the AMCAT website (see contact information below)
  2. Log into the AMCAT website with your Username & Password
  3. Click on Schedule a Test
  4. Choose your city, the test center and the date
  5. After you click on proceed, choose your payment option
  6. Fill in all the required information about yourself

  7. Follow further steps mentioned.

Voila! You are now ready to appear for AMCAT...and perhaps land a job too in double quick time.

All the best!

Contact information for AMCAT employability test

  1. Corporate Head Quarters
    323 Udyog Vihar, Phase 2
    Gurgaon - 122016
    Ph: Voice (Board): 0124 – 414 8777 // Fax: 0124 – 414 8027
    Mobile: 9990777690

  2. Bangalore Office Address
    Aspiring Minds Assessment Pvt Ltd
    # 84 Koramangala Industrial Layout
    5th Block, 3rd Cross, Koramangala
    (near Jyoti College)
    Bangalore – 560095

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Author: Sukhdev Singh29 Nov 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Interesting and informative article on India's well known Employability Test called AMCAT. The prospective job seekers are advised to go through the article and appear for the test.

Guest Author: chandini27 Oct 2013

I would like to know more deatils: when is the AMCAT test? Is the AMCAT exam conducted every month?

Author: Vandana27 Oct 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Thanks for visiting and reading my article on AMCAT.

The AMCAT tests are conducted regularly, sometimes every month and even sometimes more than once in a month. If I am not mistaken, the tests are usually held on a Sunday so that both students and working people can appear for it.

To know the schedule of AMCAT tests, you need to check out the dates on the official AMCAT website. They provide the dates of the forthcoming tests well in advance & you can select your city where you wish to appear for the test. One AMCAT test was scheduled yesterday. The next one is scheduled for 3rd November 2013.

Guest Author: devank23 Sep 2014

I got AMCAT percentile score as per following,
I am 2014 ECE passout..
English 99
Computer Programming 62
Logical Ability 84
Telecommunication Engineering 100
Quantitative Ability 100
can expect calls from companies?

Guest Author: sashi30 Sep 2014

I have 50% marks in 10th standard, 61% in 10+2 and 65% in engineering in electronics. So, can I get a job through AMCAT test?

Guest Author: Samiksha Yadav16 Oct 2014

My AMCAT score is
English 99
Aptitude 100
Logical 77
Computer Programming 88
Computer Science 93
can I expect calls from companies by this score?

Guest Author: Anurag Bharti10 Dec 2014

my AMCAT score is as follows:
English - 69%
QA - 48%
Logical Ability - 74 %
Telecommunications - 99%
Can I expect interview calls?

Author: Vandana11 Dec 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Readers who have appeared for AMCAT can get feedback about their employability prospects from the AMCAT officials themselves. Ultimately, it depends on each company's individual eligibility criteria too.

Guest Author: Pooja20 Jun 2015

I have 65% in 10th, 55% in 12th and 74% in engineering. So can I get a job from AMCAT test as I am passed out of 2013 batch?

Guest Author: Manpreet Saini25 Sep 2015

I gave AMCAT through campus. I have my AMCAT ID so how to find username and password and how to apply for jobs? Please guide me, My AMCAT id is : 10010326893916.

Guest Author: Sri26 Jul 2017

I completed my Bachelor of Engineering degree in 2014. Am I eligible to write AMCAT employability test?

Author: Neeru Bhatt16 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

This is an interesting article giving a good method for assessment of one's job potential.

People have different academic qualifications and skills and it is really very difficult to find out a matching job for oneself. It appears that this test can find out the probable jobs suitable for a particular person.

How much effective is this method/test can be found out only from the experience of those who have taken it up and reached their final destination.

Apparently, it looks like a good attempt to finding out one's worth in the job market.

Guest Author: gopinath14 Mar 2019

I suggest you go to the USA!

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