Ten Ways To Help Dreams Come True

This article will explain open the doors of your heart. The happiness that flows in will bring you both and victory. You will get the answers to the questions you might have asked yourself many times. You will learn how to shun sufferings and move towards the fulfilment of your dreams.

Plan in time

  • Plan your choices at an earlier age. Once you are 30-35 years of age and think of changing your options, probably it is too late.
  • At 30's you may realise that you cannot reverse the choices that you have made earlier in your life.
  • You may witness the impact of your choices in your life. This applies to your career life as well as family life.
  • Decisions should be taken cautiously and not in an immature manner.
  • Time and tide wait for no one. Time is precious. When time has gone it cannot be reverted back.
  • Intelligent decisions get you going. Plannings should be done properly and in time.

  • Behaviour matters

  • If you are confident, fun-loving, high maintenance type of a person make sure you have some courtesy for others also.
  • If you stand up for what you want, your behavior should be like a diva, else your efforts will go unattended and unadmired.
  • Carry yourself properly so that humbleness reflects out of your personality, elegance should reflect out not high headness. Else you may fail to impress anyone.
  • Have a great persona and get more popular.

  • Relationships

  • Spouses should abide with the regular relationships that they have. They should rejuvenate it on every weekend.
  • They should plan something excellent or extraordinary once in a fortnight.
  • Social networking leads to digital intimacy and gives adequate opportunity to share the similaritites.
  • A person can be well understood and judged from what he writes or types.
  • Online attractions may result in making one wonder what he/she had been doing in the other persons bed on waking up.
  • Staying in the virtual world does not mean neglecting real life relationships.
  • Real life relationshps should be treasured. Beware! Do not make mistakes.

  • Earnings

  • A woman earning more than a man may be fine.
  • Couples may be enjoying such a relationship but the man should be the main bread winner.
  • At times such relationships lead to lack of mutual love and respect for each other. Things may turn up to become problematic.
  • It is the men who should worry about EMI, home loanes or other such things. It is their responsibility.
  • Working women are stressed up, they work very hard at home and at the job. They should be given some space, they should enjoy on at least weekends.

  • Commitments

  • Older women are sexy more understanding and patient. Married men are emotionally stronger, financially secure, not possessive and more matured.
  • These are the thoughts that often haunt in the minds of many who want to escape the real life struggles.
  • Probably they want to search a, father/dad in their man or a mother figure in their women.
  • They want to run away from commitments, they prefer to take short-cuts in serious intimate relationships also.
  • One should fight a good battle and come out victorious than to keep shying away from real life relationships and commitments.
  • It is no use kidding oneself and leading an artificial life.

  • Togetherness

  • Work life balance is no longer related to gender. Both the spouses are working these days.
  • Men get affection along with emotional, mental and moral support from their partners when they get stressed up with job pressures and fierce competitions.
  • Similarly women also get guidelines, support and suggestions from their partners in issues related to work and this leads them to achieve better career growth.
  • Men and women who work together in the up-bringing of their children, budget planning, grocery shopping, cooking or cleaning happen to get much ahead of the other couples.
  • The art of success lies in balancing job or work with needs of life and family.

  • Happiness

  • It is a myth that bigger fishes are found only in big ponds.
  • There are many people who are satisfied and happy with the organization that has given them a job.
  • It may not be always true that bigger companies can make life happier. One can be happy working in a smaller or lesser known firm.
  • The sun shines everywhere. It is not that the rich are happy many a times it is also seen that the poor or medium financial status people are happier.

  • Mid career blue's

  • Irrespective of the stage of one's career, though one may feel very low, less motivated or stressed out, one should be interested to complete the job related assignments with much enthusiasm.
  • People should not lack the passion to work in their mid-career time though they may feel some monotony.
  • They should try to keep themselves open-minded. They should have the desire to learn.
  • They should try to refine and increase their skills in order to fulfill the demands of time.
  • Lack of these essential qualities and inability to assess the deficiencies in their capabilities at times may bring job-upsets.
  • The tips highlighted will help to cope up with the mid-career fatigues.

  • Success

  • Success is a much awaited thing in anyone's life.
  • It is important for monitory needs of the family, gains make significant change in the family's status also.
  • Honesty and sincerity are the two things that should go in parallel with success.
  • Honesty and sincerity and hard work are fruitful in the long run.
  • It is these qualities that bring fortune, prosperity and contentment in life both in a material and spiritual way.

  • Importance of friends

  • A good friend is difficult to be found. But it is important to have friends though we may have parents or relatives.
  • It is the friends who help us to analyse ourselves better.
  • Relatives and parents are our blood relations. There are time when they overlook our negative qualities or negative behaviors.
  • Sometimes they may even filter out our bad qualities and traits and try to present us as something else.
  • They want to believe that we are good, charming, intelligent, well behaved etc, just because they love us.
  • Friendship is a different relationship altogether. It is the friends who can help us know more about ourselves.
  • They can point out our rude behaviour, our negative or objectionable points.
  • It is friends who can help us explore our inner nature and judge our personality in a better way.

  • Comments

    Author: Swati Sharma19 Apr 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

    All the points suggested by the author are of great importance in life, the most important of which is that the person should have the quality of creating harmony in all these elements. Winning is important for a career and it is equally important for relations. Some people leave the relationship behind for a career and later regret it. Balance is very important if you really want happiness in life. There are many types of battles going on in our lives continuously- family and business, peace and discord, etc. We cannot be perfect in any one of them, but how we handle it ensures our success.

    Author: K Mohan25 Sep 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

    For many of us the dreams are weird and not possible to attempt and not think of, but we do get some unusual dreams because we are more attracted to new ways of life and our wants are more to enjoy the best in life. But we can make our life more organized, if the planning for the future is done at the right age. For the right planning our approach to life must be with commensurate qualification and not dreaming big which are not achievable. When we progress after studies we have get the trait of treading cautiously on all matters because we are alone responsible for our success or failure and therefore we have to be double sure when attempting a task or matter concerning to future of our life. And what ever we take the decisions we must consult the mentors, well wishers and parents so that we get an idea has to what can be best initiated and followed. And our behavior is very important in deciding the future as we have to contain spending and give more thrust for saving. Many more things has to be changed in our life from the stubborn to the adjusting type of mentality to have sync with other like minded persons.

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