All the Available Options after BSc in Information Technology

Confused On What to do after you BSc.IT? I have got some fabulous options for you! See my article for more. Basically I will explain you the basic options available to a person having done BSc.IT and guide you in what will help you establish a great career. In this article,I will tell you what all options you have after doing BSc.IT and what options will help you establish a great career in the world of IT and which will pay you more.

After having done BSc.IT that is Bachelor of Science in the field of Information Technology.Well you have 2 options, To take up a job or to study further.
I will cover these two major topics and many more subtopics in studying further.


After completing BSc.IT, you can seek jobs through your college by campus recruitment or by seeking for a job by yourself.As graduate in the field of IT which happens to be of a great spectrum,you can get a job in various IT organisations as a System Analyst,Database Administrator,Web Programmer or even in a BPO i.e call center. The salaries depend on the marks during graduation as well as the aptitude of the person but the salary will be between 1,00,000 to 3,80,000 which happens to be pretty good as a starting salary for a non-experienced IT graduate.

Higher Studies.

Here I will cover 3 possibilities,
Post Grad,Management and Studies abroad.

Post Graduation (MSc.IT)

Here comes the main Query which majority of the people have.In Post graduation,A BSc.IT graduate can do a MSc in the same field or a MCA.Now, Job-wise MSc is preferred by people who want to go into the research or the teaching field.MCA is for people who want to become programmers and all those high paying jobs.So,MCA is always preferable for a better job and gives u a better edge than the MSc's.The MCA is a 3 year course while the MSc is a 2 year course but believe me,putting that 1 year extra can get you a lakh extra in the first annual salary.Worth it isn't it?

Master of Business Administration,MBA

Now, One can do a MBA even after Post graduate degree but doing it right after your Bachelor's will give you a great edge and catapult you to a high paying job of a manager much Faster.I would recommend you to go for MBA in IT which would give you a better edge than all the MCA,MSc,even the Engineers until they do their management.MBA IT is offered in many college including the Famous Symbiosis institute in Pune.Doing an MBA can get you a job position like a Project manager where you can draw a salary of about Rs.5-6 lakhs per year.And experience of 2 years can even get you Rs.7-8 lakhs per year.

Studies abroad.

If studying abroad is an option for you then I would recommend either UK or USA as they are the best in the IT field and offer the highest salaries too!US needs 16 years education while UK allows 15 years.Now a BSc.IT graduate will have completed 15 years of education so his only option is UK where the MS that is Master of Science in IT which is equivalent to Post graduate degree in engineering is only of a year.The total cost including the college fees, hostel charges, etc will be around Rs 10 lakhs but once you complete it,the jobs pay you about Rs 10-12 lakhs per year so it can easily be recovered.
But,If you are keen on doing your MS IT in USA then you will have to do a small 1 year diploma in any field so as to complete the 16 years of education and then apply for the colleges.Please Google for the relevant exam that you need to pass in order to be eligible for applying for colleges abroad.

In short,an optimum studies structure will be a MCA then a MBA in a non-IT field or just a MBA in IT for a great salary.For those who can afford education abroad, go for a MS in IT in either UK or USA.
I hope I have given you a clearer idea now.
Good Luck.

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Guest Author: dhanashree07 Aug 2013

I am a bsc IT fresher and getting a job in bpo sector.but i am hesitant to go forward as i hv heard bpo experience won't be counted in IT industry.I want to purse my career in IT industry is it ok to start my career with bpo or will it be a problem later on getting a job in IT/Software industry.

Guest Author: Akshay19 Aug 2014

Ii am a b.s.c(it) graduate and I want to do my further education in abroad so what are the course we can do there, and which country would be good for it, and how to apply for those university

Guest Author: Riya03 Jan 2015

I am in SYBsc(IT) wanted to know whether i should go for MCA Or MBA IT .

Guest Author: kanika13 Jul 2015

Please tell me if I can opt for M.Sc. Maths after B.Sc. IT?

Guest Author: priya gupta28 Sep 2015

I am a graduate in B.Sc. IT. I am a fresher so now what should I do? I am searching for a job but I won't get it because my communication fluency is not proper. So what should I do? I have also heard it is not worth doing an MBA. So please guide me for my career.

Guest Author: Anjum01 Oct 2015

I have completed Bsc.IT but I do not have any knowledge about IT skills. So what is advisable?

