A tour to Sri Lanka: An Island Nation in the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is a small Island nation situated in the Indian Ocean. It is called ‘Tear Drop India’ because it is situated at a very short distance from the southern edges of India. This country’s geographical position is so much full of diversities that it has carved out a special niche of its own in the map of tourism world. This article will take you along a trip to this breathtaking island nation.

The green mountains expanding in the middle of this Island, climate of identical temperature bearing beautiful seashores, historical monuments scattered all around its areas are the special attractions of tourist's importance of this country. The stupas and Buddhist places could be seen on places to places. Sinhalese are the original natives of Sri Lanka who consists 74 % of the total population here. The rest are the mix of Tamils, Portuguese, Malaya, British etc.


If one has to tour Sri Lanka, he should begin with its commercial capital of Colombo. The administrative capital of Sri Lanka is now Jaiwardhanepura. Being a Port City from the beginning, Colombo has been an important place. The Dutch had given its name 'Colombo' in 1505. Later on, the British built a fort here and began their administrative activities. Today, this entire area is called as 'Fort Area'.

The modern buildings of the Colombo city, offices and hotels are located here which are the centre of tourist's attraction. Old Parliament House and the 'World Trade Tower' are one of the typical buildings of chief attractions of this place.

Among the viewable places here are:
The Independence Square, National Monuments, National Museums, Jami Ul Alfar Mosque, Dutch Museum and Church including the National Art Gallery.

Upon sighting the wide roads of Colombo, greeneries surrounding all around the areas, and its inhabitants, the Indian tourists feel as if they are walking in some city of Tamil Nadu. Auto-rickshaws move in huge number here which people call here 'Tuk Tuk'. The greatest funny thing about them is that they are in all colors- yellow, red, green, blue etc.

'Pethaha' is its local market here. If you reach this market, you will as if you have reached in old Delhi. There are several small malls and departmental stores in Colombo for shopping. The sight seeing tour of Colombo could easily be completed within a day.

In Colombo and around it, there re many beautiful sea Beaches where tourists throng in hoards in great numbers. Famuos among these all Beaches are the 'Nigambo Beach'. As for that, 'Nigombo' is the main centre of the fishing Industry here. On its other parts are many star hotels. Apart from touring along the sea shore here, tourists like to make the trip of the 'Nigombo Lagoon'.

The sub city of 'Lavinia' also attracts tourists for its splendorous seashores.

'Bantota and 'Veruvela' seashores have recognition of their own where the tourists love to stay for days.

Situated art the southern flanks of the nation, the 'Gaul' named city has been a superb seashore right from the times of the Dutch. The 'Dutch Fort' and the 'Dutch Reform Church' of this place are worth viewable.

Tourists having interests in forest life don't miss visiting the 'Yala Ntional Park' here.


This is the 2nd city of Sri Lanka where the majority of tourists come over. This city is supposed to be the best city of this nation. This place was the last capital of the Sinhala kings. The 'Dalda Malinga' temple is the chief attraction with the golden dome over it. Here the remnants of the Buddha's teeth are preserved. The scene of the lake near this temple wins the heart of every visiting tourist. The frescos and murals and the sculpture on stone on the walls at many places in Candy are eye catching.

Enjoying the mountain air, tourists go visiting the 'Royal Botanical Garden' and the 'University Campus'. In this city, the celebration of the 'Moon Festival' every year round is considered to be a special festival in all the Asia.


This is the oldest city of Sri Lanka. Established in the 5th centurry , this city is treated as the first capital city of the nation. The story so runs there that when princess Sanghmitra went there to spread the Buddhist Religion, she had planted the sapling of the 'Bodhibriksha' which has taken the shape a massive tree in courde of the passage times and this tree is called the 'Bodhi Brksha' here.

At a distance of 15 km, there is a place going by the name of 'Mhitel', where 247 years before Christ, the Buddha religion was established on the lands of Sri Lanka. It is assumed, siyuated on the mountain, this 'Math' dates back since the arrival of the king Mahendra. The 'Abhayagiri Monastry, 'Brazen Palace, 'The resting in peace idols of Buddhas' on various places are worth visiting.

Polonnaruwa city of Sri Lanka

This medieval city of Sri Lanka is also included in the itinerary of tourism. When the Chola kings had established their rule here, they had made this place the capital. Raja Parakram Bahu had made a special lake here.

Spread in about 6000 acres, the name of this place was given 'Parakram Samudra'. This is a special place of tourist's attraction in polonnaruwa. The 'Seven story palace' and the 'Royal Pavilion' are worth visiting.

Sigiriya city

Sigiriya is one more chief city of Sri Lanka. This city is famous for the 'Rock Fort' built in the 5th century. Situated at the mountain, extremely exquisite images have been etched out on the walls of this fort. There are beautiful garden premises around the fort which compare well with the 'Moghul Gardens' of India.

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