Guest Author: shrinithi18 Apr 2016

Is it preferable to do MSc CS than MSc IT after BSc IT?

Guest Author: raulnayak18 Apr 2016


Both are the similar courses since both involve computers but since you have already done BSc(IT), I would recommend you do MSc(IT).

Guest Author: raulnayak18 Apr 2016

Anjum, there can be 2 reasons for this, either you didn't find an interesting subject or you are not interested in IT. If it's the latter, then you need to find another field that you love. However, if it's the former, then you can do a variety of courses to make yourself job-ready. You can do CCNA, Red hat, Oracle database, SAP courses, etc to make you job-ready and knowledgeable in IT.

Guest Author: raulnayak18 Apr 2016

Priya, I would suggest that you join an English speaking course or use apps like duo lingo to practice English skills. This will make you prepared for a job.

As far as MBA is concerned, it is a great field if you have an aptitude for it. I cannot recommend MBA to anyone without knowing your aptitude or your strengths.

Guest Author: priya25 Apr 2016

Is it preferable to do MSc IT than MCA after BSc CT?

Author: shraddha more18 May 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

This year I will be completing my BSC IT but after that which field is better for carrer MCA or MBA and if MBA then in which subject ?

Guest Author: Rahul18 May 2016

@priya, It all depends on your interests. You have mentioned BSc CT. I am not sure what that is. If it is IT then you are eligible to do MCA in 2 years in some colleges, then that is preferable. If it isnt BSc IT then I would recommend MCA.
Both have the same value in the job market. But MCA is normally 3 years (unless you are a BSc IT) and MSc. IT is 2 years. Do some research and good luck.

Author: Rahul20 May 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

@shraddha more It depends on your future career goals. MBA is management where as MCA or MSc. IT is technical. Do you want to be a programmer then MCA/MSc. IT is the way to go. Also, if you decide to take the MCA route, since you are doing BSc. IT, you are eligible for skipping the first year in some colleges. It will save you a year with direct 2nd year admission.

Author: shraddha more31 May 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

But MCA duration is 3 yrs so how can i save that 1 yr

Author: Rahul31 May 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

@shraddha If you have done BCA or BSc. IT and if you score a decent percentile in the entrance exam then there is a direct 2nd year admission available in alot of the colleges. You will have to check with individual colleges for the same. Using this option, you can complete the MCA degree in 2 years thereby saving a year.

Guest Author: shraddha more15 Jun 2016

Is MBA a good option after BSc(IT)and if so, can you guide me about it?

Guest Author: Yogesh Masam19 Jun 2016

Hello, I am currently pursuing my BSc (IT) and scoring an average of 60% till now. I chose IT but I am no longer interested in this coding field. Typically I am interested in business field. Can anyone please suggest me something after my BSc? Also I found SAP course interesting for me. Can anyone please explain me about SAP? What exactly is it? As far as YouTube videos are concerned. I found SAP interesting field. Please tell me about its growth too and pay scale. And do suggest me anything apart from SAP. Hoping for a reply.

Guest Author: karthik13 Nov 2016

I am a B.Sc. graduate (electronics and communication science) and I need a job in Chennai.

Guest Author: Nirav25 Nov 2016

I am a BSc student in IT second year. I am confused what to do after graduation. In which field and through which institute should I proceed for a better pay scale and better recruitment by IT companies.

Guest Author: Sameen Usmani27 Dec 2016

I am an SYBSc. IT student. I am not good at programming stuff so I don't know what would be my future after graduating this course. Could you please suggest what career options are open to me?

Guest Author: anjali jha10 May 2017

I have completed my Bachelors degree in IT in 2016. So after that, what should I do? Please give me some advice.

Guest Author: NEHA MISHRA01 Jul 2017

I am also confused. What should I do after getting my 6th semester results are out? I am presently working in a Samsung gallery but the perks are too low. Could someone suggest me a future course or other alternatives?

Guest Author: Devidas Patil21 Jul 2017

I have completed Bsc in IT but I do not have any knowledge about IT skills. So what is advisable?

Guest Author: mohandhole08 Feb 2018

I have completed BSC in IT. I have one yrs experience in Database support but I want to grow my career in MBA (IT)
and I want to go with PGDM. Would it be a better option for me or not? Please let me know.

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